Recommendation Tuesdays Megathread - Week of August 17, 2021

  1. It's the most generic Isekai power fantasy I have ever watched, the mc is literally just Kirito, the plot so far is kind of a mess and only a single character has remained relevant for more than 3 episodes. If you're fine with that then sure. The animation is decent i guess but the fights are all super one sided with the MC easily taking out everything.

  2. Got a weird inquiry for this sub. Are there any anime series that give off the vibe of Hunter S Thompson’s writing?

  3. Haram anime where all the girls compete for the guys affection and not a lot fan service if there is in fine with it but hopefully it’s on the lesser end.

  4. I have watched DragonBall, Attack on Titan, Black Clover and now finished up Demon Slayer. I absolutely loved Black Clover and was wondering can someone recommend a few anime that is like it for me?

  5. I'm looking for an adventure/war or at least something with a lot of action but still solid storytelling. It can be a movie or a series or both.

  6. Want some gritty action, maybe war (?)Anime like 86 and grimgar. With proper danger, deaths and sad moments. Thank you

  7. Wolf's rain - the OVA completes it, make sure to watch it. It's also where most of the gritty stuff happens

  8. I'm looking for an anime that's longer than 24 EPs. I always finish them so fast I want something longer like Naruto, fairy Tail, etc

  9. Looking for more sports anime recommendations, I’ve fallen for the genre hard over the pandemic and have blown through: Kuroko, All Out!, Hinomaru Sumo, Haikyuu, and Hajime No Ippo. Thinking about Area No Kishi next as prep for Blue Lock, is that good? Any recommendations appreciated!!

  10. More people need to be experiencing and enjoying one of the rarer gem anime shows to come out in quite a while, especially this week's episode that manages to do in one episode what some romance shows can't do in their entire airing. If you're looking for something different please give [Kageki Shoujo] (

  11. Looking for something really polished, preferably newer than stuff like monster and OG legend of galactic heroes (though those are bangers), enjoyable (even if not aimed at) people in their 20s,and plot centric.

  12. In terms of detail and polish, Odd Taxi is phenomenal. One of the best art direction in the past year. The plot, music, characters, voice acting ... they all just WORK.

  13. So...sk8 the infinity, I've been calling it in my head skoo, like the infinity symbol turned into a double o, for months and it just now dawned on me that it's sk8, as in skate, because I'm incredibly stupid, anyway, I just wanted to share this dumb moment with you, and while we're here since I haven't watched it yet maybe someone who did can give their honest feedback about it

  14. It's a lot of fun, the characters are great and them bonding is the best part. I don't totally like the main conflict and the ending but it's not the worst.

  15. Looking for shows similar to B Gata H Kei (Yamada's First Time). Liked how raunchy it could be and how sweet it could be as well.

  16. Just watch the first episode. I can always if I'm gonna like a series in the first episode, sometimes in the first few minutes

  17. I just finished Fairy Tail and there is a huge hole in my heart that I need to fill. I want something similar to Fairy Tail, with different abilities and OP main characters. I've watched Black Clover already. I would also prefer a long series that'll give me too much time to get attached. Please help! Until then I'm rewatching Fairy Tail.

  18. Well if you’re good with long One Piece is fantastic and has some very similar elements to FT. I also want to second Eden’s Zero, the manga is fantastic and the series is still in its first season of anime

  19. i forgot the name, (i think edens zero or something like that) but same author and it’s exactly like FT, except natsu looks like gray and has gravity powers

  20. I used to watch anime pretty often, but for some reason it fell off of my radar for like the last 8 or 9 years. A couple months ago I started watching an anime and ended up falling deep into anime again, but it's been so long that I'm sure there are tons that I haven't seen or even heard of, so I'm turning to you guys for assistance.

  21. Here's 10 really good options to try coming from someone who did much the same as you, missed out on a decade of anime but recently got back into it.

  22. Here’s a few you may like fire force (amazing fights, animation, and sound effects), darling in the franxx (really good action love story), and wonder egg priority project

  23. Not entirely sure what I’m looking for but I’d like to watch any well paced show, preferably under 100 episodes at most, with likeable characters and character interactions. I’m down for manga as well if there isn’t any adaptation yet or if the adaptation is bad.

  24. Give Iyashikei a shot: Flying Witch, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless. For romance, The Art Club has a Problem

  25. Ok dont judge but I really like watching shounen anime with a hint of side romance can anyone recommend any?

  26. I watched Devils Line last night and have been obsessed with it. I need a dark action/romance with the same vibes! I've already seen Tokyo Ghoul and liked the first season a lot!

  27. Darker than Black, Witch hunter robin has similar vibes. If you want something a lil more depressing, Wolf's rain is a great anime.

  28. Looking for some school (preferably college since I am starting my freshmen year soon) anime that are rom com, drama or slice of life that are similar to Bokutachi no Remake and Sakurasou.

  29. It's Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru shortly Oregairu. It became one of my favorite anime u should try it. I am sure u will like it

  30. It's set in high school but I think you'll probably enjoy Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji): city boy escapes from parents pressure and enrolls to an agricultural high school, where he's really out of his elements. Mostly slice of life and comedy, it doesn't lack some more serious moment and a bit of romance.

  31. I'm looking for a show with philosophical theme in the background, philosophical references or some aspect of the show revolving around philosophy.

  32. I recommend everyone to watch rainbow nisha rokubou shinichin. I really enjoyed it because of its friendship and everything.

  33. Looking for an anime with great plot twists. I watched Kanata no Astra and highly enjoyed it, other animes i liked are: Shingeki no Kyojin, Monster, Decadence, Steins;Gate, Psycho Pass, Erased, Houseki no Kuni, Made in Abyss...

  34. Just finished the third Made in Abyss movie last night. I would also recommend it, though that comes with some caveats. there's multiple questionable scenes and references to one of the main characters anatomy, and there are some parts with a very dark tone you might not expect from just looking at the cover. Aside from that is has great animation and music, and an interesting story.

  35. Bless your heart for the spreadsheet!!!! Suggestions (if I may) add whether if it's available in Dub/Sub and how many episodes available. My brother in law just asked me if I had any new animes for him to watch and I completely drew a blank because my BF and I have watched so many least the ones that have most episodes dubbed. Thank you for this awesomeness!

  36. I really like anime’s that have come out in the last couble of years before the style of them look so much better for example god of high school, demon slayer, jujutsu kaisen, tower of god. What are once’s like that should I watch?

  37. I highly suggest creating an anime list at either or, both are free and useful to have. Helps you remember what you have watched and helps us know what you have seen.

  38. Fruits Basket is my only 10/10 this year, and I've watched all the shows you mentioned except for link click. I give 10s maybe once every other year.

  39. Hey I am looking for non-mainstream animes that are school-appropriate for each genre that I associated with each month. It would be great if I got recommendations! Thank you.

  40. I just finished Dr. Stone and I loved it - probably best fit under September (shounen), you could maybe call it sci-if though.

  41. I have recently had my interest in anime renewed, and I'm looking for recs similar to some of my old favorites:

  42. Uchoten kazoku fits the bill! It's based on a novel and is calmer yet exciting. It just has this charm that's not present in other animes

  43. Majo no Tabitabi (The Journey of Elaina) is kind of similar to Kino's Journey, but the MC is a witch. It's mostly light hearted, but can get really dark at times. I thought it was pretty underrated, would recommend!

  44. So i feel like this anime is really underated had some amazing plot points and i would really like a second season so check oit

  45. Any thing where the plot revolves around like a conspiracy theory or something like that and as the story goes on it gets deeper into it and it keeps escalating and becomes massive.(anime or manga doesn't really matter)

  46. hey does anyone know how to capture a whole image form an anime like when it shows a full body from down to up i can t capture the whole body coz it shows in parts but i ve seen some people do this is some kind of app needed or how do you do this plz explain

  47. It's interesting so far, but I feel like it's one of those where the ending will be make or break.

  48. These are some of the shows that got me hyped/thrilled/amazed. Any similar ones preferably more than 20 episodes to recommend? (Note: these aren't all the shows I've watched, I've seen some others, so I might've already seen a few of the stuff you guys would recommend)

  49. looking for anime to fill the void caused by finishing naruto and demon slayer. i started watching hxh but only got to the greed island arc and it kinda bored me so idrk what to watch now

  50. I highly suggest finishing HxH. I'll admit the Greed Island Arc bored me too, but the arc right after that is one of the best anime arcs I have ever seen. Stick with it, you wont be disappointed!

  51. Fate/Stay-Night: Heaven’s Feel movies have the best animated fights of all time - I am not exaggerating. You will need to watch Unlimited Blade Works series first though, and it also has incredible animation.

  52. Violet Evergarden, Children of the Sea, and Makoto Shinkai's films (Your Name, Garden of Words, Weathering With You) are all gorgeous. When it comes to action animation specifically, Mob Psycho is on a whole other level, but Sword of the Stranger and One Punch Man S1 are also very good.

  53. Could use some recommendations for "fanservice for the soul" type animes. Wholesome, maybe slice of life?

  54. If you're looking for pure iyashikei comfy vibes definitely checkout Yuru Camp, Non Non Biyori or Flying Witch. For slice of life shows with a bit more comedy and stuff going on there's Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Horimiya and Hinamatsuri.

  55. I'm watching Planetes right now and it's pretty great. Much more grounded than either Psycho-Pass or Railgun though. The story focuses on a group of astronauts employed to remove space debris to prevent interference with space travel and other activities. Surprisingly a lot more exciting than it sounds.

  56. I’m currently on a kick about time travel. I loved erased and I’m almost done with Steins; Gate. Also anything that’s psychological would be good too. Heavy topics interest me.

  57. Orange, isn't exactly time travel, but it has the same "fix the past" vibe as Erased and Tokyo Revengers, so you might enjoy it.

  58. I know it sounds obvious but definitely make sure you check out Steins;Gate 0. Tokyo Revengers is pretty good too if a little more focused on action and isn't nearly as serious as S;G but with a heavy focus on going back and changing things and seeing how it affects the present. Also Erased which has a very similar plot to Tokyo Revengers without freely being able to change time periods at will.

  59. Black Clover has a lot of episodes, and gets really good. The beginning has some issues, but if you're willing to get through it it's a great series!

  60. My first thought was One Piece, though I'm mostly a reader and only watched up to the Water 7 arc, I think. Which is still over 100 episodes. I would probably suggest if you watch it then ask around for which filler arcs to skip (e.g. I'd say skip Rainbow arc but watch the Escape from Marine base arc)

  61. There's always Yu Yu Hakusho. It's created by the same Author as Hunter x Hunter. All episodes are on Hulu. It was his work before Hunter x Hunter.

  62. I just learned my nieces are coming over, 11 and 12 years old. They really like anime, particularly "My Hero Academia." I haven't watched anime in a really long time so I am out of the loop on what is good and age appropriate in regards to movies to watch.

  63. Seconding Flying Witch and Little With Academia for next time they are over. You might also try A Whisker Away and Mary and the Witch's Flower, both movies and on Netflix.

  64. Studio Ghibli's films (Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.) are always good. Most of them are very family friendly, but make sure you're not accidentally picking one of the darker ones like Princess Mononoke.

  65. Thank you for the suggestions. My wife was told to give "your name" a shot and we went with that one. So far they are loving it.

  66. You could watch mob psycho. It has 2 seasons, but the first only is pretty cool. It's about a boy that have really op psychic powers that follow a guy who lies about having it too. iirc is pretty child friendly

  67. I just started My Roommate is a Cat and its surprisingly good. My go to "chill" show is Tanaka-kun is always Listless.

  68. Caught a breakthrough case of covid so I’m going to be quarantined for the next 10 days. Any recommendations? Looking for something either really funny or emotional. Favorite shows/manga include Grand Blue, Erased, NGE, Rent a Girlfriend, Daily lives of high school boys, Saiki k, etc;

  69. An anime that I love that is funny and somewhat depressing is assassination classroom I highly recommend you check it out

  70. I highly suggest creating an anime list at either or, both are free and useful to have. Helps you remember what you have watched and helps us know what you have seen.

  71. I'm looking for a new anime to watch. Not picky on genre although I don't like mecha and have a soft spot for magic, high school, and slice of life.

  72. I highly suggest creating an anime list at either or, both are free and useful to have. Helps you remember what you have watched and helps us know what you have seen.

  73. I came across "garden of sinners" in the recommendations link on this wiki and i was curious if anybody saw that and what you thought about it

  74. It has a strong sense for dark, brooding atmosphere, and tells a series of increasingly intricate supernatural mysteries strung together by an overarching plot. The different films are (deliberately) out of chronological order: it's that kind of thing. It's visually pretty polished and extremely consistent.

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