My 1 month old might die but I have to work sadface! Gotta post this in LinkedIn for internet points.

  1. it’s the unachieved Scottsdale obligations that really get to you on your death bed. Or your child’s death bed apparently.

  2. I don't know why your comment reminded me of those. We had a project at work code named Phoenix. You know, because every project needs a stupid fucking name.

  3. Nor does someone activity going through a traumatic event stand up and tell everyone to keep their head up. This is just weird.

  4. Linkedin is even worse than facebook because atleast Facebook knows and acts like its a shithole while linkedin is all holier than thou while being a shithole

  5. Hate linked in, it’s so fake. And that is what is wrong with corp culture- it is all so fake. But they want to bring in more diversity and inclusion….. a fake diversity and inclusion- where you look different but you need to act the same as everyone always has

  6. The thing that gets me is that he's so close. He identifies that this problem would have been unbearably heart breaking for anyone who didn't have the privilege and money that he does. He basically accidentally concludes that this is a systemic problem with the way we have organized society.

  7. Being on linkedin is only beneficial to apply for jobs. Anyone influential I've ever personally met won't post anything on there. Of the crowd that does, I've only ever seen two genuine people. The rest is just that, a selfish shithole.

  8. Gotta ruin some peoples lives over pot so he can go home to his wife and children and sleep bett....oh wait.

  9. Shortly after getting to work one day, my manager told me I had a phone call. He hands me the phone and my then wife says there was a fire in the attic. I immediately asked if everyone was OK and she said they were all safe.

  10. Yep. I have a kid that was suddenly paralyzed in Jan 21. I barely remembered my job existed sent a group text and went to taking care of my kid. My husband worked that one day, for a reason I can't remember now but the rest of the next week and a half we were with her in the hospital 24 hrs/day. When something happens with her now I do the same thing. Skype message to 2 ppl and walk away. Family first.

  11. I always find it pathetic when a situation like this comes up and the man says something like "I need to get my work's permission". Seriously, if you don't have your own boundaries nobody will respect you and your time.

  12. I would feel sympathy if his family was broke and now dealing with a medical emergency and missing work could mean losing his job. I feel so sorry for those people because they have to work to keep their family afloat.

  13. The guy makes plenty of money to have decent health care for his kid. He just needs to tell his buddies he "feel appreciation" for the poors. If he actually had any concern then he'd either not have went or been on the first plane right back.

  14. look what I just found today. Ted Cruz's daughter's had a suicide attempt and Tred Cruz isn't going home... though in this case it's not because he has to work, it's because he has no feelings because he isn't human

  15. Exactly. Workers enable this bs. When my kid is sick I don't ask permission to drop work, I just inform them what I will/won't do

  16. My grandmother had a serious fall outdoors. A neighbour found her against her car with a dislocated shoulder. They phoned me (as her closest next-of-kin) just as I got into work. I said to my boss that my gran was on her way to hospital. He simply said 'do what you have to do'. I got straight back in my car and got there in half the time it usually took. I then spent the entire day with her in hospital. Didn't even think about work.

  17. Hell I did this when my dog became deathly ill out of no where and I got a phone call about it at 5am, day 1 of a new project 4 hours from home.

  18. This is 100% a brag post. Scottsdale is fancy. There is no commercial airport in Scottsdale. So either he flew to Phoenix or took a private plane to Scottsdale. Either way this dude is a complete fucking douchebag. That poor child of his.

  19. I got the exact same vibes. I’m from Phoenix and lived my whole life in the metro. I know for a fact dude wouldn’t mention the suburbs name twice if it was Avondale, Chandler, or really any other city outside of Scottsdale lmao.

  20. Scottsdale is wannabe fancy. The "city", if you can call it that, has no personality other than conspicuous consumption. The inhabitants all claim to hate LA and other big cities, but they try their hardest to try and be like them. They say other cities are fake, but this place is the fakest of them all. 30 thousandaires pretending to be multi-millionaires in Old Town. Plastic surgeries and fake tans galore in the women. Men who are in their 50s and 60s but dress like they're college frat bros.

  21. I’ve had a 2 month old hospitalized with RSV before. I would absolutely divorce my husband for not coming to support his family emotionally during that time, because it was gut wrenching and confusing and horrific. I hope his wife is ok.

  22. To be fair to Cory, he’s only known the kid for a month. You’ve known yours for two. At one month, you’d probably just let him/her roll out of the car in front of the ER without stopping.

  23. Same here my two M.O. couldn’t breath or eat on his own. It was a very scary 4-5 days. Thankfully he pulled through without suffering any long term effects (that we know of)

  24. Same, I'd immediately end my marriage if my husband chose his job over being with our family in a time of crisis. ESPECIALLY if we're clearly doing just fine financially and a week off would not cause long-term issues like this case.

  25. A quick look at LinkedIn shows that dude is a C-suite executive, a partner in a company, and a founder of another. This motherfucker would have been perfectly fine telling his associates that he's taking indefinite time off to watch his kid. What sort of monster goes off to do his sigma grindset job when he doesn't have to instead of being there for his sick kid?

  26. Based on what you are saying, it sounds like he is saying this is what it takes to be at his level. You have to sacrifice everything for success, even potentially not supporting your wife and kids during an emergency. No wonder these people get divorced multiple times and their kids only see them as a source of money. They purposefully build the structure.

  27. I’m gonna go out in a limb and say that he is absolutely over selling what he actually does for a living.

  28. I had a coworker who was asked this. I told him: we all know they don't pay you enough to have a stay at home wife.

  29. I worked for a company in the US that outsourced a lot to the Phillipines, and learned that fathers get 5 guaranteed days off for paternity leave. I had a conversation something like this:

  30. My Daughter was sent home from school at some point last year. She had the flu so it was nothing serious but she needed bed rest. My wife was at work too and the school just happened to contact me first.

  31. What I would give to have someone say that to me so I can reply “do you think you pay me enough to have a stay at home wife?”

  32. Considering the job more important than family is not someone you want to work for. My son was on an aircraft carrier on the far side of the world when word reached him that his little brother was dying in a hospital. The U.S. Navy had him home within 24 hours.

  33. My husband was deployed to a place with a lot of sand. Our then 9 month old needed surgery. His commander moved heaven and earth to get him home, partly bc a stressed out person is dangerous because they are not at 100%. So grateful for actual leadership. This guy sets a toxic precedent for everyone on his staff.

  34. The guy in the post is probably the same one to say “We are a family here.” and this is how he treats his family.

  35. Totally agree, it's his staff who'll be worried about whether they can take time off. Hate the whole 'well I've done it before, I worked' mentality. If someone says to me in my work something like that, my response is 'go home!' - you get the best from people when you treat them as human beings. Your husbands commander sounds like a good dude.

  36. This is like a humble brag but darker and like pity mining but he's not looking for pity. He's looking for praise that he chose work over a very sick child. He's not the only one either - we need a name for this. Hustle bragging?

  37. You're right, he's not looking for pity, he's looking for admiration. There's too many people like him who think they should be placed on a pedestal for prioritizing their career and wallets over their own family.

  38. "My child is dying, and while that makes me emotional, it doesn't make me as emotional as losing shareholder value at CrapMart. My family hasn't seen me in years and my wife cheats on me, but at least I can sleep soundly at night knowing I'm making other people rich at the expense of my finite existence. Please clap." - That dude on LinkedIn.

  39. Hey, he's doing the very important work of... Checks notes... oh drug testing people yeah that definitely couldn't wait a day

  40. How about being an "amazing support system" to your wife and sick baby by being at the hospital with them? This douchebag thinks making money off drug tests is more important than potentially seeing his son alive for the last time or being a good partner to his wife who is dealing with a scary situation alone.

  41. In the mid 1990’s, my son was diagnosed with leukemia. I quit my job and spent 3 years running him to the hospital three to five times a week for chemo and occasionally, running him to the emergency room when he came down with life threatening infections. He pulled though and has been cancer free for the last 27 years. When I went back into the work force, it became an excuse to lower job offers compensation by as much as twenty percent. “You are a perfect fit for the position, but due to the three year gap in your work history, we are going to lower the compensation from$75k to $60k.”

  42. He also called himself a working parent. Sorry dude, but at that point you're not a parent. You're just working.

  43. I know, right?..."keep going"....go fuck yourself. By saying "keep going" he's telling the wage slaves to "keep working, and ignore your family, as difficult as it may seem." LinkedIn really is a fucking cesspool of corporate propaganda.

  44. i would simply divorce him if this was my husband, lmao obligations to your job but not your wife you made vows with or the child you created, gotcha

  45. Locks would be changed and his shit would be in garbage bags on the lawn when he got home. Go sleep in your office since it's more important than your family.

  46. And the shittiest part is, only one person kinda called him out. Like they did it in a professional way, whereas I would have absolutely ripped him a new one.

  47. Cory, you’re the worst kind of parent. Delusional, self idolising, selfish, greedy, and clearly don’t love your child anywhere near as much as you should.

  48. That was the worst part to me. Oh, I'm privileged enough not to have to worry about my children because someone will take care of it, but for the people that don't? Lol figure it out I guess

  49. Go be with your kid. Fuck that job. Fuck that task. I’m telling you man.. no amount of money is worth not being there.

  50. Ha, I went to elementary school with him (mbrook elem). He bullied me and tons of other kids for years. He's a dick.

  51. This is absolute madness. How is your job more important than being with your family when your kid is very ill?

  52. I was hoping that this was one of those satirical posts, but who would joke about such a thing? I hope the LinkedIn community treated this appalling post with the contempt it deserves. That poor baby, and he's worrying about work? 😠

  53. He drug tests people. He has an essentially useless job and that is what he considers more important than his one month old. Sounds like he’ll make an amazing father.

  54. Even without RSV and emergency medical care… “one month old” means the MFer should still be on paternity leave.

  55. A long time ago my son broke his arm and dislocated his shoulder. He was being prepped for surgery to put him to sleep so they could put the shoulder back into place and cast the arm. (He was like 3)

  56. What a way to tell everyone you are a shit father 😳. If you were in hospital, do you think your employer would hesitate to replace you?

  57. “For those in similar situations who just don’t have the same amazing support system that I have which I just described in detail and makes it much easier and more comfortable for ME to keep going…keep going.”

  58. As I get older, I see just how convenient "work" can be used as an excuse for everything, especially when evading your responsibilities with your family. Don't want to go that funeral where you have to meet someone you don't want to see? Say I have work. Hate to send your kids to the hospital? Say I have really important work. Want to distract yourself from the problem at home? Work.

  59. His kids now understand that their father won’t take the time away to be by their side at their lowest moments. They won’t be there for him when he needs the same support

  60. This guy has a wife and children just to show off, for societal appearances. Having that situation makes him feel successful. Taking advantage of his wife gives him extra little twinges to fuel his fragile ego. Like...some narcissists are so damn obvious.

  61. Frankly the dude jumped on a plane, probably unmasked, and the last place he should be is in a children's hospital when he's now a germ factory.

  62. Dude, forget that. If someone in my immediate family is in the hospital, I'm headed there asap. Providing doesnt mean shit if you cant be there when the times are tough.

  63. "Man, I'm glad that I got these drug tests done instead of being with my dying son". -Soon to be divorced guy.

  64. I pity single mothers who knew they couldn't afford another baby but were forced to have one because of our recently antiquated abortion laws!✌️😕

  65. This guy is some sort of sociopath. I would not be able to work while my baby was in the hospital.

  66. 90% of the time the “business” in Scottsdale is golf. There are no big businesses in Scottsdale. Mostly small to some mid cap companies with a bunch of boiler room call centers and mortgage scams.

  67. In his defence, that kid has generated literally zero value for the company, he hasn’t made a single contact since the day he was born, it’s honestly starting to feel like he doesn’t value his position within the organization, or respect the investment the company has made in his success.

  68. This kind of shit make me want to be active on LinkedIn just so I can call people out like this and tell them they are a piece of shit. Never got into it because my industry doesn't use it.

  69. This is him sitting up the scenario to tell an employee of his sometime down the line that "My kid was dying and I still went into work.". Sociopath.

  70. “Has anyone seen Cory?” ‘Yeah, the FedEx truck backed over him in the parking lot a couple days ago, I’m gonna call 911 here as soon as I finish collating these quarterlies’

  71. "Drug tests done better" - wow, he abandoned his family for the pressing, pressing obligation of testing people for drugs in the workplace.

  72. The worst part is that Covid taught us there are very few reasons he needed to travel for work. He should be at the hospital and if needed he can complete his business via his smart phone or even a laptop.

  73. Had the same thing happen last winter. Dropped what I was doing at work and went and met my wife at the hospital. This guy is a terrible parent and should be ashamed of himself

  74. I’ve literally had a boss tell me your work is more important than your family. After hearing that I stopped caring about the work completely.

  75. I was at work once and received news that my entire family had been murdered. I’m so grateful for our first responders who were able to handle the situation without me while I reorganized some of files in my office. Some people call me a hero, but honestly I’m just an average guy that loves his job!

  76. When my father needed open heart, I didn't stick around. Had I died they would need to figure it out. Staying at work isn't noble. If his son died they probably would have him work the day of the funeral.

  77. "I've got to be in Scottsdale to demo a new way to fuck over your employees who like to party on the weekends."

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