SPY x FAMILY Part 2 - Episode 22 discussion

  1. "Twilight-senpai, I'm trying to make a stealthy shot but I'm dummy thicc and the clap of my asscheeks keeps alerting the Campbells."

  2. Fiona is like a goldmine for gifs lol. She’s got so many hilarious moments. I really liked when she was in the locker room with Loid and thought they were gonna have a moment. Her heart wasn’t ready yet haha.

  3. So anyone waiting for the flashback with Loid 'dabbling' in tennis against Yor? Because I'm pretty sure doing anything physical with Yor is this show's version of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Rocket powered racket? I'm sure it's got nothing on Yor's serve.

  4. First she's turned on by Family Man Loid and then she admits she'd do practically anything (and she means anything) for him, no matter how embarrassing lol.

  5. i bet if yor and fiona tried to kill each other they would end up being friends on top of thousands of casualties

  6. Everyone’s probably raving about the insane tennis match but my favorite parts of this episode has got to be all of Fiona’s inner thoughts where she can’t stop thinking about how she’s madly in love with Loid.

  7. Don't forget the god damn moans that your parents will probably overhear at the exact right moment.

  8. I know they are spoiled children who cheat, but I am actually impressed by the sister of the siblings, that whip racket looks harder to use than just normal rackets

  9. Fiona looks amazing in that tennis outfit and with the blonde wig. And basking in the glow of her and Loid posing as husband and wife, finally lol.

  10. Oh yeah, a kids show. Kids love doping, human experimentation on orphans, and assassins covered in blood. But semi-sexual moaning? That's a bridge too far! Think of the children!

  11. I love this Campbelldon competition. Nothing says “seedy” like high stakes underground tennis lol. Even Loid thinks it’s crazy lol.

  12. I love how Loid points out how absurd the plot gets at times, just like I love how the next step in ensuring world peace is playing in an underground tennis tournament named after the rich guy hosting it.

  13. SpyxFamily takes on the cutthroat and deadly world of underground tennis and it's as entertaining as it sounds! Complete with Nightfall's madly one-sided love!

  14. I like that this episode was a self aware sport anime which focused the whole action on the pre match trashtalking and backstage sabotaging, and skipped the actual sporting part because we all know that what decides the results happens before the match, not during.

  15. As a manga reader, they translated the last name into Foney, and it took me two years into today's new episode to make me realize that Foney (in the manga) was a pun for Phoneys.

  16. All the more so for the brief moments when the poker face falls like when she goes crazy during the tennis matches or when Loid holds her hand lol.

  17. Spy x Family continues to prove itself as the best sports anime after the fire volleyball arc with a tennis tournament arc full of political intrigue and rampant cheating; all that’s missing is Bill Watkins who wouldn’t be out of place with the contestants (low-key he would probably make it far, if all it took was getting hit by a bunch of balls to take down the guys on steroids then that genetic freak’s got this). Someone has to tell Fiona that she’s not in a romance anime though, poor girl is having these hilarious imagine spots while Twilight just wonders what’s going on with his fellow agent, although she at least has that in common with Yor who also does seem to think that Fiona really could steal Loid away from her like in a romantic drama.

  18. The Fiona-Loid interactions are hilarious. Just the inner monologues when she’s around Loid and that stone cold face of hers the entire time cracks me up lol.

  19. First we had Shonen volleyball now it's a Shoneon romcom underground tennis tournament complete with mechanical rackets and roided out Hulks.

  20. The animation of this series has always been top notch, but this episode really shines. The careful attention to detail with all the tennis movements, camera angles and overall choreography is really impressive. WIT/Clover are kings at motion.

  21. Never in my life thought that tennis would be one of the "illegal underground sport" trope in any media, also why loid called nightfall "Tobari-kun" and not "Tobari-san"? I thougt -kun is for male

  22. I think it can also be used when you have a superior-subordinate relationship with someone regardless of gender?

  23. When the next step to ensuring world piece involves playing in an underground tennis tournament named after a rich guy lol.

  24. I never thought anyone would beat Yor in this show....but Fiona is REALLY growing on me.

  25. Yor and Fiona are like two opposite emotional extremes yet also some hilariously adorable and fun ladies to watch lol.

  26. I was worried going into this arc and her introduction that if they didn't handle her well people might end up hating Fiona. I'm happy they did her justice and then some so most seem to like Fiona so far.

  27. Apparently a lot of people were confused last episode when Fiona talked about the subtle truth behind Loid's fake smile, but she clears it up here by confirming his time as a family man has given him a lot of peaceful emotions he didn't have before.

  28. I'm glad Fiona is equally turned on by family man Loid even if it's also emboldened her to try to take Yor out of the picture even more so she can enjoy it.

  29. I never expected Shonen romcom antics on this show, but dang it if they didn't sell it for all it was worth lol.

  30. Imagine what everyone's thinking looking at this seemingly normal couple destroy doped up competition. What kind of enhancements are they on? It can't be nothing, right?

  31. Fiona's intensity during the tournament is both hilarious and terrifying, she looked absolutely crazy with her movement and facial expressions against the opponents. Nevertheless, the power of obsessiveness and naturally being good at everything carried them far this tournament, kind of on their opponents really not making their cheating enough to overcome how they breezed through it until the finals.

  32. One of the better episodes this season! I really like Nightfall, but sadly she stands no chance with Loid.

  33. I think with Fiona they def have done the co-worker who is in love with Twilight very well. The mental fight that Fiona and Yor is going to be really good for Yor since she will continue to push yourself which to me is great. While with Fiona she will get to see a different Twilight like at the beginning of this episode. Maybe to also understand flexibility as a spy is important. Also the children having rackets with an

  34. The Japanese phrase is supposed to be pronounced uwa no sora (上の空), but she says ue no sora since ue is the more common reading for 上. It's a cute misprounciation.

  35. Nightfall is bristling watching Loid seemingly let himself go with the rest of the Forger Family...but then she also sees the appeal of Family Man Twilight, and she gets turned on once more. All she needs to do is replace the wife in the situation, and she's golden.

  36. Considering this show is supposed to take place in the 60s, I think Loid Laver and Fiona Court would be more appropriate.

  37. The Phony’s eh? That is a genius name! It is such an obviously sus name that no one will question it lol.

  38. What do you mean, Forger and Phony are legit not suspicious last names that don't garner attention because they're normal!

  39. That was a great episode, it didn't even feel like 20 min. Honestly the humor has been really great this season, even if it is more SOL focused I still love it. Nightfall's VA is so perfect for her. Also, the animation and direction during the tennis match was awesome!!

  40. Hopefully I'm not the only one, but I found Fiona to be annoying. Animation was good, especially when the Campbell siblings started using their special rackets, but at one point I tried putting the video on x2 speed because I just was not enjoying Fiona's inner dialogue.

  41. Fiona thinks that being a family man has dulled Loid. She'll soon learn that nope, he's just as deadly and effective as he used to be.

  42. LOL I got this episode 1.5 hours before you all did, so I had to laugh at that 40 vs 1.3 odds statement while watching World Cup Netherlands vs USA on iPad.

  43. This is what Spy X Family is. A few chapters/episodes of more serious stuff followed by family and friends getting up to fluffy hijinks or low stake side missions.

  44. Honestly at this point I might start shipping Fiona and Yuri just so they can get together and stop meddling with our main pair. Feels a bit sad that she gets to do badass stuff with Loid while Yor hasn't in awhile.

  45. Yor being so excluded from the story is definitely a common complaint with this portion of the manga. Personally I wish they had done more with her character sooner. It feels wrong to me that Bond and Nightfall both had their own story arcs before Yor.

  46. If I had a nickel for every time I watched in anime released in 2022 featuring a high-stakes, illegal version of a normal sport, I'd have ten cents. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened twice.

  47. Just finished watching that last week. It is probably one of my top 10 anime of all time now. Compared to that show, some doping and jet rackets feels par for the course.

  48. man, Fiona's tennis diguise reminds me of Solution Epsilon. Being the same VA and those ojou sama hair drills helps a ton.

  49. With Ayane Sakura as Fiona, we just need Nao Touyama to voice a side character close to Loid or Yor and we pretty much have an Oregairu reunion here.

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