What’s your opinion about the Rittenhouse verdict?

  1. "I didn't watch all the videos that were freely available all over the internet on day 1, but still decided to form strong opinions on it"

  2. The last paragraph is irrelevant, if I shot two random people and happened to hit a burglar and a pedo that wouldn't excuse me of murder

  3. Love this comment. To me it sounds like you were originally against him but provided the evidence and proof you updated your beliefs I may be perceiving this wrong of course. But this is what the world needs more of.

  4. But the thing is. You didnt know they had criminal records.. and neither did he. Hes not judge dredd. Not his job.

  5. It’s not on the media. It’s on each person to do their due diligence. But no one seeks any further than what’s trending on TikTok or Twitter. It’s popular to ride the wave of ignorant hot takes & so much easier to scream “rAcIsM” than it is to question the narrative, which in of itself is already considered racist. With so many people espousing the same opinion, how could you be wrong? Society will eat itself & that’s what the media wants.

  6. So Rittenhouse himself testified that Rosenbaum never actually touched him that night, so I would love to see wherw you got it that Rosenbaum knocked him down and kicked him. Also, no where during the trial did I see anything about Rittenhouse actually putting out any fires. Though it is possible I missed that bit of testimony/evidence. Please share a link to said testimony/evidence if I did miss that. Grosskreutz was also not a felon, he had been charged with a felony at one point, but it had been expunged by the time of the shooting in queation. There was a massive police force active in Kenosha that night, Rittenhouse himself testified that police had blocked his and others paths on certain roads leading to the properties he was alegedly defending, so I am not really sure where you are getting the police where told to stand down bit from?

  7. I think there are way too many people with a strong opinion that didn't bother watching any part of the actual trial.

  8. Honestly, everything one needed to know was available within the first week of the incident. Youtube, for instance, had several good analyses that examined the available video evidence. Anyone who wasn't aware that Rittenhouse had clearly acted in self defence needs to start seeking out these types of independent media sources.

  9. Watched the entire trial. The defense had nothing because it was cut and dry self defense. The media and celebrity painting Kyle as a white supremacist when they created this mess is ironic. The only reason that there was a riot to begin with was the reporting of an unarmed black man being shot by police during the George Floyd pain when the man was indeed armed and sexually assaulted his baby momma in front of their child. Not saying he deserved it but anybody who is holding a knife in front of police should probably re think their actions.

  10. I’ve been saying this a million times some will say it was self defense I was like ehh the court case was pretty black and white . There like eh I didn’t watch it . Like bruh what 😂

  11. Imagine a liberal admitting they're wrong about something. It's always something like "I wEnT tO cOlLeGe sO iM sMaRtEr tHaN yOu".

  12. So to simplify it. A black man was shot 7 times in the back by police and a giant BLM riot took place. Business owners got together with guns to defend burnt down buildings. Police led the protesters down near the armed men and a 17 year old boy got jumped twice and had a gun pulled on him. He shot 2 people and injured 1.

  13. I watched the whole trial from beginning to end(in quarantine because of COVID) and it's self defense, point blank period. Anyone who says otherwise has an IQ that is the same as their shoe size. Stop spreading disinformation. There's no racism involved in this case. There's no bias. Stop, it's literally a trial to determine if he was defending himself, he was. That's it, there's nothing to argue about.

  14. Hilarious thing is he was protecting a gas station owned by a couple of brown guys and shot three white guys doing it, but is apparently a white supremacist because people paid zero attention to the facts of the trial and have made him the object they want him to be instead.

  15. Um, serious question here, and please excuse my ignorance, but how does this have anything to do with racism? Weren't all the parties involved white?

  16. Even though Rittenhouse made a bad decision to be present at those riots, he was fully in his right to defend himself. If multiple people attack you with skateboards and a gun, are you suppose to just accept the risk they will kill you? It was him or them. Attacking someone with a gun is also a bad idea by the way. See a gun, move in opposite direction.

  17. I would go so far as to say him being there was entirely warranted. You have to keep in mind that the entire city was being torched the past 2 days, and that the police were not able to stop any of it. In extreme situations like that, I believe that an armed militia protecting people's livelihood as a last resort is acceptable.

  18. Watching the video of what happened. It was self defense. I agree that he shouldn't had a gun there. But there shouldn't have been any rioting and looting.

  19. Isn’t this like saying the rape victim shouldn’t have been dressed that way? He had every right to have that gun.

  20. Don't self-defence cases usually go to trial? I thought all killings went to trial, and that was the process by which one could be deemed lawful on grounds of self defence.

  21. I'm glad he was found not guilty. It was a clear case of self-defense and shouldn't have been brought to trial in the first place.

  22. These are exactly my sentiments, the only thing I'll add is how messed up the media (and even our standing president was) at convicting him before he even stood trial. It was such a play on politics and taking advantage of a narrative. The media has no right to cherry pick facts before they are presented in a court of law. If they did it equally to Maxwell I might think differently but its just crickets over there.. Makes you wonder who is funding them..

  23. Disagree pretty hard that it should have never gone to trial. Any time you murder someone it should be scrutinized. I also agree with the verdict.

  24. No matter how many times I have heard of him, I still damn near know nothing about what he did. He shot someone? Right? Why? When and where? (I will not search it up tbh)

  25. So to simplify it. A black man was shot 7 times in the back by police and a giant BLM riot took place. Business owners got together with guns to defend burnt down buildings. Police led the protesters down near the armed men and a 17 year old boy got jumped twice and had a gun pulled on him. He shot 2 people and injured

  26. My opinion doesn’t matter. The media comments don’t matter. 12 jurors took their roles seriously and unanimously found him not guilty.

  27. I agree but on the other side of the argument he is 17 years old with a fucking assault rifle and doesn’t even live there. It’s hard to say who’s fault it is. It’s not my place to debate about this though. I’m pretty uninformed and I’m gathering resources. My opinion might change though.

  28. Self defense all the way! I watched the entire trial! They should have never put this kid through all this! all the media retorts, Lm i seriously though he was guilty. I decided to Watch the whole trail and was honestly surprised that the media made him out to be the exact opposite of his real character! #suethemedia!⁷

  29. I’m just frustrated that people go to the extreme in either direction. It’s really not that hard to research and fact check before making your stance. And that goes for any issue, honestly.

  30. (from an unbiased & objective perspective) having such a case be monumental with great magnitude & controversy, I believe that the court of Justice followed through solely by the influence of the laws of the Consitution. the court remain professional, unbiased & ethical during the entire judicial process. they went through due process of law. society has such a humongous effect & influence to how people behave, talk, interact, etc individually & to others. so to have the court follow under the influence by the U.S Constitution, I believe that the Judicial system is effective in bringing justice and fairness, however it can always be improved.

  31. You know the saying "don't hate the player hate the game"? Well this is a similar situation. Anyone who says it was the wrong verdict doesn't understand the justice system.

  32. Everyone was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kyle didn't need to be there. There didn't need to be rioting. The victims didn't need to assault him. Overall it's a shit pickle and Americans are even more divided.

  33. As much as I hate to say it, it was the correct verdict. Gotta admit, I’m eating some crow here. But what do you expect when the media pushes a narrative without all the facts. I’ll never trust the mainstream media again. (My faith in them has been faltering for a long, long time, but this completely crumbled it.)

  34. I'm so mad they used the Fact that Rosenbaum was Bipolar. It's full of sh.. , I'm Bipolar, it's not dangerous for others just for ourselves. Maybe he had others mental disorders but saying it was because of Bipolar... hell no ! Don't get me wrong the dude was awful, but I hate the way they portrayed Bipolar during the trial.

  35. Great post. I kinda feel the same. Americas crazy laws means he didn’t really break any law, regardless of him being a horrible person who was happy to kill those people.

  36. Totally happy with it. As someone that carry’s daily, I was a little concerned about the outcome as to me, this was utterly self defense

  37. He was innocent and i’m glad he got off. It’s stupid to even argue whether he was innocent or not when it’s obvious. Anyone who thinks he was guilty is delusional.

  38. Frankly, I think it's a very dangerous verdict. More people, on all sides, will bring guns to protests. Most of them will be unqualified and violent incidents will increase, and more people will die.

  39. So he should be convicted because of what might happen in future riots. I say riots because what happened in kenosha was NOT a protest despite what people like you say. Regardless that is a stupid way to run a legal system. Kid was stupid, no argument. He was also not guilty of the gaffes brought, not even close.

  40. Although I believe it was self defense and he was within his rights to carry, I agree with your take. This was an extremely tough spot as Kenosha was basically a war zone, and this whole thing felt like an episode or JAG or something out of a military trial movie.

  41. This has been my feeling exactly. Pro gun people tote this as a win for freedom, but all this does is promote more people to bring their guns places for “protection”, which means more deadly incidents, which will eventually lead to less gun rights.

  42. I’m going to bite my tongue personally; but can we all agree, whether you think it was defence or not - it’s a good thing Joseph Rosenbaum is dead? Dude was a pedophile and a child sex offender.

  43. It doesn’t matter where you are. If somebody is trying to kill you or potentially kill you then you defend yourself by all means necessary. It was 100% self defense and he only shot at assailants. I don’t understand how you can be a victim when you are the aggressor.

  44. he was well within his right to be there, only shot to defend himself, and turned himself in immediately afterwards. i say good on him, he deserves to walk free and i hope he stays safe.

  45. I have watched some of the clips of the shootings. The shootings, in my opinion, were genuine self-defense. The kid ran away from the guy when he heard shots behind him so he thought he was being shot at. This he reacted in self defense. Next he was chased again by a group yelling"get him" and physically attacked. One guy had a pistol in his hand when advancing on the kid while he is on the ground. He tried to turn himself in immediately and did turn himself in the next morning.

  46. Opinion? It's an open and shut case. There's a load of video evidence that shows quite clearly that kid was acting completely within confines of the law. Inb4 "he crossed STATE LINES with AR15!!1":

  47. I'm happy about the verdict. It speaks volumes for gun rights and self defense and still protected. I'm also happy it punched left-wing conspiracy theory driven riots in the gut in front of the whole nation to see. That part was most satisfying.

  48. He was just defending his dads store from looters. One guy pulled a gun on him, he got shot, another gave him death threats he got shot and another charged him he got shot. Self defense. End of story

  49. They got it right. His father lives there. He can legally possess the gun. He did not cross state lines with a gun. He was already in Kenosha visiting his father. He didn't instigate anything. He was attempting to protect a business. He was on camera putting out a fire, and cleaning graffiti from a wall. He was attacked first.

  50. First off he killed a pedophile and morons are acting like that is soooo terrible. Secondly, it was self defense plain and simple.

  51. My opinion is it shows not a poor legal system, but how bad the American people are. It's shown how much American's are at each other's throats, falling against the true enemy of the people; the government. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but power corrupts.

  52. Verdict aside, it's evidently a damning view into the state of America in the 21st century. I struggle to think of any other economically developed country where armed militias are so common place.

  53. I don’t know. I didn’t follow the trial too closely and it seems like these things are often decided on very technical legal matters.

  54. When the law starts making exceptions based on people’s opinions you may as well forget about rights. This trial wasn’t about YOU but someday you may very well be sitting at trial for something just as questionable, knowing you made the right call, and hoping humanity saw it from your respective. Lighten the fuck up and understand the world we live in, Kyle is innocent and this all should go to show why you don’t go starting violence and not expect it in return. Y’all know we’re human right? What could you possibly expect from this dumbass species??

  55. From what I read, it was self defense, and even if the second two people thought he was an active shooter it wasn't their place to attempt to stop him, that was a job for the police. It was far too dangerous of a situation for a kid armed with only a skateboard and the second guy shouldn't have drawn the pistol if he wasn't going to fire it. As for the first guy, sounds like he attacked first, even if it was only with a plastic bag, and Rittenhouse tried to get away before firing.

  56. He acted in self defense. the dude was approached by a group of dudes who, multiple times before hand, had threatened to kill him. He went through so much shit and was destroyed by the media. Granted if he could have gotten out of the situation without doing so that would have been better, but it was still self defense.

  57. He was attacked. Those who chased him and assaulted him got shot by an AR-15 which he can legally carry in public areas. He did literally nothing illegal. Pretty clearly self defense.

  58. Probably self defense based on what happened in that moment but it is painful and frustrating because this kid made a series of awful decisions to put himself in that situation and on some level he bears a lot of the responsibility for what happened, so it feels like it warrants some kind of punishment

  59. The media is horrible at reporting and made large sums of people believe this person was a muderer rather than defending himself. The story should've been on how cops didn't detain him for questions and for his own safety.

  60. I think the verdict is fair. I do not judge anyone who thinks otherwise, but I do think they should watch the entire trial before coming to a conclusion.

  61. A bunch of people tried to kill each other, one guy did, I don’t care who’s who, we have too many guns in this country.

  62. I'm sorry people are dead. That is all. Well except for the dude who molested/anal raped 5 little boys (if that's even true, idk saw a comment here). Protests and riots seems to go together often in history which I think is sad, but that only tells me that the protests don't really accomplish much until it turns to riots. So the system is broken since that is what it takes to make real change and I wish the masses would really ADHD GIGA focus on this more. Rittenhouse as far as I care to look into it probably wanted to shoot some fools, like in general, and was smart enough to mask it the way he did. Dudes prolly a psyco. But that being said he did get charged at by people who, if they caught him, most likely would have caused him great bodily harm. This specific scenario was self defense, but the fact remains he should have kept his ass at home, in his own state... like arnt there cases where some crazy people cross entire states or the whole country just to kill someone over a video game and stuff like that? Crazy people are crazy.

  63. I’d like to preface this by saying that I also decided it was a good idea to bring my AR to local businesses to “protect” them after riots in nearby larger cities. I’ve since drastically changed my way of thinking (still very pro 2A, constitution, natural rights etc.) and kind of have a view of both sides of the coin which I feel is rare. Feel free to ask questions if you’d like, I’m not sure my position in the debate is very widely represented.

  64. Kid was a dumb ass for bringing the gun. Good on him for being there to help his community but he went too far with the gun. That being said, everything he did was defined by written law, legal. He did end up acting in self defense and was legally justified in doing so, but he was a dumbass to run off by himself with a fully loaded AR.

  65. A man is still a man no matter what crimes he commits. It doesn't matter that the people he killed were criminals or convicts. Kyle wasn't acting as jury and executioner so this doesn't add anything to the debate. And if he was he would be in the wrong. I didn't follow the trials, and I dont really have an opinion. Just thought I'd drop this here since so many people are using this as a talking point.

  66. I think he’s a scumbag, he went there to cause trouble & to fan the flames in a situation that was already incredibly volatile but realistically he was always going to walk.

  67. I mean if you’ve seen the video the dude had like a whole crowd chasing after him. If they just left him alone he wouldn’t of shot any of them. You could literally hear one guy say “get his ass”. If you watch closely after he shot one of the assaulters he stopped shooting so people could back off. Unfortunately one idiot decided that going back to hit him was a good idea and he got shot. I mean what did the guy expect. Leftists are just gobbling up fake news that all claim that he was conducting “vigilantism” which is completely false as shown in the video where he only attacked in an act of self defense. The evidence is right in front of your eyes. One absurd narrative that the left is perpetuating is that rittenhouse was a white supremacist for shooting people who weren’t even black. I don’t think I have to explain why this is fucking stupid. If he were to actually be found guilty I would be fucking scared. It would signal that the law of self defense is no longer fair or reliable. The drama shouldn’t really be this big but thanks to the lies of the woke media it is. Edit: forgot to mention how crazy it is now that rapists and assaulters such as Jacob Blake who tried to stab a police officer in the back are now labeled as “heros” just because they are black and got shot by a police officer who was trying to defend themselves.

  68. This was a convergence of four individuals doing the wrong things, the wrong way, with questionable intentions. And bad shit happened. Two of the individuals paid with their lives, one was wounded, and one walks away without, most likely, learning a damned thing.

  69. I don’t really think that is relevant. If he isn’t guilty it should be because he was seen innocent in the eyes of the law. It sets a bad precedent when we start to pick and choose which kind of victim are okay to kill and which aren’t.

  70. Everyone’s allowed to smear the character of those he shot. But it wasn’t admissible in court to bring up the character of Kyle, who weeks after the events was serenaded by and taking pics with Proud Boys.

  71. The judge was biased. The prosecution was seriously terrible. The defense was lucky with such a bad prosecutor, because they were a bunch of morons too.

  72. The judge was completely biased. It’s blatantly obvious in the court pictures of him sitting with Rittenhouse behind me without handcuffs. Tell me how often does that happen?

  73. He was properly acquitted. Shame on the media for slandering the situation. This kid is gonna have to deal with so much more just because of them

  74. I think Rittenhouse wasn't in the wrong and was out there for good reasons. I think he was heroic for what he was doing but also it was unsafe and foolish to an extent. I feel people are upset because he is seen or with the proud boys. But, that's not an excuse to charge someone of a crime.

  75. They charged him with the wrong things. There’s no way someone can take two lives in the circumstances he did and serve absolutely no time.

  76. Seeing how America functions, as a white middle aged male in England I’m certain that if he wasn’t white he would be either dead at the scene or convicted for murder.

  77. People have to be careful what they wish for. All the people applauding this decision may have a very rude awakening when a few dozen imbalanced individuals see this as open season and create a much worse situation than you can imagine or afford.

  78. Exactly, what's the message this sends to some of the crazies out there? That if you're white you can take your gun wherever and shoot whoever without repercussion?

  79. The liberals immediately jumped towards race and ethnic injustice. It was clear cut self defense between one white male and three white males. The three white males having a whole laundry list of prior convictions on their record including pedophilia and rape. I'm honestly starting to feel like the democrats have gone completely insane...

  80. Self Defense. He tried to get away and was chased. People who are protesting about the verdict are obviously out of touch with reality. Also, I hope he sues certain NEWS outlets who are slandering his name and the facts.

  81. Well he killed a child molester and a a women beater, and hurt a convicted felon, (which isn’t supposed to have a gun and did) so I think the kid did a good job getting rid of bad people.

  82. Here goes nothing: He was stupid and out of line for going there to protect property. He is a child. No business owner should accept unpaid hazardous labor from a teenager.

  83. You cant make those accusations without proof. Name the case and why is it directly comparable. If you cannot do that you are purely spreading misinformation.

  84. Unpopular opinion, this sends a bad message. He illegally owned a gun without license or proper training, got a hyped up, went to another state armed. He had no idea what he was doing, this was irresponsible gun ownership. He shot once in self defense reasonably, and rather than put down the gun, he ran off into the crowd. The next two people acted appropriately, they saw him as a live shooter and attacked.

  85. It makes me wonder how many more people we'll see carrying rifles into protests, looking for the opportunity to kill in self defense.

  86. In my opinion, the fact remains a 17 year old brought a gun out in public and killed two and wounded one with no consequences. Kinda like going to a gym and strapping on boxing gloves and getting into the ring and getting mad if someone decides to box you.

  87. The first dead pedophile was recorded planning to STEAL HIS WEAPON AFTER KILLING HIM and you people ignore it like a homeless person asking for change when you KNOW he hears your keys jingling.

  88. I agree. He’s 17 years old, has an assault rifle and doesn’t even live in the town. But in the other side it was self defense. One of them tried to jump him, another tried to attack him with a skateboard and when he tripped they jumped him again. I feel like everyone is an dumbass here

  89. He wasn't a vigilante, he was putting out fires and rendering aid. He never crossed state lines with the rifle which was NOT and assault rifle (only mentioned that because I keep seeing that in this thread), he was within his rights to carry the rifle, and unfortunately some chuds assaulted him and found out that actions have consequences, sometimes immediately, not everyone allows themselves to be a victim.

  90. I trust our laws and court system. Though not perfect, a jury of peers decided it was self defense. This does not solve the political problem that dozens of Americans die every year in mass shootings, mostly with guns purchased legally. People have different opinions about 2nd amendment interpretation. For me, personally, a well regulated militia was already present at the request of the Gov Evers, the National Guard. Aside that the courts decided that Rittenhouse legally acted in self defense against a person that threw a plastic bag at him (Don’t get that one), I feel that his possession of that gun does not constitute “well regulated“ participation in the legitimate militia present. That’s a political issue we’ve got to figure out soon before the guns get more deadly, people get more racist, politically motivated, mentally unstable and more people die. Just my opinion.

  91. I dont get the issue with a "white male" getting "off". First of all Kyle Rittenhouse is hispanic on his fathers side making him nonwhite. The men he shot were white so this has no racial motivation. It was clear by the video evidence and testimony of the prosecutions own witness countering statements made during testimony that this was clearly self defense. It was our 2nd amendment rights on trial not Mr.Rittenhouse and Im relieved at a fair and just verdict for this boy. Even 10 years ago this never would have seen a court room. It was politically motivated. Its a damn shame.

  92. Everyone has the right to defend himself. He shouldn’t have been in this situation to begin with. Rioting / protesting is pointless waste of time and it doesn’t change anything. Sorry maybe in Europe but not in America. The case was fucked up by the prosecutor and the judge. Cops are far to kill friendly of the population , especially with people of color. This basically proves white privilege exists because if he was black he would be guilty .

  93. In all honesty it just showed how far people can go and still get away with it, he was a 17 year old with a gun defending property that wasn’t his against violence. Just sounds like a vigilante to me, and he got to walk free for it so oh well. People should really be talking about that 20 year old that plead guilty to raping 4 girls and is doing no jail time for it, THATS a case people should have an opinion on.

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