Essential oil brands NOT tied to an MLM?

  1. Check out Revive. I jumped ship from YL to their company earlier this year & am impressed! Their prices are great & they have a comparable list of blends that are similar to popular blends from both YL & DoTerra. I find that some of their oils actually smell better than YL. They do not charge tax which was costing such an arm & a leg with the already outrageous costs with YL to begin with. Also their shipping is free plus you get your order within a week

  2. NOW is a pretty affordable brand, most of their oils are in 1oz bottles so you get quite a lot for your buck. Aura Cacia is also a good brand, but I believe they're a bit more expensive.

  3. Aura Cacia is a great brand. They are a branch of Frontier Co-op which is pretty local to me in IA, that has spices and things. The quality is really good and prices are decent.

  4. Health food store or here in UK we have a store called Neals Yard where I've bought essential oil products before. They were super helpful when I asked for something specific.

  5. Depends on what you’re using them for - I use a lot of essential oils in soap making, lotions and scrubs. I get them from a couple of suppliers, my current favorite is Wholesale Supplies Plus (

  6. I like to be able to smell before purchasing, so online is out for me. I find them at the natural food co-op, regular grocery store, Target, TJMaxx sometimes, hospital gift shop or larger clinic health shop, and other random places.

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