Can height increase from 18-20? I am currently 19 5'9 wanna be 6'0, can also tell me things that personally helped you to in increasing your height.

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  2. Don't see it happening but stranger things have happened. How about focusing on what your strengths are at 5'9 and know you are not short. I am 6'6 and my Dad was 5'9. Tall height came from my Moms side. He led a damn good life and at 5'9 he was as strong willed as anyone I know. Quit obsessing over it.

  3. There is almost nothing you can do about your height, especially at your age. Nutrition and exercise play rolls when you're young, but only at extremes (ie highly undernourished or excessive weight training can stunt growth). It's nearly entirely genetic. Your height is written in your genetic code.

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  5. You've pretty much done all the growing you'll do by your 20th birthday, so yes you may get an extra inch if you're lucky. You may also lose a bit of height as your bones settle in your early 20s. Don't worry about it, 5'9" is not short at all.

  6. Is your goal bragging rights? Is there a practical reason why you want to be 6 feet tall? 5'9" is tall enough to do manual labor jobs and small enough to fit in most any car sold in the US. People have grown after age 19, but you probably won't.

  7. I grew 2 inches when I became 20, that happened 5 months ago. Was 6'3 1/2 became 6'5 1/2 you might grow 3 inches or so, don't get ur hopes down. Connor mcgregor is 5'8 Mike tyson is 5'10 and he kicked ass in his prime, Jay cutler is 5,8 1/2 and there are many more short bodybuilders/professional athletes and so on. Just be yourself, perhaps you have insane muscle building genetics so try doing gym for atleast 2 years or u got a really good face or both, a big boned or wide bone structure (width=height imo).

  8. It’s possible, aerobic activity is essential for cell growth, (and the only scientific way to increase brain cell growth) There are also steroid and HGH options from the medical community that have documented success. This last part sounds dumb, but stretching often, all your body like Yoga can change your posture and muscular development on your frame.

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