McDonald's worker quits after being asked to clean

  1. Until you work in a kitchen you have no idea how much cleaning goes on behind the scenes. I spent the day with a friend brewing beer and realized it all just comes down do boiling and cleaning, over and over.

  2. Yep. My friend describes beermaking as "Do you like to do dishes? I mean REALLY like to do dishes? How about washing even more dishes?"

  3. There is a podcast called ologies they had an episode with a guy who was a brew master. He said everyone is like ohh your job must be so cool. He said it's like 5% beer 95% cleaning and sterilization.

  4. The worst part is if you fuck up and won't clean everything properly, you can throw away your day of work..

  5. Cam confirm, I'm the microbiologist/junior brewer in a small brewery. Most of my week is spent cleaning. It gets old real fast. My friends think its such an amazing job.

  6. Done more then my fair share of pots and pans. Worst was the Chinese restaurant best was the army, except when it was pots and pans. No machine to wash them all by hand and the fucking NCO had no clue as to how to wash everything had to be three times hotter then it needed.

  7. The worst experience I have working grocery was when I had to spend 5 hours scrubbing cake pans from angel food cake. 2 of those hours were past the time I was scheduled to work. I wasn't even on the shift the cakes were baked on.

  8. Bro, I’ve worked in kitchens, I’ve been a dishwasher. I’ve washed dishes at McD before. I know how much work it is but that sink was nothing. That would take ten minutes max. The longest part would be filling the sinks after that gravy

  9. Yep, was a professional brewer for 5ish years. Brewing is something that happens in the background while you clean tanks and maintain/repair equipment.

  10. I did work as a cook and yes cleaning is almost half of what you do. But also, if your kitchen ever looks like the one in that video then you have fucked up.

  11. I worked in a deli my senior year of high school. I washed dishes non stop when I wasn't helping a customer. If I got backed up I would have mounds of dishes plus a cart or two with mounds of dishes on them. It's never something easy like a bowl, it was always the crusty baking sheets with 1000 year old burnt chicken on it. Cleaning sucks but it's super important in the food industry.

  12. The last restaurant I worked at wasn’t fast food, it was a semi-upscale seafood joint and I was the bar manager. But whenever we’d have a dish call-off I would volunteer. Boss would bring me beers and I’d throw the blue tooth on and fuckin jam in the dish pit all night. Loved it.

  13. Im 35. I worked a summer job when I wasn’t teaching at a restaurant with too many questionable practices to get into. Long story short, they cleaned house on staff and told me to bus the 75 tables between day and evening concerts and stay till 2am. We also had no one washing dishes, and I quickly ran out of space to load anything else. I walked out after seeing four of the new owners comfortably enjoying cocktails at the bar while the kitchen was buried under dishes.

  14. i worked at a mcd like 14 years ago and cleaning dishes / equip at the end of the day was more of a fun part for me.

  15. Yeah I used to do close shifts and this was the most chill part, only part that sucks is I was allergic to the gloves.

  16. im a dishwasher, whoever loaded that sink did not follow any standards surrounding it. that looks like 15 minutes of work if it were organized and if there was a proper dishmachine, but by hand it may as well be another hour, and another just to sanitize properly as each segment of the sink has a different use and the items dont seem to fit in the sink to submerge properly. not a single person job especially when untrained to do so in an environment not set to proper standards even for a professional to tidy up. using the wrong temperatures with the wrong solution may as well contaminate the entire batch from any foods or bacteria left from before washing and without proper training, standards, or prepped workplace, theres no way to know.

  17. Right? Like, I don't get it. For fast food or even a kitchen, that's not even a lot of dishes. Doing dishes sucks, but at the same time that's... Literally in most job descriptions for back of house. IF they said he had to stay late, was picking on him, or a million other reasons other than "That's a lot of dishes... I don't want to work". I assumed anti-work meant something other than this

  18. Right. I loved closing doing dishes, you just chill in the back and when it’s done it’s done. If I had podcasts to listen to back then it would have been amazing!

  19. I'm all for antiwork and stuff but I worked at restaurants. This is a normal amount of dishes to clean, it's even that much in my opinion. So what's going on?

  20. Dishes in a restruant should always be in cycle. That's a whiles worth of a bunch of stuff not being washed and sitting. So a Mgr like understaffed to not have proper dishwashing hoping to push that onto someone to save labor. That shit sits. Gets caked. It's backed up, and you work your job then told to do another person who isn't theirs job.. and for nothing wages.. yea if quit too.

  21. I worked at domino’s as a driver, pizza maker and asst. manager all at different stores. Everyone cleaned. Drivers who weren’t driving, did dishes. Kitchen staff cleaned as often as practical and than everything had to be cleaned for close and reset. Honestly, the dish load in this video looked normal to me; but maybe we only caught part of what he was expected to clean? Either way I am on the fence about this one.

  22. I didn't even recognize some of those items as dishes. But in a crowded kitchen with all of that unidentifiable junk crowding my work area, I'd probably hope that's not standard operating practice. I don't know how McD's works, but I do know that dishes at a sit-down restaurant work very differently than dishes at a pizza chain. I've done dishes at thoae places. Never a place like McD's- they had me on the register when I worked fast food.

  23. Anyone who has worked at a McD's will know that that is a LOT of piled up dishes to dump on someone to do all at one time. Any restaurant producing that many dishes is supposed to pull someone to keep on top of the dishes before it gets that bad because doing that many dishes at once is going to be putting a LOT of grease down the pipes and you're more likely to get clogged plumbing that will shut down the whole restaurant. The last time I worked at a McD's was 20 years ago and I still remember that shit.

  24. Who the hell did that? It's going to take an hour reorganizing and cleaning just to get to a point you can fill the sinks to start washing.

  25. Man I remember working at a five star restaurant as a dishwasher. Not once for my 8-10 hours did I stop scrubbing and cleaning. Most of the time I was alone on my shifts due to other washers calling out or whatnot. Even the servers who brought plates back would just end up throwing them in my sink splashing me constantly. Worst year of my life. Also I was only getting paid below minimum wage and they got mad when I had to work overtime to finish all their dirty ass dishes. Decided to show up one day and not do shit and protest so I would get fired. According to a friend they now pay their dishwashers much more and I like to take credit for that. Dishwashers are the BACKBONE to an establishment and it shocks me to find the lack or respect for them in the workplace.

  26. spot on. the entitlement in this sub is insane. used to be about unfair business practices & working conditions, now it's just teens complaining about having to work at all.

  27. Is it though? Is this sub better than this? The sub hit rock bottom quite some time ago and now its just wannabe dank memes, rage bait, and fake texts.

  28. Exactly, people think he’s complaining about basic work, yet would despise working $15 a hour or less washing those dishes

  29. There is nothing worse than coming in at 3pm to see that breakfast shift has done NO (0) dishes. Restaurant dishes get so nasty, and especially after they’ve been sitting there for hours.

  30. good for you sir. and to all your former coworkers: you will never get this time back, the only experience you are gaining is wageslave. do anything else at all with your time

  31. I asked an employee about that age to straighten up to store room, it’s wasn’t even very messy. It was like stack some boxes and throw away some empty fast food drink cups. He yelled “I am not a slave!” And stomped out the back door. About 2 weeks later he asked for his job back. “Uh, no.”

  32. When working for a restaurant parts company my manager told me to go through a dumpster full of parts. She expected the parts to be labeled and stocked the same day in addition to daily responsibilities. I asked, “How long did it take to fill this with all these parts?” Her response, “A few years.” I had been working there for 3 months and walked out that day. Idiots-clean your own mess.

  33. This doesn't belong here this is just some punk ass kid who doesn't want to do what he's asked. It's not like it was unfair or they were over working him. He just did it for lolz.

  34. I'm sorry but the "kid" is a worker being paid minimum wage or as close to it as possible by a business that makes billions in net profit every year, any way of fighting back is valid

  35. I don’t really get how this fits well in antiwork, really. I always take it that this sub is about treating workers with respect and promoting that there is more to life than work etc. but… someone has to do the cleaning up here.

  36. why? does this sub only apply to middle class people who wanna complain abt their job? Because when it comes to workers being treated with respect, fast food workers are treated like dirt and have a place here to advocate for themselves, even the dude in the video.

  37. I mean that's your job. So if you don't want to do it.... Quit. It's better than just complaining about it. Ideally you would find a better job before you quit but it is what it is

  38. should probably be more concerned about the lead poisoning generation considering they hold all of the institutional power...but sure! be worried about an entire generation because of a joke video!

  39. God anti-work has gone to shit. It’s not even about anti-work anymore it’s about people complaining about reasonable demands at work.

  40. My first job was at McDangerous. Equal parts cleaning and cooking. And in the 80’s most of it was stainless and aluminum trays, spatulas, the bins, various implements covered in grease and foodstuffs, etc. one of the worst jobs was doing dishes at the breakfast changeover. Hours of that shit, usually wearing what we called a “McRaincoat” out of trash bags. This kid’s a spoiled brat.

  41. nah whos spoiled is mcd corporation. this kid and you too should have something useful to spend your time on, mcd is good for noone at all except shareholders all of whom dgaf about anything except their own greed

  42. No absolutely. I'm 33 right now. I started a new job and I was hired along side an 18 year old. We were asked to do orientation and training about 30 minutes away. I decided to go with it. The 18 year old is still fighting it. To the point they had me train in my home branch and discovered the 18 year old was also in my branch where I was forced to share my computer because he refused to drive 30 mins for a training. (Which he was paid for the drive and time) It's entitlement. I understand corporations are getting pretty ridiculous about the expectations from people but throwing a fit cuz they asked you to clean (when that's in your fuckin job description and you CHOSE to work at a service job that requires it to begin with)

  43. What ever happened to hair nets? Meaning, they were prevalent for some reason everywhere, now you rarely see them on cooks, food handlers.

  44. I constantly came in to a disaster like this or (typically) worse than this every shift I had. I have no idea how it’s acceptable for a full shift of people not to wash a single dish, but it’s one person from the next shift that’s responsible for doing it.

  45. Darn kids with their tik-toks and youtubes, back in my day you would just ghost McDonald’s when you quit….like an adult

  46. Imagine your boss firing you and you yelling 'nuh uh you dont' and what, expecting them to just unfire you? Bitch got treated right.

  47. I got soo good and sharp with cleaning people just left me to save it could do that in ten minutes and have it all organised as fuck

  48. How could you even? There's probably no place to put that shit, and I'm not sure if any of it FITS in the sink. Those don't even look like dishes, tf?

  49. When I worked at McDonald’s in high school, washing dishes was part of your job duties for every employer there. I don’t know what this guy is complaining about.

  50. Yeah I lasted one night as a dishwasher... Degrading work and the chefs screaming at each other constantly was just depressing. Don't blame this dude at all.

  51. I was walking f home from work yesterday and two people were in the elevator. M the woman said "oh I would love to be a batista. You can ti just talk to people and make coffee all day! Unfortunately, I also want a salary ☹️"

  52. You know, this may be the wrong sub for this, but at face value that kids just kind of being an asshole. That’s like 20- 40 minutes of dishes at the tops. As far as the message that anti-work is trying to send, this is really exactly what the person on Fox news who interviewed that one MOD is trying to say about us.

  53. I agree with him. I worked at a place where I was supposed to have it my way for one 4 hour shift. We were supposed to close at 11 and I was still there at 130 with an 8 am class coming up. I took off my hat, shirt and apron and dumped that shit in the grease trap. The manager yelled that I was not going to get paid for the shift and I kept on walking back to my apartment. That was the only time I ever worked fast food.

  54. I used to wash dishes. At some point getting stuck with your coworkers left over dirty dishes gets to much for you. My manager was nice enough to tell me day 1 - The cooks clean the grease traps, you clean the dishes. Dont take that shit. Thanks Mike!

  55. I worked at McDonalds for 2 years. Thats nothing… And most likely, the shift-manager also get shit pay and if you walk out like this, you make it so much worse for your colleagues. If you’re gonna quit, finish your job and never come back. Dont let it go out on others.

  56. When did this sub get full of so many sanctimonious, work-loving boot lickers? Fuck off. Go start a pro-work sub and circle jerk yourselves in there if you love work so much

  57. I dunno man. I support unions and fair pay, but there is a certain amount of respect that needs to go both ways in an employer-employee relationship. I feel like much of this sub has devolved into whiny little bitches complaining they have to put in a little effort here and there.

  58. Fish shift is the best shift in the kitchen. Does not matter how busy it gets, how specific or huge the orders are, basically your own boss for a few hours.

  59. I worked at a subway and was asked the same thing. Funny thing was we had a “meeting” with all our employees where they said that if anyone has to do anothers job then the person who didnt do the job will be terminated.

  60. So he created a video where he just quits because he doesn’t want to do part of his job. I mean I wouldn’t want to either. But I also wouldn’t create a video of me quitting in such a fashion where a potential future employer could watch it and not hire me.

  61. This is just a disrespectful worker dude, I've cleaned 100x that amount of work in a kitchen before. Look, I know that shit can be stressful, especially if you're working for an actual kitchen and not some fast food shit that has you doing literally a fraction of the work load. This dude is just an ass for straight up saying he's quiting and walking out. You commited to a job, you should do that shit, and give your employers a few days heads up before you dump more work on them.

  62. I used to work in McDonald’s and this sight brought back flashbacks of when breakfast would finish and the dishes were piled up to all fuck, but they’d reuse some trays during the day as we were short and you’d have a manager shouting at you to clean what looks roughly the same as that sink within a tiny period of time.

  63. Cleaning is part of the job in fast food, I recall washing dishes at maccas, what does he think happens in kitchens

  64. Think thats a lot to clean? Try doing thanksgiving day washing dishes by hand at home from after breakfast till lunch. Get a couple hours chill then head off to a pizza place packed like it is the final 4 and walk into the dishwashing are where the previous shift the dishwasher called in. It was a complete WTF moment because the wait staff just piled the dishes without scrapping them. There was no dishwasher machine. It was all done by hand.

  65. That's too much for one guy. Get 3 or 4 people on it, that stuff will be ready in an hour then. Less time wasted cleaning, more time spent selling, more profit and you got 3 or 4 people who have money thereby allowing other businesses to start the Neverending buy/sell loop that is supposed to be our system.

  66. "More time spent selling" dude isn't selling cars where you have to convince someone to make a purchase. They are literally already there to buy food. Kid is probably on a 6-8 hour shift plenty of time to do something simple like dishes.

  67. Those large objects filling this guy's sink don't fit in the sink, nor do they even look like dishes. Also, if you've ever worked in a restaurant, you'd know that there likely isn't a lot of open and availbake space for the items to just be placed. If you'd worked in any kind of food industry job, you'd know that this poor kid on the bottom of the ladder has not been shown what the hell he was looking at. I sure have no idea what those items are. So no, it's not just one wave of dishes they put in his sink. Also, McD's doesn't have the extra employees to handle the kind of volume you're talking about even if it's just dishes.

  68. My advice would have been to not work at McDonald's to start if you don't want to be expected to do certain jobs. That also really wasn't that much at all. That being said- it's a super weak move to quit mid-shift and leave your coworkers fucked over with the work. I'm all about quitting if a boss is being a dick but this was just quitting for tiktok

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