Who in the entertainment world do you believe is a terrible person?

  1. My uncle was on that base when they were filming Top Gun. Tom Cruise was such a dick that when he went up in the jets for research they purposefully tried to make him throw up.

  2. They wanted Tony Scott to direct top gun 2, he hadn't particularly wanted to do the first one. Anyway, couple days after scouting locations with Tom Cruise, he very publicly committed suicide. He left 2 suicide notes but no one will say what's in them.

  3. I met OJ in an airport. (post murders)...One of the nicest celebrities I have ever met. No BS. He more than likely murdered a couple people but he couldn't have been nicer to me.Didn't stab me or anything...I have come across far bigger celebrity jerks than Juice.

  4. I think the new Broncos look pretty cool, but I would only get a white one. I wonder if he gets triggered by white broncos.

  5. You mean the people who claim to support a living wage while at the same time advertising for someone to work their unpaid internship that involved picking up their dry cleaning and other duties?

  6. yoooo I shot an interview with him once for a show (I’ve shot TV for 13 years and have interviewed tons of celebrities). he didn’t make eye contact with anyone. it was so weird, the most impersonal interview I’ve ever done. BIG sign that his shit is just a front. made everyone feel like we were staff immediately. and he was by far not the biggest name featured in the series.

  7. I met James in LA for a Makeup by Mario seminar in 2018 I believe. He was a dick, his friends were worse. They were pointing and laughing at us because we were so excited to see James and wanted to take pics. James looked annoyed as fuck & ignored us all. Then after that during the break (it was an all day thing) he had security escort him to the back so no one could ask for pics, mind you Anastasia BH had a line of people at her seat & she was smiling hugging and greeting everyone taking pics

  8. I’m still not entirely sure who these guys are and up until I read your post I thought they were the same person. I can honestly say I couldn’t possibly give less of a shit about them.

  9. I feel like Logan has grown up a lot since the whole suicide forest incident. It really seems like he learned from the whole thing. He has a podcast now. Fuck Jake though.

  10. Logan has redeemed himself in my eyes, just seems like a genuine nice dude who's definitely made some mistakes, but fuck Jake that guy sucks balls

  11. Yes!! I STILL can’t get over how she, a GROWN WOMAN, felt justified at the time to tell a TEEN to kill herself/die. And the fact that she NEVER addressed it until Courtney showed the screenshots. Those screenshots made my blood run cold, and after that I could never see her the same again. Like, how DARE you?!

  12. Why is it that when people become famous, like they could do anything they want with all the money they got, but they wake up one day and decide "I know what I wanna do today, let's start a trafficking ring" or something along those lines.

  13. The issue with that is you have to check where they flew to. It seems everyone thinks that jet only went from where it was to pedo island and back again Thats not the case at all. It flew different famous and infamous people all over the country having nothing to do with pedo island at all.

  14. He also drives like an A-Hole. He would be on the television lot I used to work on sometimes, he's one of those people who pulls up into the right turn lane but then goes straight so he doesn't have to wait behind the two f'n cars that are waiting at the light.

  15. I worked for TSA so I got to see plenty of celebrities come through the airport. The best one ever… Billy Bob Thornton. The worst, by far, hands down the winner……. Reese Witherspoon. She was a bitch. Judge Mathis was an asshole who tried to sit their and argue about his fourth amendment rights with us like we were at the Supreme Court. He almost got thrown out. Brock Lesner is also a real asshole.

  16. He spent all that time cultivating a particular imagine with his acting and rapping, but at the end of the day people forget, he's just another motherfucker from the hood in Philly.

  17. You saw ‘mask slip,’ I saw someone react poorly to prolonged stress. Have you ever broken down over something that, in hindsight, wasn’t a big del because you were exhausted? We all have.

  18. You're %100 right. Met him years ago at a meet and greet for 30STM concert. Totally full of himself. Didn't interact with the fans. Acted like he hated being there. Tomo on the other hand...was amazingly sweet.

  19. I met him while jogging out in RVA. He was really sweet I thought back then. - but he also told me I was cute after I told him I was just 17..

  20. I’ve heard a couple of horror stories starring Madonna. Also just the way she was about Lady Gaga being the new hot Italian American pop sensation… it just seemed very bitter and jealous and made her seem like a jerk tbh.

  21. I had always hoped she would be one of those women who accepted her aging and was a role model to all that it’s ok to grow older. Nope. Now’s she is stretched and pulled so much that any photos of her now are either far enough to blur her a bit or photoshopped so much that you can’t tell if it’s actually Madonna anymore.

  22. The Undertaker. Not only did he throw Mankind to his near death, but he also tried to embalm Steve Austin while he was still alive AND piledrove Hulk Hogan onto a steel freakin chair for heavens sake.

  23. Here’s an unpopular take, they’re both toxic people. It’s that when they were together it intensified their bad characteristics.

  24. I’m glad someone said it. I was honestly weirded out how much of people went straight to his side when they found out she was lying about many things. And his fans in videos legit remind me of those desperate serial killer girl fans.

  25. Anthony Anderson…three different sexual assault allegations over 15 years. That’s too much smoke. The first one occurred while filming Hustle and Flow in 2004.

  26. I think most of them. To be successful in any career that will earn you money, fame and glory you have to be a terrible person or at least be willing to do some terrible things.

  27. If it’s not staged then I’m going to say Simon Cowell. Dude brutally rips on normal peoples singing skills and their appearance on TV, which is humiliating. Again, that’s if it’s not staged.

  28. On one hand yes but on the other hand that’s his entire shtick. If you ever go on a show with Cowell then you are signing up to potentially be the butt of his shtick.

  29. I don't think it's staged. Nikki McKibbin from S-1 said she did coke to deal with Simon's viciousness. RIP, Nikki.

  30. I know very little about her but both of these are horrible if true. I dislike her solely off of 5 minute clips I caught of “Girls” and what little I saw her in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

  31. Jimmy Kimmel. He's rude, crass, and inappropriate. I know that's pretty typical for a talk show host/comedian, but he pushes it IMO.

  32. I like the Muppets. Kermit was very kind to me as an awkward, lonely child. I'm sad people use the term to bash others. I understand the point. Just makes me sad.

  33. Agree. He always seems drunk ; the way he acts when he’s reading tweets or if he stumbles/laughs when he speaks. He also seems to cut off his guests (in mid-sentence) and/or talks over them.

  34. Tswift is legit an old-school 4chan troll. Back in the day I recall some quite compelling evidence for her being a regular on 4chan where she talked just as much horrible shit as everyone else in that cesspool.

  35. Not sure he is in the entertainment world anymore, but if he is, Dahvie from Blood on the Dance Floor. From what he's done with young girls, and how he treated Jay and his crew. It disturbs me how famous he got when I was in high school since so much of his music back then was pretty disturbing.

  36. I worked at one of those places that was on Man vs Food. Adam was an asshole. Watched him yell at a little girl (maybe 8) that he would not sign her thing. He would only sign autographs during a set time. They weren't filming, there was zero other people around besides her parents and he was literally just standing there doing nothing, yet he made a giant deal out of it.

  37. I've heard John Cusack is a bit of a prick. I remember listening to him on a radio interview one time: the interviewer mentioned how Cusack is known for this particular character-type he plays in a lot of his movies - the quirky romcom character - and oh man Cusack got PISSED. Like the "how DARE you imply I don't have range" type of pissed. The interview went downhill very fast.

  38. He has single-handedly held back “Better Off Dead” from being available to a wider reach because he felt like it made him look “like a jerk.”

  39. If he doesn’t go down in history books as one of, if not the worst president we’ve ever had, then I’ll know this country is beyond redeeming.

  40. Watch her interview where she talks about scratching her butt on the Hawaiin sacred rocks. It was disgusting.

  41. She’s such a shitty, shitty actress I refuse to see any of her films anymore. She was horrific in Joy, the awful dance movie w Bradley Cooper, and Hunger Games.

  42. Cardi B. Literally admitted to drugging men and she always has beef with at least someone. At what point do you realize you might be the problem

  43. I could be wrong, but Jennifer Lawrence (& Lopez) give off such terrible and nasty vibes. Also have been shown multiple times to be so disrespectful and full of themselves they think the world revolves around themselves, and that everyone else are peasants.

  44. Andy Dick. Out of all the canceling done, he still remains largely untouched. I know he doesn’t have some booming career or anything, but the hammer hasn’t really come down on this jerk.

  45. Anthony Anderson…three different sexual assault allegations over 15 years. That’s too much smoke. The first one that occurred while filming Hustle and Flow in 2004.

  46. I don’t know any of them, so it’s hard to say. But Amber Heard seemed pretty bad, with the things that came out in trial.

  47. “You get a turd on your pillow! YOU get a turd on your pillow! EVERYONE gets a turd on their pillow!”

  48. Any of the Kardashians, Jada Smith, Amy Schumer, Justin Bieber...hell, probably easier to list the ones who AREN'T terrible people. Most of them are terrible.

  49. David Letterman. When he cornered Lindsay Lohan about rehab. Also his constant attacks on Leno (never seen Leno shoot back at any insult or jab thrown his way).

  50. Branden the redact Shaub..He is a narcissistic, liar, who shits all over everyone he knows including his family. The only exception being his handler Joe Rogan. I mean he would take breaks at an early job, sit in the bathroom crumbling up magazines taken from the shelves, and then blamed the worker with Downs Syndrome ffs..

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