Found in my daughter's Halloween bag with a pack of m&m's

  1. Handing out any MLM stuff on Halloween is tacky, but handing out items from a sex toy one to children is extra bad. This is so many levels of not okay. Don't tell my 6-year-old she's an "truly sexy flirt" who needs to shave her private parts.

  2. Yeah, this creeped me out big time. My daughter was laughing and said "I got shaving cream"...I was like wth? Does someone want their house done at Halloween? When I saw it, I realized maybe they do.

  3. This seems like it should be some kind of reportable offense, considering it's sex toys and handing stuff out to minors (and tender age minors at that).

  4. Someone did that in a town in my county with another sex toy MLM. Parents were pissed. It was high drama on the county happenings Facebook page for a few days.

  5. Honestly, my first thought was to take it to the town Facebook page and let the sharks feed on it. I hate Facebook, but it can serve a purpose, and people might be interested in knowing this happened to others and which house to avoid next year.

  6. Lol my NextDoor group is full of savages. They would have her address for you in .00002 seconds and also her FB page, phone number, SSN, as well as a screenshot from a neighbor's security cam posted in less than 5 min. So yes, I would 100% post this to NextDoor 😂💁‍♀️

  7. I'd definitely call the number on the business card and give the hun an earful about sexualizing children. Sounds very predatory.

  8. This advice probably won't work for a lot of reasons, but if you knew which house it was and they had an HOA, you could absolutely get them in big trouble. But I doubt you know the house or they don't have an HOA, I just always want these people to face consequences. Giving out sex toy info to kids is predatory. It's very girly looking with the flowers, but imagine if a single man was giving these out... "Truly sexy flirt shave cream"... You want my 8 year old to shave to be truly sexy and flirt? I think if you can get on the sex offender registry for urinating next to a public park, you should DEFINITELY be added for this. We should hold huns to the same level of accountability because this is NOT acceptable social behavior. Just wait till they get an Easter egg full of lube 🙄

  9. 100% this. I always tell my kids that for their safety they need to assume any adult who starts talking to them about sexual matters besides me or their doctor is planning to hurt them.

  10. It was defintely a house on our street or one of the little side streets, so no HOA. The card had a name and phone #, which I could probably look up. I know we won't go there next year if I discover who it was.

  11. I completely understand your outrage, but putting someone on the sex offender registry is a Big Deal. Once someone gets on that list, they're persona non grata everywhere. They can't work, get a place to live, and are shunned by society. I agree that this person should be named and shamed, and the sexual grooming implications should be mentioned online, but leave the sex offender registries to the courts. The consequences of being on that are so dire that I'd feel bad for putting someone on there, and now I feel bad for feeling bad about a hypothetical sexual predator. I had no problem finding someone guilty of murder when I was on a jury, but for some reason that sex offender registry seems really unethical to me, and I've read studies that suggest that sex offender registries can hurt society more by putting these perverts under stress and causing them to offend again. So, I'd rather such lists be available only to LEOs. Sorry about the rant. The Hun who gave that kid genital shaving cream is a piece of shit, but I'd draw the line at involving the law. Public shaming works quite well. One just has to be careful, because the police might see such shaming as harassment.

  12. Oh noooo grossss!!!! And I swear they are capable of giving away Easter eggs with lube to kids with their business cards🤮🤮🤮🤮

  13. And here we were thinking everyone was getting fentanyl and ecstasy for Halloween and all we get is chocolate and shave cream? What a rip off!

  14. And here I thought my toddlers and teenagers getting colorstreet samples was ridiculous. I will count us lucky for sure!

  15. Oh we had a pure romance hun who used to do this on Halloween too! Key words being "used to" because one year she ended up handing it out to the wrong kid and the dad managed to track her down and ended up showing up to her house and threatening to beat the shit out of her because he thought the hun was trying to groom his kid or something. She stopped doing it after that.

  16. Could they just leave the sex toy, oils and creams to consenting adults!!!?? For me this people are the perverts that I would avoid at all costs.

  17. I think it’s some of both. A certain sort of personality is attract to MLMs to begin with then the pressure exacerbates it and they go nuts

  18. i wonder if this tactic has EVER worked for a single hun in existence? “hi karen, i saw your card and cooter cream sample in bryxtynnya’s halloween candy - the hubz and i tried it that same night and WOWZA! i’d like to order 15 cases plz! 😍😁😅😃😀🙃🥺😎”

  19. Ew, this is supposed to be child-appropriate? Seven-year olds who get this crap, can read, and ask their parents about it or search up the company name—just the thought makes me nauseous. Also, implying that shaving is safe and appropriate for little kids and encouraging them to follow a BS beauty standard

  20. Report this to Pure Romance HQ. As a company that sells 18+ targeted products, any solicitation or marketing towards or involving minors is very much against their terms of operations. I've heard they take this stuff very seriously, and this hun will definitely get the boot. See if you can find anyone else in the neighborhood that got these to do the same.

  21. I’m trying to wrap my head around why any hun would think this is a good idea. I imagine the upline has passed on this tip to be a “gift for mom”, but guess what… Mom isn’t always taking their kids around, and their product ends up is the KID’S bag anyway. Plus the very colorful pattern makes me think it might not be just a “gift for mom”.

  22. I'd be posting that everywhere, because marketing sex toys to elementary aged kids is not only super gross, it sends all kinds of red flags if this person has kids in their home.

  23. Wow, desperation can make people do stupid things! She needs to be careful. There may be laws about distributing sex paraphernalia to minors or something that if someone really wanted to go after her, she could get into a LOT of trouble. It's not worth it to sell an overpriced dildo that she'll make $5 on.

  24. I agree, this borderline seems like it very well could be a criminal offense. If I were OP, I’d contact her (because I’m sure her number is on the card) and tell her that I’m taking legal action just to scare her enough that she doesn’t pull this shit again!

  25. I’d be dragging her ass all over NextDoor, Facebook, letter to the editor in your local newspaper, literally any way to publicly put her on blast. If it were Avon or something I’d probably just roll my eyes and be annoyed, but Pure Romance is literally an 18+ business. This is so cartoonishly inappropriate it’s actually blowing my mind. How financially deep do you have to be in it to think this is an acceptable or reasonable way to shill your sex toys and cheap lingerie??

  26. OP, I worked in corporate for MLMs for years. Report this incident to Pure Romance’s compliance team. Include pictures, description of what happened, location and add the information that was on the card. On the subject include “Samples given to minors on Halloween by rep with phone number xxxx” They can find the person just by using the phone number and/or approximate location.

  27. How on earth would the be blacklisted from all other MLMs? They don’t share a database of idiots nor would they want to for financial reason.

  28. Assuming that’s her business card…I’d put her phone number on one of those “learn about solar energy” websites and relish in the fact she’ll get 20+ marketing calls a day.

  29. The satanic panic crowd out here crying about nonexistent drugs and razor blades in the candy but they failed to realize the call was coming from inside their own house! 😱 lol

  30. Pure Romance’s compliance and marketing team. The FTC is very clear that MLM products should not be around children. Source: I’m from Utah county and know the industry too well. 🤢

  31. No, there is no risk of people leaving drugs in your kids candy. However you do have to risk Pure Romance huns leaving sex toys in your kids candy.

  32. As a non-confrontational person, I would call the number and absolutely rip them a new one. Come at me with your MLM bullshit? Whatever, that’s life. You slip some pure romance shit to my child? I will bring WW3 to your fucking doorstep. You fucked around, and you about to ✌🏻find out.✌🏻

  33. I would straight up have a FIT for giving my child something from a sex toy brand. That is absolutely disgusting and no child needs to be exposed to that. I would make sure the neighbors knew about it, too.

  34. Post it as a PSA in your neighborhood groups. “Just wanted to remind everyone to keep an eye out for inappropriate items of different types in their kids Halloween candy! We found intimate shaving cream in our daughter’s (and if you know the street…) I think it came from a house on Smith St”.

  35. A good friend of mine’s daughter just turned 14 and her aunt put 2 pure romance bottles of shave cream and a heart shaped “personal massager” in a gift bag for her. My mind was blown.

  36. If you have one of those neighborhood apps or Facebook groups you should post the picture and put them on blast. Demand to know who has the nerve to give out sexual products to children. I’d try to embarrass the fuck out of them.

  37. How dare she? This is unacceptable for an adult to hand to a child. This is just so that you can become interested in her sex toys business? Why involve you child at all? Disgusting.

  38. I mean, if she wanted to pass these out to mom’s with their kids on Halloween, it still would have been desperate, but not as disgusting as giving them to children!

  39. Did the genuinely think by giving this to kids that a kid was going to go home and make a purchase? Or did they hope the parents would see it and buy something? This tactic is sick and confusing

  40. That's so fucking inappropriate. Oh my god. I'd go to their page and blast them so goddamn hard. I'm talking reports the whole way through the upline.

  41. Do you know what house it came from? I would report it. They won’t do anything, but a knock in the door and some questions by the police might make the message clear that this is really disturbing

  42. It has been reiterated before, but this needs to be reported to corporate at the very least. I've seen some tacky and questionable MLM sales tactics but this goes beyond the pale.

  43. This is gross and it impacts a kid. It also fucks up halloween. Absolutely shaving cream their house or fork their lawn. If you have the number, call the person and record the convo.

  44. Oh gosh I saw the caption in the notif and was already ticked enough, but when I saw the picture and noticed it was Pure Romance I was horrified.

  45. I got a few bags with people putting one tiny candy in there and then a pamphlet of their business and the business card.

  46. Please update us if you posted this on Nextdoor or Facebook! This is fucked up. Definitely avoid that house next year! If you know the street the house is on you may be able to find the exact house. My city has a website where you can search addresses and see who owns the house.

  47. Oh right, but the gays are sexualizing kids smh. That's unbelievably bad. I mean, not the worst possibility to have shaving cream. But the 'truly sexy flirt' line is actually disgusting to hand out to children

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  50. Bahahaha I’ve never heard of this company before and without zooming in to read the small text on the packet, I got VERY confused about why the Halloween bag had condoms with cute packaging?! 😂😂😂 ok, it’s just MLM crap.

  51. When I sold LOVEWINX I had special bags for the moms and dads.. they still talk about it even though I left the company but in no way would I ever give this to children

  52. I’m disgusted in so many ways. The children did not and cannot consent to this information or this product. The adults in the homes weren’t given the option of consent. What if the adults in the home are SA survivors? What if they’re sex addicts and are triggered? What if it’s the home of someone that is deeply religious and abstains?

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