My heart sank when I saw this in my FB messages. I went to Army boot camp with this girl. She's smarter than this...I thought.

  1. I always have sympathy for those who get sucked into MLMs, but, at the same time, I'm like...WHAT? Information about how MLMs prey on people have been publicly available for years. Everyone is online more than we ever have been. How is this still happening?

  2. That's exactly how I feel. She's out here saying she knows she is going to make less than pennies on the dollar and she is still.... seemingly going into it feet first?

  3. It doesn’t matter what numbers you put in front of somebody - if they fall for mlm they are irrational and will ignore reality.

  4. The info is out there. However, when you try to search particular MLMs or direct sales the negative stuff is buried under all the, “Is ___ a scam?” posts that then say ‘it’s not a scam, it’s a “legitimate” business opportunity’, blah blah. Unless you’re very determined you’re more likely to find info to encourage you. Desperate people don’t try as hard. I had a hard time finding stuff until I found this sub.

  5. Unfortunately from someone who was sucked in, you’re brainwashed to not go looking into any research that is not directly from your business or upline. It’s a huge cult tactic and they are smart enough to know exactly how to trick you.

  6. Overconfidence in their abilities. I would know an MLM if I saw one, so this definitely isn't one! And I desperately need the money, so let me just hope this works out!

  7. I don't like her original message. Super presumptuous and even tho it's likely copy and paste, she thought it was ok to send. Your reply was not only necessary but informative!

  8. This is one I hadn’t heard of yet. Thanks for sharing so I know to steer clear. I’m a bookworm so any offers of free books and I’m excited lol.

  9. I was the same way. "Ooooh, books? I want books!" They actually have some decent books in their catalogue that are worthwhile. But the company as a whole really sucks. They really like to stand on a platform of "do you know what your kids are reading?!"

  10. It’s an extra shame because the Usborne books are really nice. I used to work in childcare, now in elementary ed, and I come across their books in our libraries occasionally. Well-written, well-illustrated, and informative. I’ll never know why they had to be MLM, but I’ll never buy one because of it.

  11. It sucks because Usborne makes some great kid books, and it bugs me so much that it’s an MLM! Like they could do so well as just a kid book publisher, they just don’t have that scholastic book fair model to fall back on.

  12. Holy shit do I absolutely despise people who try and pull the “I’ve got x date available, would that work for you?” As if I was the one who was initially interested and actually wanted something to do with said product or event. It Absolutely DOES NOT work for me Karen, go fuck yourself.

  13. Does being a hostess mean hosting a MLM selling party? It’s very presumptuous of her to ask you to be a hostess and already have a date picked out lol

  14. People don't fall for MLMs because they are stupid, they fall for them because they are desperate for money. They specifically teach their cult members to prey on desperate people. That is why many people stuck in MLMs are part of demographics that are typically underpaid or not hired for well paying jobs. Women (especially stay at home or single mothers), people of colour (especially new immigrants who may not be as familiar with the language and laws in their new country), college students, etc.

  15. This reminds me of a podcast I listen to called “World’s Greatest Con”. The tag line is: “Cons don't fool us because we're stupid, they fool us because we're human.” They’ve only had two seasons so far, one about “Operation Mincemeat” and one about people who figured out how to win on TV game shows. I really hope they do a season about MLM/Pyramid schemes.

  16. Is she married to a millionaire and doing this on her free time? That's the only way I can think of that making $500 a year is worth it.

  17. I had a friend who was a teacher (taught English in Japan) that moved back to the states, to NY, and now sells Usborne books. We were both students at a top 20 university and she got excellent grades. Even people who you think ought to know better still fall for MLMs.

  18. It is weird but everyone I've met selling usborne books has been doing it primarily for the free books. None of them have expected it to be a real income source. Maybe it is an outlier among MLMs?

  19. I have a good friend that sells Usborne, and honestly she does it because she loves the books so much. Instead of asking people to host, she does mystery parties throughout the year. So she sets up and does the party, we buy a few books, and she puts in the names of those who participate and draws a name. That person then “wins” the hostess spot and gets the hostess rewards (aka free books!) as well. No pressure to join Usborne, no pressure to host a party.

  20. one of the smartest girls i knew got sucked into amway and we lost her to the cult. mlm’s get all sorts of people :(

  21. I have a friend who dreams of being a published author. She joined Usborne in the hopes of them publishing her book. She tried to get me to buy. I had no interest in it and my kids were getting too old for their books. I don't think she even stuck with it for a year.

  22. A ton of my friends with kids have joined various MLMs and they all have pretty decent full-time jobs that they don’t intend to quit. They obviously need extra money, (who doesn’t?) which is sad because if they picked up a part time job, they would have guaranteed income for the hours they worked. Unfortunately the allure of “working from your phone” and “setting your own hours” plus the fear of being shamed for having to work a low-level service job for extra money leads them to think that if they just make 200 more Instagram posts they’ll finally start making sales.

  23. Some people are so desperate to have work or a business they can identify as their own. Sadly, they never own the MLM instead the MLM owns them.

  24. Unfortunately even the smartest people can be fooled by these companies. It has very little to do with intelligence and much more to do with desperation

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  26. some people dont do this to get rich. and not everyone in the world who signs up for a mlm is stupid! I signed up for creative memories years sgo--and got into it for the wholesale products. me and about6 members of my family were scrapbookers i bought and sold at wholesale price for my family, and got out when we all couldn't support the buying minimum. Yes--I realize there are really horrible mlms out theree that dont care as long as THEY make money.

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