What is the best "gag" gift to buy for your SO or family members this holiday season?

  1. Don’t buy fake lotto tickets lol. Family did that to me and mixed them in with real ones… thought I won 100k….

  2. I did this to my little brother one year. He was so excited. When I broke it to him he started crying. Definitely not a good joke or gag. Don’t know why I thought it would be funny. Would not recommend.

  3. Idk maybe you could give her a gift that seems like a gag but when she opens it up there’s the diamond? I think that would go across better if your wife has that type of humor

  4. Agreed, letting her go the entire day thinking you got her nothing but gags isn’t going to end well for anyone

  5. There are joke boxes my sister used to always get for everyone. They looked like really stupid things, but the person giving the gift could put whatever in them

  6. I did similar once to my younger sister. Except the smallest box was just a note. The note said, "Your gift is at the bottom of your dirty clothes pile in your closet. It's been sitting there since November."

  7. Agreed. OP, please do not do this. It is a terrible idea. It will not play out the way you are thinking it will. The ring will forever be a reminder of a sad, painful day.

  8. My Dad had a similar idea... for my parents 25th wedding anniversary he didnt do anything. He got up, and went to work. Mom thought maybe flowers would arrive, but nothing turned up. She was crying by 3pm thinking he had completely forgotten.

  9. This. Women don’t like to be egged into being pissed off. They don’t like to be all mad and bitchy when you save the day with a big present. They don’t like the embarrassment of you telling everyone how angry she was when you put as diamond in front of her. This will ruin a good moment. You seem immature.

  10. Right? And the fact that he leads with, "I wanna piss off my wife" makes me think he's full of horrible ideas. Gross. Poor lady.

  11. Why do you want to piss off your wife? It reminds me of when I was at camp with my friend and neighbor. It was my birthday at the end of the week. My friend thought it would be funny to treat me poorly by getting the other girls in our cabin to ignore me until my birthday, when they would make a big deal about it and I'd feel very special and relieved that they were just kidding and I'd appreciate my birthday more. Rather, I remembered being ignored. We were no longer friends after that.

  12. One time when I was a kid, I was at my "friends" house and they were stealing all their dad's tools and putting them in a box, so they could give them back to him for his birthday. I tried to explain it was wrong, but sucked with words, so they told their mom I was being bad and I didn't know how to articulate the situation so I just sat in timeout for 15 minutes.

  13. I'm very sorry that happened to you, that is shitty. I'm assuming OP used "piss off my wife" the same way my wife and I use it, joking with and poking fun at.

  14. I feel like gag gifts are funny piss off and ignoring someone for days is mean cruel piss off. OP knows his wife and her humor, so I'd go with trusting that we don't really know their dynamic

  15. "piss off" is a subjective term. Teasing your wife is fun. Especially when she has a good sense of humor.

  16. Individual wrapped boxed in another box however the very last box so the smallest box is a ring box with a coupon in it it a note that says will you be my wife as she’s reading get on one knee with the ring

  17. Or, very last box is empty. She looks up to you in disbelief and confusion. Right then, pull out the e ring and say, “oh! I guess I forgot to oh this in there”. Kinda cheesy but might work

  18. Why do you want to hurt your wife's feelings for entertainment on a day when she is probably working hard to ensure everyone is happy? I know I work for weeks to make sure Christmas is a great day. Knowing my husband would rather entertain himself at my expense than just do something nice would not add to my enjoyment.

  19. I admit I don't know your wife's sense of humor but I personally would NOT like my memories of the ring to be tainted by feeling like crap all morning, why would you want her to think you didn't care? Even for a couple hours? It won't make her like the ring more, it'll just make things tense for no reason. This feels unnecessary at best and hurtful, annoying and inconsiderate at worst.

  20. This, like I have a really good sense of humor and love a good gag gift/joke but like what I really want is to feel extra special every once in a while especially on a big holiday.

  21. Are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure your wife will appreciate it? To me, it just seems like a dick move to grab attention to yourself while trying to humiliate her but your relationship might be way different than mine. I’d just give her the diamond at the exact right moment in the morning and enjoy a peaceful and happy holiday.

  22. This! One year my father gave my mother a butter churn along with other kitchen tools used in the 1860s, when our farmhouse was built. He naively thought she would enjoy using them. Now, he also bought her a nice necklace. But, almost every fight until the day he died, mom threw the Xmas he gave her a butter churn in his face.

  23. The best thing is to get gag boxes, but put real presents inside. There are lots of funny ones out there for sale! Or you can use real ones, like for a toilet brush holder but put something actually thoughtful inside.

  24. My brother's godmother did that to him when he was like nine. Box of tiscuts. Gameboy advance inside. Tears. So many tears after the wrapping paper came off before the box was opened.

  25. That’s a good way to irreparably damage her trust and the image of how you value her. Even if she laughs in the end, she spends the entire day thinking you think she’s not worth celebrating and she’s only worth a gag. Especially if you’re giving others gifts that are considerate or fulfilling a request. Comparably, you giving your wife (the person you choose out of all others and promised to care for legally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually( and her vice versa)) gag gifts is a slap in the face. She’ll never trust you won’t do it again and it’ll subconsciously taint your future holidays and celebrations. Please re-evaluate the way you want to approach such a loaded holiday with flippant negative treatment of your wife. Cracks in the foundation lead to major failures without proper maintenance and repairs.

  26. A concept: instead of upsetting gag gifts, maybe start with small gifts that are useful but boring, like new dish towels and socks or something of the like. Stuff that isn’t an outright waste of time and money but also isn’t totally satisfying all on its own.

  27. Actually top 2 are great ideas. Keep going with obnoxiously matching things (in an over the top, obviously funny manner), so it builds a theme until you reveal the ring.

  28. Why would you want her to feel disappointed/unappreciated/hurt/mad or at least, by your own account, pissed off before pulling the diamond? Are you sure that's the way to go? Are you sure that screams love? Are you sure you want her to feel like that all day?

  29. OP. Don’t do it. Just be nice and give her the great gift, tell her you love her and make her happy. Spend the time and money from the immature gag gifts and add flowers and chocolate. Be a reliable, stand up guy.

  30. Yes. My grandma did this with tickets to a show. Great idea. Same with my dad and a tv box with small parts for my computer

  31. When my now husband and I were dating, he bought me a Tiffany necklace but wrapped it in a crappy toaster oven from Walmart, so my disappointment only lasted a moment. The Tiffany box was tucked inside the toaster I’ve. Which was wrapped in its original box. Don’t wreck her Christmas morning.

  32. And that diamond may end up where the sun doesn’t shine…being pissed off all day Christmas is what she’ll always remember. Your relationship may not make it to ‘the reveal’. Ick.

  33. Cleaning supplies a mop a vacuum do the never ending package or take something apart and wrap each part to she has to put it together

  34. yeah, dont wait so long. pull out the ring right after all your gag gifts, so its not just. lingering resentment. thats a recipe for an argument. im going to hope you know she will appreciate the pranks, but like.. unless shes usually delighted by pranks, please please please reconsider the timing of the diamond reveal, or AT LEAST put a hint letter among the gag gifts that lets her know there is one more surprise tonight. im always fond of buying inappropriate cards and crossing things off in sharpie (happy 4th birthday grandson! becoming a graduation card, for example. childs bday cards, or the wrong holiday/occasion. look inside yourself to find the funniest one on the card shelf, bro)

  35. Why do you want to upset her even for a little bit. This is a bad idea. It’s sort of cruel and there’s nothing “funny” about it. She’s not going to die or laughter. Please grow up and be an adult ….

  36. I think this is funny and cute but maybe just maybe - the time in between Is going to be intense. I would mix some gag gifts with some small gifts so she still thinks okay he razzed on me but he got me these things and then when she thinks all the gifts are over, bam - you pull out the diamond ring.

  37. Oh yes. “I want to piss off my wife and ruin her Christmas by humiliating her with a bunch of gifts to show her I don’t give a shit about her before I try to undo the damage I did in the evening with a shiny rock that won’t erase the trauma I inflicted upon her.”

  38. Let’s not throw around the world trauma. Yes, I agree it’s a shitty thing to do, but it’s not a traumatic experience. Why does everyone keep labelling any inconvenience or poor interpersonal interaction as ‘trauma’?

  39. This one year, my boyfriend got me a burlap sack purse for Christmas… I was pissed. But inside was a diamond engagement ring. I felt like an asshole. But it was pretty great. Good luck

  40. My brother got me the biggest can of canned baked beans he could find for Christmas a few years back. Was funny, and I actually used all the beans so was a win-win

  41. She's gonna feel shitty and unloved all day and you think that's funny? That sounds really sad I think yo should gain some empathy

  42. That’s a bit cruel. And immature. You might not live long enough to give her the Diamond. Figure out a plan b.

  43. “I want to piss off my wife and leave her mad for the entire day until I ride in as the hero in the evening”. Bruh just give her the real gift in the morning. One or two gags is fine but don’t leave her dangling.

  44. What you want to do is mean. You think it’s funny for your wife to be p!ssed, she will be also hurt and never forget it. The ring will be a constant reminder of an awful memory. Grow up, give her the ring in the morning and no gag gifts so she can be very happy all day and have a great memory of the day.

  45. The only way it works is if you wrap a bunch of boxes and have most of them being completely empty or with random weights in the package with only one actually containing a ring, with a couple other nice gifts mixed in. Then she immediately understands you're doing a gag and can laugh along instead of being laughed at. Nobody wants to recieve a nice gift in a bad mood.

  46. Not for my SO, but I bought my bro a pair of 'emergency underwear' that was tightly wrapped up in something that looked like a little mint tin. Got lots of laughs for it and he put it in his car glovebox in his car with his first aide kit. Few years later, he said my gag gift for him saved him from an incodent while he was stuck in bad traffic, so good laughs and unexpectedly very useful!

  47. I prank my sister every year. She doesn’t like googly eyes so I made her a pair of earrings with them. You can buy a snake in a can and wrap it super pretty. That one scared the shit out of her. But you have to know your audience. My sister knows I’m going to do it. If your wife doesn’t have that kind of sense of humor it Won’t be funny.

  48. Please reconsider this. She likely will spend most of the holiday season stressed and this will just add to the mental stress of the holidays.

  49. If y’all are the joking types, maybe you could tell her early in the day that you thought the gift would be here by now but sadly it won’t be delivered until after Christmas then give her a small, distraction gift, not like a “how to make a sandwich” book but maybe a gift card to their favorite store. That way they’re not upset but still caught off guard later that night at the big reveal.

  50. A couple years ago I gave my brother an "I believe in unicorns" lunchbox. And in that lunchbox I put a fake can of nuts with the snake inside. But I took the snake out and filled it with nuts. Then I took the snake and wrapped it into a tight little ball so that when he opened it it sprung out at him. I also got him a real gift but I don't remember what it was.

  51. My older sister and I used to do this all the time. We loved cheesy weird gifts. Funny thing onetime I got her a Chia Pet and she still has it to this day.

  52. Hmmm, what about cute stuff that’s kid sized? Like a play doh toaster or little girl make-up, or one of those squishimal pillows that seem popular these days?

  53. Blown away by everyone assuming this woman's love for her spouse and her self worth is flimsy enough to be completely toppled in a day by an elaborate joke. If the roles were reversed I'd find it hilarious when the real gift never came, because more effort was put in the joke than buying an air fryer or some other shit I don't really need because I like cooking for example. I know anyone I'd marry would know exactly what would confuse the shit out of me and I would find it absolutely hilarious at the end of the day. OP, fuck the haters. Go buy some weird shit, if your wife has anything remotely resembling a sense of humor you'll be fine. Get stuff tangential to things she likes but completely unnecessary, if she likes video games buy her a 5 dollar indie game no one has heard of. If she likes a sport, buy her a jersey from the team she hates and claim you mixed them up. There's SO many funny ass places to go with this.

  54. it seems like a lot of people already advised against this, but I’m going to reiterate that this is a bad idea. maybe instead put the diamond in a joke box, something like

  55. Don’t do it, Fam. Maybe like, one gag gift. And listen, I love a prank. But it never ends if you have to kinda tear or disappoint a person down and try to build them back up.

  56. wtf dude, this is a TERRIBLE idea. Unless this is something the two of you have agreed to do together, just maybe not exactly WHEN you are going to do it, this is a SUPER toxic.

  57. I think this idea is both morally and environmentally questionable. Why do people think it's funny to be a dick? Gaslighting is not actually very funny. It's a gross power play and women typically laugh it off because what the f*** else are we supposed to do? If you care about her feelings, don't hurt them.

  58. Man if y’all’s wives don’t have a sense of humor I feel sorry for some of these Reddit marriages. Maybe we’re just different people but those saying don’t do this it will backfire is not a relationship I would want to be in. I’d say buy her a bunch of things you really want and give her the diamond at the end or a little while after

  59. Do the box in a box thing but instead of having the ring in the smallest box put it in the middle hidden in the packing paper or whatever so that she will think there is no gift and then you can reveal she went right past it. Gets your gag joke in there without actually just pissing off your SO by making her think you didn't actually get her anything for the entire day

  60. Yeah, don't do that. The reveal will not in any way make up for a day of sadness and disappointment. And the present will forever be tainted with that feeling.

  61. Me personally I would not wait hours leaving my wife upset until I gave her a real gift. At that point the gift wouldn’t make anything better because you can’t take back the entire Christmas Day you ruined, y’know?

  62. A lot of people saying how bad of an idea this, but assuming you don’t make her wallow in misery for an entire day or week it’s just building up the surprise. She’s your wife, assuming you are relatively happily married you know her best. If you already have a playful, joking relationship she will enjoy the gag gifts because that’s already yours style.

  63. They have these giant chicken squeaky toys. If you hug that guy he'll scream at you at the top of his imaginary lungs for a good 45 seconds.

  64. Steamy Shades Ball Gag is probably one of the best. It has soft comfy leather and the breathing holes are nice for longer wears. Or you could go with Fetish Fantasy Extreme Deluxe Ball Gag, it has attached nipple clamps if thats more her thing.

  65. If you need them, get her a vacuum, crock pot, cook ware, plates...the kind of stuff that screams, "Do shit for me!".

  66. I’m sorry Sir, but it appears that most of the people commenting here are missing something important… it’s called a sense of humor. I’m old 51, and I have a sense of humor, when I’m serious those who know me think I’m sick or sad. My advice would be to post this elsewhere, somewhere where your friends who get what I’m guessing is your sense of humor. To many of these young ones get so so butthurt by jokes, humor, not getting the correct flavored Tidepod. You could try buying and wrapping cheap clothing iron, dustpan, the little Swifter for dusting, Spencer’s gifts are always fun…. Again sorry that the world has forgotten that some of us find humor funny. The world sucks, we really need another one of those big asteroids to hit Earth again, let the roaches have a shot at things. Have a great holidays with you and yours

  67. A gag gift in and of itself is not bad and can be funny if done the right way. But OP said his goal is specifically to piss off his wife in the morning and give her a nice gift in the evening. Sorry, but delivery of a joke is so important. This plan of delivery is not in the least bit funny. Epic fail!

  68. Get her thrift store used Barbie dolls with missing body parts and no clothes. Some fabric and a travel sewing kit.

  69. My ex-husband had a little sister that was basically a stuffed string, but was intensely worried that she was fat. One year I got her the largest pair of women's underwear available, rolled it up nice and neat and gave them to her. When she opened her gift bag and got a look at her gift she and the whole family lost their minds. I told her when she fit into those she could start to worry about her weight.

  70. A weener kleener. Its a ring of soap to clean down there. The jingle is, “big or small or inbetweener, nothing beats a cleaner weener”

  71. For the love of everything that is precious and holy, please pay attention to these nice folks who have both of your backs and maybe give the box within a box like one person said, ultimately then the ring. This is what you want to be talked about for the rest of your lives, not your original plan.

  72. What a prince and a gentleman, this one. Nothing says "I love you" more than mind games, amirite? And if she gets upset, it's her fault for not having a "sense of humor". In a mature relationship you would make her feel loved without making her feel miserable first.

  73. Maybe a cute thing to do would be get her lots of small gifts of the things someone would want before getting engaged? Nail polish/salon gift cards, a new dress or outfit, maybe some makeup or hair products? Ya know, things she’ll still use and appreciate but she’ll be kind of weirded out by? THEN give her the ring and you can take an engagement pic later after she uses all of the stuff you got her to get ready

  74. Give her a whole bunch of marital aids and a book/video teaching her how to please a man. Those always go over well, especially if you plan of giving an awesome gift afterwards

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