So went to a LTD/Amway meeting, here’s my thoughts

  1. 100% agree, I do believe the products are just a distraction and their way of giving back so you don’t feel like being seen as an income to them, which you are to them btw. It’s also just the fact they said it’s only exclusive to members and won’t ever hit the shelves in stores. It’s all about them getting money from their mentees and the videos they force you to watch. The jist of every single video is “working 9-5 is bad, but being an entrepreneur is good.”

  2. Every pyramid scheme says regular jobs are pyramid schemes. Yes there is a CEO somewhere of the company I work for, but I'm sure Amway, doTERRA and every other MLM company had a CEO also. So how are you your own boss?

  3. Exactly!! It’s a family owned business, I even asked them is it family owned in terms of bloodline or family as in the people who are apart of it. The answer was it originated from a family back in 1950s if I remember correctly. It’s currently owned by the great great great great grandchild of the founder. That’s pretty much the CEO.

  4. The products ARENT cheaper than the products you buy in stores. They are dreadfully expensive, like $11 for a small bottle of shampoo. They will try to tell you that they are “concentrated”. And you have to spend something like $600 a month to maintain the deal, which is way more than most people would spend normally, so you end up spending all your money on stuff you wouldnt buy if you weren’t in Amway.

  5. I see, thank you for that. That’s more of a reason to not join them. The thing that made me raise an eyebrow was that the speaker claimed he mentor someone that have seen their energy drinks outside of Amway because his cousin used them. Apparently, his cousin was Cam Newton. Yes, the same Cam Newton that is in the NFL and claimed he was using their products while playing for the Carolina Panther. The speaker claimed not only do they partner with companies but they also partner with various athletics. After the BS I heard before that, I have a hard time believing that. It could be true but I’m not convinced till I see it for myself or if someone tells me outside of Amway that’s true.

  6. A pyramid scheme is not when the people at the bottom get nothing. It is when people are getting paid with the money injected into the pyramid by its own members. When the bulk of the money used to pay the people within the structure comes from the members of the structure, and not from an outside source, you have a pyramid scheme. Whether there is an actual product or not is not relevant. The people at the bottom getting less or no money is simply a byproduct of that mechanism. The origin of the money defines a pyramid scheme, in my opinion.

  7. Thank you for educating me on how pyramid schemes work. That is pretty much how Amway makes most of their funds, from members within the company. Once someone says yes they’ll join, they’re spending money on their own “so called business” and are told they will make twice that much. I wasn’t buying it and my gut was telling me to not feed into the BS they were talking about. They only tell what we want to hear and not the downside of what comes with it. I will admit the first couple times they almost had me, but my judgement and my school life helped me stray away. I should’ve done more research on it beforehand and now I definitely know that it’s a pyramid scheme but have methods to not make it seem like it or methods to make it legal.

  8. Wow…just wow. There are so many other ways to make better income than partnering with Amway. They made it seem like we would become millionaires within 2-3 years. Those people who’s actually making a profit either got mad lucky, had the right connection, or was kissing asses. Your better of picking up trade or working in an industry with a high outlook. Top 1% only earn about $55,000 annual is not worth the trouble you have to go through. The average medium salary for a mechanic is about $40,000-$50,000 depending on the area and you can get that in under 2-4 years. I’m sure they come with more in other areas. One guy I know works in landscaping and is making enough to buy a home within a few years. He’s only 23 years old and doesn’t have to stress about anything when he goes home for the day.

  9. I've known ppl who sold amway like 20 yrs ago. Never talked about the money stuff. They just did it with friends/family, no pressure and had other jobs. I'm sure prices are very different, but back then, some of their stuff was higher quality for less and they had free shipping long before anyone ever heard of bezos. They also made organic/ biosafe cleaning and care before any major retailers.

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  11. They warned about the dangerous 9-5 jobs inviting you be an entrepreneur doing the same thing that the rest of the people there is doing. That's not thinking out the box or doing things different. 🙄🙄

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