[HIRING] looking for someone to do a sketch of a weird looking monster/demon inspired by the goetia demons and 1600’s witchcraft art. My budget is $50-$60USD please feel free to comment or DM me with any questions

  1. Hi there! I’m interested in your project, I think that I could put my own twist on this and the result could be interesting,here’s a link to my portfolio:

  2. Omg, so beautiful! I would love to work with you!! Im working with an comic and if you're interested, I would love to show you! (I can't post it in my Portifolio yet! And I think you would like the style! So I could show you by email or even discord!) Portifolio:

  3. Hi! I'm fatti, I thought you might be interested in my art style My style ranges from 2dstylized to semi realistic.    here's my portfolio

  4. Hello there! I'm interested in working with you. Back in the days I worked a lot as a tattoo artist and tattoo assistant doing the artworks to be transfered, and a lot of that artworks were witch-craft related and that gothic illustration style. So I'm sure I can do this artwork for you.

  5. Hi! I’m Yumi and I’d love to work on your idea. I hope my style suits your commission, but I can adapt to any style too!

  6. Hi Im Hengary, i will love to help you with your project, here is my portfolio also my instagram if you want to see more of my work, Dm me n.n

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