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  1. The fabled Weed Man. The only known entity capable of producing and distributing the sticky icky. The Hasheesh slinging slasher himself, without whom all the world would simply be... low.

  2. I'm a chef now but there was a time when I was both and lime cook and a weed man. 12 hour days hustling and selling after, I apparently was humanities greatest help

  3. As someone who sells weed off and on because I have a few buddies in other states who can get it for me really cheap, I never realized people appreciated what I did this much

  4. I'll play bass, if I can be the aforementioned Weed Man of the group? I'm definitely not a line cook, so...

  5. one time my weedman sold me a fully equipped xbox for $100 with the account he had been collecting games on for over a decade. everything new would have been worth 2-3k easily, and dude let it go for a bill just because he wanted to switch to playstation.

  6. When I was waiting tables the smartest thing I ever accidentally did was get caught canning calling(edit: spelling) my weed man from the walk in by one of the line cooks.

  7. I mean, that's a pretty low bar. Even the teens that broke into my home and stole my TV and PS4 and various other crap, didn't steal nearly as much from me as the people running the big corporations I've worked for.

  8. Having been friends with line cooks and weed dealers (and even line cooks who were weed dealers) this is very true lol

  9. Lmao right, this subreddit really showing their true colours… to upvote this post as sensical is to the point of absurdity.

  10. I try and tell myself when I see these kind of myopic reddit hot takes that it's just agent provocateurs sewing seeds of stupidity to discredit valuable ideas... Then I see the next post.

  11. When I see takes like this I remember that any disgruntled 15 year old line cook with a weed guy can make a Reddit account.

  12. Did people forget that this sub literally started as a subreddit that wanted to abolish work. Like, this was not a worker's rights subreddit until maybe a year or two ago. Before that, it was literally a bunch of people talking about how they'd be happier as cavemen, or how society should just give up on progress and have everyone do the bare minimum so we can have maximal free time.

  13. One of the most ignorant takes I've seen from this sub lately and that's saying a lot. Most CEOs run small companies and aren't Musk types. And line cooks need a lot of the products of other well run companies to even operate. There's shitty CEOs and line cooks, and the opposite of both as well. Because both are humans

  14. There are tens of thousands of CEO's, only a few of which are the head of large corporations. A bunch of them run community based nonprofits, certainly more than there are megacorps.

  15. Ya, imagine if non profits were truer to real non profit. No non profit staff should have salary above 100,000$. I'd say it should realistically lower if we could keep the staff out of high cost of living areas.

  16. The ceo of habitat for humanity? Dudes been in charge of like 30 million homes build for people in need.

  17. That weed man also potentially sells other drugs like cocaine, but that's totally cool. It's far more relatable to be someone who makes a living supporting literal child slave labor and probably cuts your cocaine with shit that will literally kill you.

  18. My old weed man was a line cook too. Dude was doing gods work and living in his mamas house just like JC himself

  19. When my wallet was stolen at work you know who had my back? The line cooks and my weed person. No one else did a damn thing to help but both the cooks and weed person gave me free weed and I'll never forget that

  20. Seriously? This is just a dumb take. Sorry. Posts like this are what incite others to ridicule this subreddit. You’re telling me Bill Gates hasn’t done as much for the world as a line cook? The greatest philanthropist of all time and one of the founders of modern computing? Completely brainwashed take IMO

  21. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Malaria Nets, Vaccines, Personal computers < Applebees steaks

  22. Philanthropy is just a way of rich white dudes to justify having all of the wealth. The only thing Bill Gates did was to help develop and patent Microsoft as THE one operating system, forcing everyone who wanted to use a computer to be dependent on his software. All the while, the many software engineers who have worked for Microsoft and who likely spend much more of their work and dedication to perfect the system over the years, will never be able to amass even the fraction of Gate's wealth and will never even be credited for it.

  23. Oh cmon I know Ill get downvoted in this subreddit for saying this but this is the most 14 year old thing I have ever read

  24. Objectively, CEOs are more valuable to society than line cooks. However, I think our society is structured such that CEOs are compensated in excess of their true value and line cooks are compensated below their true value.

  25. I've often said that if every minimum wage worker stopped working, it would shut down the U.S. economy. Conversely if every CEO stopped working, most companies would continue functioning just fine.

  26. this sub is just about hating people with money at this point. Just people whining about how poor they are, and not even yelling at the right people

  27. I really like 'the weed man'. Its a nice differentiator from dealer. My weed man is a retiree who whittles, other than some mushies he doesn't touch anything else. Always felt weird calling him a dealer, feels so sinister.

  28. Sorry, but theres a line of waiting replacements for both of them ready to go all day long, as long as the (dirty capitalism) price is right. All.Day.Long. Well, even the same for CEOs, a line of sharks waiting for a shot at that spot too. As far as the CEO doing nothing that resonates at the bottom level, sure, I guess. No matter how shitty the corporate system is, if there no one at the helm, you know the boat crashes. We all know that every sucker down the line does the hard work, but any boat without a rudder will sink in the waves, or go ashore in the rocks.

  29. If it wasnt for a ceo/owner of a. Ompany line cooks wouldnt have jobs and weed men wouldnt have customers

  30. Such naivety in this thread. In many companies, the linecook aka bottom role employee, elevates themselves to become the CEO/equivalent. Don't take that away from them.

  31. Lmao this is honestly a really dumb take😂 I agree w a lot of stuff here but this just sounds kinda stupid to me

  32. I was going to point out the CEOs that actually do incredible charity work personally, but the only people I can think of are Bill and Melinda Gates. I can't think of any others off the top of my head...

  33. You can't lump big corporate CEOs in with the rest. Without business owners there would be no jobs. There would be no where to buy anything even if you had money. Most business owners aren't billionaires. Hell, most aren't even millionaires.

  34. lmao this sub was about exposing shit bosses and work environments. Now its just full of 15yr old communists and anarchists, yall going to grow up one day and cringe at your posts

  35. That's because people stupidly believe that capitalism is the only route to achieve "progress" and capitalism brainwashed people to conflate progress with goodness. I believe it is one of the ultimate cons of the modern era.

  36. Bro, technological progress brought us from near 100% of the world living hand-to-mouth and in literal poverty to bringing 90% of people in the world above the poverty line.

  37. Line cooks and your local weed dealer don't provide jobs (aka someones mean of living to provide). Just because the CEO job isn't physically demanding doesn't mean its not hard (they aren't exactly offering those positions on indeed). Also drug dealers aren't paying taxes while a legit business does in some form or fashion.

  38. smart you said line cooks (see also dish pit) because you can go weeks without realizing the chef is on vacation

  39. When I was working office jobs I couldn't live without cooks and weed. They help with the stress the CEOs cause

  40. Cept all those line cooks and weed men need a ceo to start the companies they work at...

  41. I mean, industry built this country. Granted, mostly on the backs of the poor and vulnerable. But some rich guys did rip off some engineers ideas and guided it.

  42. Add bartenders and public transit drivers/operators to that list. And farm workers. Positive effects on a huge portion of humanity in a tangible, measurable way. None of them are compensated anywhere close to senior management of any industry

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