3.5 billion people in poverty is fantastic - kevin o'leary.

  1. She's playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how smart her moves are he's gonna shit all over the board and act like he won.

  2. The biggest joke in this is the assumption that the existence of an astronomically wealthy group is proof that anyone can be astronomically wealthy.

  3. I was just going to say “fuck that guy”, but you outlined my reasons for that sentiment quite succinctly, so thank you for that!

  4. "Oh, I just started this business with my money (which I inherited from my parents and was around 1billion), so you can do it too!"

  5. If you produced $5k of value per day, every day of the year, from birth until death, and lived 150 years, you could live 3 lifetimes and still not have produced $1 billion in value. You don't become ultra rich by producing value; the only feasible way, mathematically, is through benefitting from systems that reappropriate the value produced by other people.

  6. I’ve officially lost all respect for Kevin O’Leary. I pulled up my socks and became successful, but I was in a place where success can happen and I can honestly see where so many don’t even have these opportunities and those opportunities have changed due to poor management of political power, inflation, wars, etc. These generations that came after me have it even harder than I did and I’m not wildly successful by no means. I simply can afford to live even after all these sacrifices while dealing with those in management that try and shut you down if they see you building up and getting stronger. I worked my ass off sacrificing so much time I wished I could get back and do different. I lost my son and I will always look back and say “was it worth it”? Is the money even worth it and why do we have to have all this stuff. We’re constantly marketed to by their same shifty products so they can make a buck and sometimes I feel as if that’s a trap to entice people out of their money and makes me wonder is our society even right about anything? Have we been lied to for so long that the lie has become the truth? Why don’t families have time together anymore? Why is every moment supposed to be about capitalism and ‘murica? Who the hell are these morons that keep sayin ‘murica? Why the hell is so much fentanyl being trafficked into our places where we should feel safe and why do our kids have to face that problem? What the hell do you Uber rich even do with all that money? It sure as hell isn’t making this world a better place or bridging any divides! Why do you need more money when you’ve got so much🤔? It’s like a damn spell on us as a civilization and we just can’t break free and see that money isn’t everything and we haven’t found the way yet!

  7. The only “smart” thing Elon Musk has ever done, imo, is convincing people he got to be head of Tesla by being “smart,” and not via his family’s South African blood diamond money.

  8. There are 85 of him, there are 3.5 billion of them. If what he is saying is true, then there would be a hell of a lot more then just 85...the percentage is just astounding.

  9. He also falls victim to the "I did it through hard work, you could have this too if you worked as hard as I do" fallacy which ignores the fact that not everyone can develop their own educational software and sell it to Broderbund for a ton of money.

  10. It is technically feasible for just about anybody to make it into the elite; that’s a big element of their propaganda. You don’t HAVE to be from a certain family; look, see this one in a million example of a poor kid from the streets who is now a billionaire, it could be you!

  11. If avoid major medical emergencies and eat only rice maybe my monthly savings will be enough investment capital to spring into riches when I’m 50.

  12. Why do people here keep saying there’s nothing special about billionaires? Maybe there is, maybe there’s not. Why does that even matter? There is inarguably something special about say, the world’s tallest woman, or about Roger Penrose. Do we think they should therefore own half the fruits of all human labour, and have bank accounts bigger than Nigeria’s GDP?

  13. Why is it okay by reddit's rules to say eat the rich when the end result is death, but you cannot say kill the rich when the end result is death? I would think death by being eaten alive is morally worse than being killed by a shot to the head.

  14. He's more like the guy you should shit on with the feces produced from the digestion of other rich people you ate. He's a peon compared to the bezos, rothschild, zuckerberg, musk, apple hoarders of wealth.

  15. For today's chef special sir, we have the Kevin O'Leary, a prime cut cooked medium rare and served with a nice side of mashed potatoes

  16. The best part about shows like this or Shark Tank is that it tells me exactly whose families to target if anything actually goes down.

  17. What does it say about the state of Canadian media when Amanda Lang, who was meant to be some sort of progressive foil to O’Leary was herself mired in scandal for allegedly trying to kill a story that would harm her partner’s bank.

  18. A celebrity through television who brags about his wealth to everyone he meets and thinks his wealth alone indicates an ability to run a large country.

  19. Capitalists will ALWAYS back fascists when they feel threatened by workers gaining power. This is nothing new. Capitalists are anti-worker and always have been. They thrive on exploitation and will turn to authoritarians in a heartbeat if it means they get to keep their wealth and power.

  20. People like him think the only reason to live is to become filthy rich one day. What a delusional asshole, but you know what they say: rich people usually don’t see poor as human.

  21. People like him are the perfect illustration of how the 1% does not give a single fuck about you. He views anybody who isn't in the 1% just as a tool to help make himself wealthy. Fuck this guy.

  22. So, she said the 85 richest people in the world and he then equated it to the 1% which is monumentally wrong they aren't the 1% they're the 0.000001%

  23. Exactly, we don't target our local shopowners that are stressing out to be able to pay this months rent for their store location.

  24. I can’t believe people (mostly corporate politicians and the republican voting base) fall for this crap hook, line and sinker.

  25. Except it won't be his tax dollars. It won't be any of the wealthy's tax dollars since they and their companies effectively pay zero percent in tax.

  26. Bro this exactly. I’m not a hard worker, don’t claim to be, don’t want to be. I want to make enough to pursue my small passions.

  27. Really think about that stat for a second. 85 people have more wealth than 3.5 billion people combined. Eighty five. Did you know people actually have a really difficult time comprehending how big a billion is? Like they can't even understand the number that well. They know the number, they know how many zeros it is, but it's so large, it's hard to realistically comprehend. It's like light-years and comprehending the vastness of deep space.

  28. " I'm going to tell you what you should have said later" nah bitch do it live I wanna see it. Her look was priceless though, well maybe worth .02% of the wealth of the top 1%

  29. Well if she'd come out and yelled, "You should have just responded, 'I'm a dumbass with no soul!' and saved me 2 minutes of idiocy," the network would have fired her, and then she'd be a part of that statistic.

  30. No she should of stood up and straight b at his ass on national tv and then we see how wonderful he is ..we could post her bail and tie it up in court ...

  31. I hate it when people ignore the question-answer format of an interview and interrupt each other all the time. This way nothing is said.

  32. This poor news anchor has no idea that she’s talking to a sociopathic aristocrat who is hell-bent on justifying the exploitation of labourers for the benefit of the 1% no matter how illogical and immoral his argument makes him sound.

  33. If you work real hard you could be rich some day, like shut the fuck up dude. You know how many people I watch work really fucking hard and will never be even close to rich. Take away his privileges and throw him in a coal mine and tell him if he works hard enough he might get his old life back.

  34. I always thought "eat the rich" was metaphorical, but I literally want to watch this destructive asshole get eaten by wolves.

  35. I've seen like 4 episodes of that show, and this seems pretty on-brand for him. Are there segments where he isn't a giant flaming fuck hole?

  36. I mean the premise of shark tank is im gonna aquire starting off businesses for a cheap as possible so I can harvest them for money so wouldn't his presence on shark tank make him trash as is?

  37. Was he ever uphill on Shark Tank? He always came off like an insufferable asshole who doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself

  38. Redistribution of wealth will NEVER happen again? Not too long ago in human history we were chopping the heads off the wealthy, so yea, I think the tide can turn pretty quick.

  39. This is the brain washing we have all endured. “Pull up your boot straps and be motivated while I don’t pay any taxes and you’re too busy trying to survive, to vote to change the tax inequality”

  40. “If you work hard, you might be stinking rich one day”…. What a degenerate. I’ve been working my ass off since I was a teen. Fuck this dude for real.

  41. We need to take a lesson from capitalists and make them work menial jobs for almost no pay, in horrible conditions, and a quota meant for someone doing dangerous amounts of meth, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, ten minute breaks, and that means scan to scan people.*you have to make the word people sound like an insult here mandatory*

  42. Jesus. She is pretty badass. I’m more impressed by her standing her ground than him being a fucking idiot. Him being an idiot is almost expected. Her telling him to fuck off politely is refreshing.

  43. I'd be more impressed if she didn't try to crush a story that would financially impact a colleague of hers. We all have our skeletons though

  44. To be this out of touch with reality. Holy shit! She should've just turned to the camera and said, "And this is why we should eat the rich!"

  45. “If you work hard you might be stinking rich one day”. That’s his argument. It’s not even the discontented billionaire syndrome thing, because it directly acknowledges that most people - even amongst those who try - will never achieve it. It’s just the dehumanising veneration of greed for the sake of continuing to play pretend, to keep up appearances.

  46. Ultrawealthy people don't get rich by working hard, if it's not already obvious the poorest people work the hardest out of all of us while the richest sit on their asses & let their wealth do all the heavy lifting...the meritocracy is a myth. If everyone got what they deserved, based entirely off of how much work you put in, the script would be entirely flipped

  47. Big yikes. Either Kevin is exorbitantly stupid and lucky to have disgusting wealth, or he is playing the evil side and trying to convince the peasants to work harder so he can pay them less, while lying to them that they will be rich like he is today. No one wakes up and decides to work harder and becomes rich, that's literally never happened in all of history. You are either born with it or inherent wealth, you get extremely lucky, or you found a way to scam and screw others to make your own wealth. There is no other way, and working harder is not how you make money.

  48. I have ZERO problem with overly successful people. I don’t cry knowing someone out there is running in first place at the olympics while I struggle to get a passable time for a fitness test.

  49. Billionaires can only become Billionaires by exploiting. You cannot, by yourself, generate that much wealth. There is by definition no work one person can do across sufficient number of customers to generate that much wealth.

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