hoarding homes is part of my mental healthcare actually so you can’t be mad at me!

  1. I didn’t know Darth Sedious got into real estate? I thought he was more into trade, politics, banking, and murder.

  2. If she buys the last house available, she becomes the Houselander right? So she absorbs the power of all the other houses.

  3. This is too 10 most NYT things ever printed in the NYT. How the actual journalists don’t walk away en masse blows my mind. Wrapped up in a delusion that they’re doing this great public service and ‘holding power accountable’, give me a break.

  4. She sounds like an A+ grifter. Only a wealthy person could afford those prices so in a way I am not even mad at her just impressed. She is separating the wealthy from their money.

  5. Money cannot make you happy, but it sure as hell can alleviate a lot of the things that cause general suffering and misery in the first place.

  6. That adage is longer than the cut down version used by those with all the wealth to convince those with barely enough to just accept the boot on their neck.

  7. sorry checked w/ our big brains & for some reason it just can’t buy YOUR happiness, or anyone you know, or most people. that’s science 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. Nah thta means poor people should stop seeking for money and stay poor, but rich people just dont feel happy anymore with their lavash lives.

  9. “I get such an afterglow when I wake up at 11am and walk to my mailbox to pick up my profits I skimmed from someone else’s hard labor. Being in an advantageous position to get my name on multiple deeds/mortgages is so good for my health!”

  10. I will say this: I will NEVER say that a woman buying her first home, or investing in something at a low level, is a bad thing. I can actually see where after a rough break up or divorce of death in the family or similar, having your own space, having a home all your own, can be incredibly therapeutic.

  11. And it’s not self care - it’s just financial. I hate the way the concept of self care has become totally and completely divorced from what Audre Lorde said. She called it “an act of political warfare” and now people think it means getting a massage or, apparently, owning an apartment building.

  12. yeah, there are tons of people who are homeless or are trying to find a better place to live and people like this just go okay, time to buy up all the housing bc i had a bad day, yeah it dont work like that

  13. I'm kind of new here. Question: how are they sacrificing people? There's already an under-supply of houses. Without rentals, housing only becomes more unaffordable and out of reach as demand explodes (many rentals house more than one tenant), and upkeep on a house is expensive as it is. I know rent is really expensive in places like NYC, but I don't even want to imagine what prices would look like on houses if there were no rentals.

  14. I gave up on yoga and started renting out cockroach infested tenements to the poor for extortionate prices. Feel like a new man! I'm sleeping better, my skin is clearer, and I leap out of bed full of energy every morning. I am practically floating on air as I turn families out of their homes for late payment, and dump their filthy belongings on the street.

  15. My mental health would be better too if I had a shitload of real estate and passive income. Amazing how that works.

  16. started talking to this old guy on my block the other day & asked what he was up to & immediately launched into telling me he filed to evict a tenant after she’d been living there one week bc she was asking him to fix things. bottom of the barrel, no exceptions

  17. I know someone who is a landlord to commercial tenants (big company offices). The guy didn’t let the companies break their lease or pay less when covid hit and offices were empty. These companies office spaces are for like 500-1000+ people

  18. Journalism no longer being a working class profession had led to a wave of tone deaf elitism, especially from some of the most trusted outlets. I'll never read anything from NYT or the like unless I trust the specific journalist(s) who wrote it

  19. Oh, ok. Since it's just about owning the property, I bet they're renting them out at really reasonable rates to help people who are as vulnerable as they used to be. /s

  20. Wow, the folks over at NYT are really outdoing themselves with the liberal elite bullshit here lately. Couldn't convince me to pay a nickel to read that rag.

  21. 1 step forward, 2 steps back for the NYT. A few years ago, they were giving advice on renting out your 2nd home, then the following year, advice on renting out a spare bedroom.

  22. We should start mass squattings in cities. Just roll up and claim unowned houses, collectively use guns to defend our new homes. Landlords and cops can’t fight us all.

  23. I was a wreck after the divorce, but since acquiring a small slave plantation in central Africa I learned to channel my inner girlboss again

  24. Woman gets divorced, gets house, sells it for profits, uses it and alimony possibly child support to start buying houses and sell them.

  25. This is genuinely psychotic. Only a bourgeois shithole country as irredeemably fucked up as the US could produce this vile trash, and indeed it is just about the only thing we do produce anymore.

  26. The question I have is how does the teacher in my community who I know makes less then me afford to buy a house in this market?

  27. yeah they’re pushing the bubble like with NFTS & crypto. by the time the scheme reaches the plebs you know it’s about to burst

  28. So like...has the NYT just completely given up the facade of not being corpo propaganda? They pretty much always have been, but at least they could convincingly pass more often than not

  29. My ex's mother was a real estate investor. Maybe a better word would be slumlord. She hated her renters, always accused them of breaking things on purpose and called them vile names.

  30. That dragon hoarding the pile of gold was really sad for awhile. Now it's content after razing the country side. Why can't you be happy for it?

  31. 'Rich Karens and former trophy wives who contribute nothing to society find solace in monopolising precious resources that they don't need'

  32. Investing in real estate as self care: Get together with your friends, form a coop. Pool your money. Buy a piece of land. Build a house (or better yet, a triplex). Sell it to people needing housing (or rent-to-own). Rinse, repeat.

  33. If I had invest in real estate money trust me breakup self care wouldn't involve that headache. There's work to being a decent landlord. And if that's your only income, dumb bitch. You invested more than you can lose.

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