When you’re a casual treated like a full-timer

  1. Go in, vomit at work, let every customer know that your sick as a dog, act like the brave little soldier. Say how your boss was going to let you go if you didn’t come in, but you understand and are taking one for the team. Bonus points if you puke in a non puke receptacle.

  2. What is a puke receptacle? I can only imagine buckets and trash (without holes or mesh) and toilets are approved puke receptacles.

  3. I was working at a theatre and this happened to me. They were assholes about it and I was scheduled to work concession that night, my plan was to go in obviously sick in front of customers and then get sent home. I didn’t even make it to the concession stand. I throw up in a trash bin in front of the ticket taker right in front of a huge ass line of people waiting to get into an auditorium ( this was 2011 so people still waited in line for good seats for big releases. Thank god for assigned seats now!) and they ended up sending me home immediately.

  4. I actually came to work once super sick. Had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. It was at a restaurant and I had told them I couldn’t come in, but guilted me into it anyway (I was young and felt like I couldn’t quit on the spot). Other than being in the bathroom, I spent the night glaring at the kitchen staff (they were all dicks) and telling all the customers I was sick. One customer took pity on me and gave me a $50 tip, which at the time was worth way more than $50 now, so that was nice at least.

  5. “I’m not going home just because I’m puking, that’s crazy you’d even suggest that. No one wants to work anymore!”

  6. one time i threw up in the bathroom at my former job and i texted my boss telling her. she told me that since i was closing, i had to stay until the end of the shift, or leave my coworker by himself. she lived 15 minutes away but couldn’t bother to go to work for an hour because one of her employees was puking at work. i was a barista, making and serving drinks. it was truly bizarre

  7. I have been sick on a boss before I was young and was thinking I'm still newish 9-10 months in the job I'll show them they can count on me.

  8. This never stopped any boss from telling me to come in. My other favorite is when they tell you it's YOUR responsibility when you're SICK to find someone to cover your shift.

  9. The restaurant industry is so fucked up. It seems like every fucking restaurant seemingly have this toxic culture where no one can EVER take a day off.

  10. Part time used to be for people who maybe went to school, needed a second job for a little cash, or just had stuff going on in life where they didn't need to work 40+ hours. Part timers usually had a limited availability, and you realized as a manager that they would need to be able to request off when needed and would probably call out more since the pt role was not the major focus in their life. Now, companies treat part timers like they should have open availability, never miss work, and come in when needed. Accept a schedule of anywhere from 5 hours to 40 hours. Basically, someone who you can pay less and offer no benefits to. Somehow through the years the flexibility afforded to the employee as a part timer shifted so that now the employer gets all the flexibility.

  11. Don’t talk about it after work. If you are required to be at a meeting they are required to pay you for that time. Talk about it on the clock.

  12. I'll do an occasional quick text back or two, but I have a one hour minimum. If I get involved in a work conversation, I'm charging an hour for it. I also am quick to respond with "I do not have time for work-related conversation at the moment." if I'm off duty then I am probably ON DUTY somewhere else, hopefully with something of my own desires. Don't come at me with any work junk on my day off. I'm not on the clock for you, that doesn't mean I'm sitting on my ass. If you bother me while I am sitting on my ass, it just became billable hours.

  13. Several years ago I was working for a hotel and swapped days with my boss so I could go do something with my brother. I ended up getting food poisoning and had to call in the next day. My boss called me a liar and said my job would be in the paper if I'm not on time. I tried to stress it to him that I'm vomiting constantly and randomly and dry heaving when there's nothing in my stomach. He hung up on me and texted me that my shift starts in four hours. I arrived feeling like shit. Upon checking in the first guest I felt it coming up. I tried to get away to a trash can but couldn't make it. I threw up in front of that family and they ended up just leaving.

  14. Having an employee come in in the food industry with these kinds of symptoms is a health code violation, and a business can and will get shut down for inspection if they allow their employees to come in in such a state.

  15. I would record whatever they are saying, because obviously whatever they are replying with they want no paper trail. But idk. Maybe I'm just paranoid

  16. I work causally at a care home and anytime I'm sick or not feeling great they're just like "ok, we'll just call casuals until someone comes in." That's what casuals are for.

  17. Not good enough? How bout this: I come in and puke all over your prep line and floor, then go home while you have to clean and sanitize the entire place.

  18. This just reminded me of my time at KFC when I was 16. Called and told my boss I didn't feel well. He proceeded to tell me to come in anyway. When I got there, the manager (under boss) said "OMG are you alright." I said "Give me like 5 minutes." Boss walks out from his office, turns to me just in time to watch me projectile vomit In The general direction of the trashcan (picture like a 20/80 distribution in/around the trashcan). I made eye contact with boss, turned to the manager "I'm going home now." And left without another word.

  19. So many of these bosses seem to think that the $8 or $9 hour job entitles them to act like this is the only place in the world that is hiring. Yet we hear over and over how many places are desperate for employees. So, if a boss at a shitty job send a text like this, “piss off”

  20. Actually you don’t have to talk about it after work. If he wants you do to something that is work, he needs to pay you for your time. You should not clock out because work discipline sessions are still work.

  21. To be fair, this could be a get out of work excuse. On the other hand, I totally get that whatever this job is, it may be horrible enough to not want to go in, or clearly has a horrible time off system that forces an employee to make an excuse instead of be given time off.

  22. Yeh I had a job that told me I needed a sick note to be able to call in sick which would have cost me as much as I would have made for the shift.

  23. My one job was full of Kool Aid drinkers and honestly had the most punitive attendence policy I've ever heard of in my life. I took the job out of desperation and the saying "marry in haste, repent in leisure" absolutely applies to employment, too...

  24. Puked in a trash can right before my shift at amazon once right in front of my manager and the bastard looked me right in the eyes and asked if I could still work half my shift

  25. I would went off, I would of said whats not good enough? Would you prefer me puking on the customers pizzas? And if you're going to fire me do it now so I can collect my unemployment.

  26. Talk about … what?? They’re making you come in. They’re gonna have a heart to heart about attempting to call out? Jesus they sound insufferable

  27. this is when you go into work and barf on the back prep line which in turn will force them to close for the day

  28. Idgaf who it is, the only person who could speak to me like that is my father when I was a child. I'd go to work just to tell your boss to kick fucking rocks.

  29. What exactly isn't good enough? The fact that you're a human who gets sick or that you don't want to work while sick and potentially infect others/vomit on others?

  30. Fuckin. I had a manager once who scheduled me for an opening shift. I was throwing up, called the store, she told me to come in anyway, gave her one more chance to send me home, and then I threw up once again. Turned out I'd caught a vicious 24-hour bug that was going around town.

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