It’s clear that a big change is coming.

  1. Moving isn't a way to fix this- sure it fixes it for you, but we're here to make things better for everyone. That's the difference between leftists and liberals. Liberals go for individual ways to fix things and leftists go for systemic ones for all, because not everyone can fix it for themselves. Telling people to just move seems simplistic. Many can't.

  2. I have enough money saved to retire and live comfortably for the rest of my life…as long as I die by midnight Tuesday.

  3. yup lol. "where do you plan to go?" can't go anywhere. can't afford to live independently anywhere in this country let alone have the funds to move to another country, and pay for the lengthy and exhausting process of legally residing in another country long-term.

  4. only reason I was able to, was because I moved in with a lot of friends. sharing a house with 4+ incomes is the only feasible way for most of us.

  5. I'm in Canada, but we're having the same economic problems. The only reason I'm able to afford to live on my own is because the apartment building I'm living in was bought by a government low-income housing organization, and they froze the rent before the big price spikes started. I'm so lucky. Don't know how anyone else is making it out there.

  6. Right there with you :/ tired of being 24 and stuck living at home. It’s like I can’t grow outside of this toxic house I grew up in.

  7. Buying a gun is cheaper than changing countries. Liberals have a right to bear arms just as much as conservatives, and it’s time we start exercising it, since the SC made it clear that that right isn’t going away any time soon.

  8. Same. I’m also not leaving my parents in this shithole. If I can’t bring them with me I’m staying to make sure they can afford healthcare.

  9. People have expressed how they don't want to get shot and killed or beaten (I mean, I get it) but that's where we'd have to start. Lots of European countries did it, South American countries have done it, Island countries in the Caribbean have done it, etc. all very bloody and lots of fatalities with civilians.

  10. Yesterday a buddy called me to tell me to move to Costa Rica with him. Honestly I’m considering it, he’s got a place and a job for me.

  11. I live in Costa Rica, I'm originally from the US and my wife is from here. We were lucky enough to be able to work in the US and build our house here so we have no mortgage. Just keep in mind Costa Rica is the most expensive central american country to live in. If you have a job in the US that you can keep doing here then you should be good but working here and trying to make ends meet is a little tough.

  12. Having the opportunity to move to another country in the wake of this political and economic climate, sounds like a good idea. I do think things will turn around in the US, but it's going to take years, if not decades. It's a human trait to think we have more time than we actually do, to do ...whatever. If it doesn't work out in Costa Rica, you can come back, but if you don't go, you'll always wonder. Personally, I would give it a try and keep reading sites, like reddit, where 'real people' express their views.

  13. Shits going down. While I like to see it, I've seen dozens of upside down American flags in my area today. We're done for as a country for good fucking reason. I'd say leave while you can, if you believe it's the best future for you.

  14. THIS. The main people who can leave are already the "privileged class" who are lucky enough to have foreign ties, a college degree, and/or certifications and/or lucrative job experience. The same people who could say, fly to another state easily for an abortion.

  15. Well aren’t you fuckin lucky…. I’m an American married to an American. We have legitimately been discussing getting a divorce and finding people to marry overseas or in Canada. We don’t really have the money and time to go through the proper channels.

  16. I’m Vietnamese and I want to go to the motherland after all this nonsense. Huge guilt considering my family escaped the war to give us opportunities here.

  17. It’s best to realize that the damage done will take decades to repair IF and that’s a big miracle IF it’s changed immediately.

  18. You’re absolutely right that this will take many decades to turn the US around. It’s a LOT of small changes over many many years. Personally, I think 30 years is too low. 50-60 years is more likely. At 53 I know I won’t live long enough to see meaningful change here, and that’s why I’m planning to leave just as soon as my parents pass. I’d leave within the next year if I could. My 22 year old son, however, wants to stay and fight the good fight. And he will likely live long enough to see that meaningful change!

  19. My fiance told me last night to apply for My masters abroad once I finish my bachelor's. She immediately started looking for houses out of our state just in case we can't get visas. I don't think these morons running everything realize the massive brain drain they're about to cause for their respective states.

  20. That’s their goal though. The less intelligent people in the country, the more power and eventually more dirt-cheap labor they have at their disposal.

  21. I moved to NZ to do a PhD on a student visa, my wife came and got a job, and we applied to be permanent residents on the basis of her work. Our kids, born in Aotearoa after we gained our PR, are full citizens.

  22. What u mean where do they plan to go? Housing is just as bad in Europe as it is in US. My country (Poland) also banned abortion year ago and now they made mandatory register of pregnancy so not only we cant have abortion, if we go to doctor and he tells us that we are pregnant, we cant even go to other country cus we will be put in court and asked "where did your baby go?" and then straight to jail. We had like 4 HUGE cases where doctors were scared to help women (they might get arrested too) that were pregnant. All of them died because of baby. Whole world is falling apart, there is no way out

  23. I can say the same about housing in Germany but we have just banned anti-abortion ads so we got that going at least

  24. Exactly. What people dont realise is not only the US that are dying, but its the world. I live in eastern-eu and it is a shitshow. It all started with the covid/chip shortages, now its the ukraine war, but the rich will always find ways to blame the problems, but the problem is that we slowly killed the planet, we overused the supply chain to a level that could not be restored. Almost half of the seeds for EU came from ukraine/russia. Almost half of the iron came from ukraine/russia. And thats just a small part of the story...

  25. The West in general is swinging toward the Right as a reaction to the culture war (which is usually blamed on the US but that's a severe oversimplification). Hence Poland's abortion ban, Brexit, more far right parties with power in Europe, Australia, etc. Paired up with the post-Covid financial instability with housing crises and inflation across the West.

  26. Poland is not the best example of Europe. The EU is actively discussing how to penalize them for actions taken in several areas...

  27. Once my husband graduates with his bachelor's, he's going to apply for a master's in Germany and that will get us a student visa so we can move. I'm not sure if we'll get a stipend for that, but we'll figure it out once we get closer to that time.

  28. In the meantime see if you can get an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching certificate. Please note it is not the same as ESL (English as a Second Language). If you settle in Germany long term it can really help.

  29. I strongly recommend you to start learning German - it'll make finding a job much easier. Also, locals are usually more welcoming towards those that attempt to integrate and you'll need that to build a whole new circle of friends and acquaintances.

  30. Usually student VISAs allow you stay for a period of time post study, which would allow him to apply for work in europe (if he so chooses). If his degree is in STEM, many companies will provide VISA sponsorship as part of their job offer.

  31. I live in a van and plan on going deep into the woods when I need to. I may die of exposure or hunger or fucking disentary but I'll die free

  32. But do you have a backup plan? I have a tiny sailboat and just bought also a van. So even if diesel runs out and I can't starve in the woods, I can still head to the sea and sink to the deepest ocean. Yarrr.

  33. I got deep woods and I’m looking for help on them, so if you’ve got alternate plans than just dying in deep woods, hit me up!

  34. The people shouldn’t fear the government, the government should fear the people. But why would a government fear the people when they are brainwashed by celebrities and too caught up in watching sports and the like.

  35. Saving up to move to another country might sound like a good idea.......but some should be looking at which countries will take instead of where you'd like to go. Age and skill are two of the biggest factors for a lot of countries when accepting immigrants. My fiance is a nurse which is usually a profession that is always in demand but she is also in her 40's and when she looked into possibly moving to Australia she saw she was too old to move for employment reasons.

  36. All struggle is class struggle. If we collectively scream this from every rooftop maybe they’ll hear us.

  37. That’s what people don’t understand. You need to know the language, go through years long processes and then have a education or skill set that is acceptable. Ie; average Americans qualify in few places

  38. Exactly. In the last 24 hours, several of my friends have said "well, I guess I'll be moving to Canada now". I started asking for details on how they plan to do that. It seems the sentiment (from my anecdotal experience) is that you can just cross the border and Canada will welcome you with open arms. What most Americans don't realize is that Canada actually has more strict immigration requirements than the USA.

  39. Took a job as an English teacher while broke. Found a place that would cover my housing, and front my plane ticket costs for signing a contract.

  40. I'm going to stay and watch the country burn. It's pretty much the only thing that's stopped me from checking out early.

  41. Dual citizenship in Ireland and I live close enough to the Canadian border not that either of these places are completely free. But when the hand maidens tail begins I'm outta here with my daughters.

  42. Not sure what you're waiting for. If you wait for the panicked rush to the exits then you'll have a much tougher time

  43. If the start of something like The handmaids Tale is your cue for GTFO, you have missed the starters gun by several years at this point.

  44. I’ve already GTFO’d and started looking at green card options in other countries. Would hate to be forced back into America somehow and bred like cattle for a kid that’ll just get shot in elementary school.

  45. I love how even when all signs point to marx being on the money about all of this, the anti communist, anti community and anti protesting propaganda still lives on strong.

  46. My son finishes college in 2024 and plans on emigrating permanently to the EU (unsure where quite yet). It breaks my heart bc I wanna be his next door neighbor (exaggeration), but I know there's nothing for him here and it's in his best interest.

  47. Unspeakably heartbreaking how many families, friends, relationships, etc have been torn apart because of money. The lack of imaginary paper/numbers that we exchange for basic needs plus the greed of ultra rich that would rather break apart those relationships than sacrifice a single penny of theirs. I don't live in the US but my country is suffering from this too. There's too many people I miss and surviving is getting so hard that living is not even at the forefront of my plans.. I hope your son does well and that you two can share many happy memories!

  48. Youth unemployment in Spain was around 30%. Abortion laws in Spain are fairly strict (14 weeks) vs viability (20 weeks+) in California.

  49. Yeah im living between France and Spain, people really should google current news and laws before talking about moving, it's really not a utopia just because it's not AS bad as the US right now. There's still inflation, a housing crunch, high unemployments, many are quite catholic countries and the laws strongly reflect that influence.

  50. So, I live in Canada where our situation is shit but not as bad as in the US. I previously lived in Germany for 5 years (2016-2021), and honestly the living conditions are astronomically better. Food is affordable, and so is housing. It’s designed that way. The government looks at the average income and adjusts housing costs accordingly. I worked as an apprentice making €380 a month and could afford to live in my own apartment (scraping by obviously). The labor laws are a world of difference over there. The workers are way more protected, and there are a lot more unions. They have more vacation as a default. Every job you take you and the employer have to sign a lengthy contract, specifically stating every right you and your employer have. It is government issued and legally binding. Literally even grocery store workers are very regulated. Which I think is great.

  51. Moving internationally realistically requires 20k+ in cash. Literally restarting from scratch is not easy on a tight budget. Not to mention most of the financial problems we are experiencing here are just as bad anywhere else. We need to enforce church and state separation, and let the religious fundys show their true colors to their moderate, or at least less fanatical compatriots.

  52. So for my departure it took around 50k after everything is said and done. It took years to get out of the country; somewhere around 5 just in paperwork and waiting. It's not something the average person will be able to do at all. However, if things get really really bad, some may be able to file for refugee status.

  53. Apparently hard in aus unless you have a sponsor or you move to a really good job. Easy to get here if you have a bunch of cash I hear. Not too sure on the legalities of things but I’d welcome any yank to come live around me if they got a better shot at things.

  54. I don’t think there is a place to run. If everyone leaves the USA and allows it to fall to fascism, what makes you think they won’t attempt to take over other countries. A lot of people tried to run from Germany during the Holocaust and still met the same fate as Poland, Denmark, France, and The Benelux Countries were overrun. Not to mention World War III is on the horizon and everyone will be affected in some way or another.

  55. Great point. It reminds me of Ulysses S. Grant, who won the Civil war for the North as a General & became 18th President of the US. He despised the Confederates for their bigotry & fought for the rights of slaves to be free. I wonder why we don’t have a holiday/celebration day dedicated for him. May be because the reconstruction was halted in the Southern states by subsequent Presidents, soon after he left the presidency.

  56. Obviously, you should research where you can go and their requirements. Some requirements need proof you have money in the bank like for example thailands permanent residency requires investment of 90k usd if u dont have family there or no employment with thai company. Every country varies so gluck!

  57. Portugal. But if the people that care, who can leave, do, we abandon those that cannot. I have dual Irish and American citizenship. I can leave any time and live in any EU country. What keeps me here is the tight off abandoning those that cannot simply leave.

  58. When I was back in high school about 4 years ago I had the same belief. My family has a big military history and I grew up with a sense of civil duty. I always vote and I try to work the polls yearly. I try to donate to causes that I think would make my country better and generally try to be a good citizen and fellow countrymen to every single American. When trump was president all of my like-minded liberal friends talked about how they couldn’t wait to leave the country when we were old enough. I thought that was an overreaction, that when we’re old enough that we could fix the country through intense work and civil action. I literally told them that I just can’t leave this country, that I feel a responsibility to stay here and make it the nation that I want to see.

  59. Not only in America. Here in Europe as well. I'm from Latvia and we just can't be sure of tomorrow anymore. One day Putin will come not knocking but nucking on our door. And gas prices are gonna be through the roof this winter. It sucks. Never thought that i would actually experience something that our history teacher was telling us about in her lessons.

  60. Most Americans don't have the +20k required by many countries. If you do good for you i guess but that just sounds a lot like more class division

  61. Realistically 90% of us cannot afford to leave. And if we do, then what? Just abandon the people who can’t leave without hope for change? Change starts from within and if we all leave then we lose our collective power. We need to rise up and band together, somehow

  62. While I feel intense hate for all this stuff happening recently this is also what I feel more than hate. I’m suffering just as much as the next decent person here and I’m tired of giving into inner thoughts at times and thinking it’s only me going through it. That doesn’t improve anything. Literally depression is made worse by giving into negative thinking all the time. And the same can be said for these issues. They’re not just my issues. Solidarity is had in being able to relate and empathize and pull each other up.

  63. I agree. I won’t abandon my fellow citizens (or residents of any kind). Staying and standing for what I believe is right is the only option I can feel ok about.

  64. Un-ironically go into the mountains or forest, find myself a nice tree, and settle down there. Become a speaker for the forest. A hermit that grants wisdom and warnings to all who pass by.

  65. My husband has dual citizenship with Norway. If our kids live there at least 2 years before turning 21 they can keep their own dual citizenships. It’s more important to me than ever that we do that and give them the freedom to choose a different home country if it comes to it.

  66. Nice! Where'd you land? How onerous was the process? Is there an expat community there? Tell me everything haha

  67. I know there’s a lot of reasonable people in the US (despite what is portrayed in the media), and as a European I wish more European countries were more open to welcome non-European foreigners. I’ve heard it’s a very difficult and expensive process, even for Americans, but I’m not sure. Best of luck to all of you! I would definitely run away as well.

  68. I almost definitely won’t be accepted by any country because I’m disabled and most countries don’t allow disabled people to gain citizenship (we’re not considered “productive” enough to be worth the trouble) so I guess I’m going down with the ship! Hoping to just live in the middle of nowhere and detach from society as much as possible honestly.

  69. I'm thinking of going homeless in the woods. Just live feral, make my way to Canada with a herd of moose that accepts me as a member one day.

  70. The mooses would find out that you're American and trample you before you could make it to Canada. They're the first line of defense.

  71. I live in California (very liberal state, for the people don’t know), I’m SAFE, and I have a good paying job, so I’m staying—but not for the reason you think. I am very privileged (grew up in a middle-class neighborhood as an straight-passing Asian female) but I will use my privilege to take back the rights that minorities, women, people with disabilities, and lgbtq+ deserve. While my race and socioeconomic background doesn’t and didn’t discriminate me personally, it had, has, and will discriminate those who look like me, or those who are women, minorities, poor, disabled, and part of the lgbtq+ community.

  72. I'm fortunate enough to have family in Germany I'm going to be spending some time with next year. Maybe apply for a student visa while I'm there. Do whatever it takes to extend my visit for as long as I can until my application for dual citizenship goes through.

  73. My job is based out of Montreal, and I'm going to ask about what could be done about getting sponsored to move there.

  74. FYI, the US and one other country in the world are the only places you are required to pay taxes to even if you don't live there as a US citizen. I would renounce your citizenship if you don't plan on going back.

  75. My plan is to finish getting my teaching degree, then to find a country hiring English teachers! My wife and I are currently leveraging our tech skills to stay afloat, mostly by renting server space on our own custom built server machine for folks to set up private game servers for stuff like minecraft, 7 days, and Ark.

  76. I think Ive given up on any sort of revolution tbh… the richest have way too much power for people to take away, even with force. We’ll have power outages soon, clean water shortages And honestly Im not certain even that will motivate people to wake up.

  77. Overseas 17 ready to accept local standard of living, have enough for 6 months minimum, and and go for it. That's how I started 17 years ago. Learn to Hussle and you can make it anywhere.

  78. My family moved us from Japan to Costa Rica to the US, we were all little. Hated it at the time, but ended up being the best experience for all of us kids. Kids are resilient, they'll adjust, learn the culture, the language. Costa Rica is definitely friendly to Americans, many speak English. Cost of living is manageable, they don't spend money on military, instead focus on eco-tourism. Go for it if you can!!

  79. The US indeed seems to be a sinking ship. At least if you watch it from the distance. Greetings from Europe and all the best.

  80. Oh we can see the water flooding in here (at least I can) and it's infuriating. My wife and I have both concluded that should it come to it (and we somehow have the means) we're leaving. Trouble is that corporations and politicians are trying their hardest to keep us poor and make it back breakingly expensive to try.

  81. As a Mexican American, I plan on attaining dual citizenship with Mexico and then attaining my citizenship with Spain and living there permanently. The process will take about 4 years total. I am currently pregnant with my daughter and do not wish to stay here and raise her. Greatest country in the world my ass.

  82. As a Brit who watches the odd bit of American news it fascinates me how you so often go on about ‘freedom’ while the state and rich continually robs the working class.

  83. I have military experience; I thought about enlisting in Ukraine. It's automatic citizenship, and while it's not the most luxurious life it's free healthcare and (probably) access to the EU. Checked out the embassy's website and everything.

  84. Ukriane won't be part of the EU for a few years (at least for a few years) but it could get you asylum into an EU country. It won't be glamorous but it's a way??? No idea how long you'd have to fight in Ukriane for though....

  85. Most of us are flat out fucking trapped here. Would have left years ago if it was financially possible.

  86. Moving countries is literally not a viable option for most and extremely expensive. Big change is coming and it can be a good change if people work on it.

  87. I'm a manager at an engineering firm in Sweden. If you are an experienced embedded systems engineer (sw/hw), you are welcome to contact me.

  88. Yep . It is sometimes hard even for tourists . Some people in Services speak only limited english . I was on Canary Islands and in Lloret De mar and sometimes had trouble communicating with them.

  89. I’ve considered moving to Thailand or the Philippines. Not that they’re amazing countries, but the food is great, people are nice and the dollar goes far (for now)

  90. My father emigrated from Germany. I don't know if he ever renounced his citizenship (he was, I think, 8?), but I might be able to get citizenship for myself and my wife.

  91. This country gave me education and provided me with security and safety. It’s going to shit, but I won’t turn my back on it and I’ll fight to get this country back on track

  92. It's hilarious how everyone in the comments mulls the same group of 3 or 4 Nordic European countries as options to move, nevermind t he fact that none of these people likely speak the native language.

  93. Naw, they are not doing this to supplement the labour issue. They are doing this out of fear of 'white people' becomeing a minorty.

  94. Europe is not in a state to welkom lots of people at the moment. We have housing problems of ourselves right now. And lots of it

  95. I told my 3 daughters, that are in their 20's, to move to another country when Trump took office. The sooner they do it the sooner they are eligible for citizenship. Unfortunately, no one listens.

  96. Don't leave. We need you here. America has amazing potential. Stay, vote locally (fuck the President), and organize within your community.

  97. It’s a shame, but unfortunately “Amazon warehouse worker” is not a highly sought after demographic for most developed countries. They want scientists, engineers, and business folks with lots of money.

  98. I would move back to the Philippines with my husband but the new president is incoherent, dumb, and came from a family of murderers.

  99. I have lived and worked on three continents as an American adult without the military. My information might be a bit outdated, but please feel free to DM me if you have any questions.

  100. My wife and I just had our first child. I wish we could go somewhere, but it'd be hard to leave our families behind, let alone afford to immigrate.

  101. I work full time from home. Currently interviewing for a second job. I'm just trying to work and save as much money as I can to escape the horror that is renting right now.

  102. Those who hold the reigns have a very skewed view of reality. The mass who are affected don’t realize their power in numbers. Eventually, those two will cross

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