What do women think about men who don't work?

  1. Well, it depends on the circumstance. Are they in school? Disabled? Stay at home dad? Self-employed? Taking care of a family member? All those are valid reasons.

  2. I'm unemployed, but honestly, no one should be dating me at the moment. I'm desperately trying to find a job, but just because I'm dealing with economic instability doesn't mean everyone else does. I don't blame you

  3. Same here, if it's for the above valid reasons then it's understandable. If it's by choice.. well there is someone for everyone they're just not me

  4. The same thing I think about women who don't work: you either need to have a reason, or a plan. It's for the simple fact that no one is going to do things for you.

  5. Women won't date me cause I don't work. Even though I retired at a very young age. More money/vacations for myself I guess.

  6. I’m doubting it’s because of you not working if you are financially secure enough to retire. Might want to do some self reflection

  7. Live example: I left my job to take care of my first child. Daycare costs more than what my salary paid. After I put him down for the night I’ve been trying to teach myself how to make/develop video games. Some nights though I just veg out and play games for a couple hours or watch a movie. Judge me openly.

  8. My dad once told me if your wife/girlfriend doesn't work and sits around all day on the couch in her underwear when you get home from are hard days work you walk in and think awesome my girl is on the couch in her underwear. He said son, It doesn't work like that if a man does it, she will grow to despise and resent you.

  9. So, what if a wife had a job that kept her on the road 24/7 and she loved it and she made twice as much doing it? In order to be together, he gave up his lucrative job and joined her, for her to earn more than they both could together in their home state while she does her dream job?

  10. I absolutely love this comment! My wife is a professional, I am not, but we are a team! It made sense for me to stay home with kids . Short story is that the kids are older and I never went back to work. We own a farm. I have responsibilities and obligations, just not to an employer. ( plus hobbies and hockey ) I feel a weird stigma. Seems men are jealous even. I am harassed at times about being a ‘kept ‘ man. Social norm is men work , primary money makers while women raise kids. This isn’t the 40s or 50s anymore. Welcome to a new era . ( or both work , maybe even more than one job, I am not blind to this ) I joke saying if I had a job I would never get my work done. I know how lucky and fortunate I am. This I will never deny.

  11. My wife is a travel nurse and makes $7,000 a week it’s a no brainer for me to make sacrifices in order for her to earn that much. I’m ok with being a stay at home dad while she’s on assignments because I know how essential my role is. I have my cdl and with all the extra funds my wife makes she was able to invest into me and leased me a truck. I don’t work often maybe once a month if that ,and when I do hit the road she’s passenger side taking in the sights ,bonding while we get paid to travel ,and I too make a pretty penny so it’s nice to know that I can produce if necessary ,but right now the world needs her and I’m fortunate enough to call that Angel my wife. Relationship is team work so don’t worry what society says it should be , fuck those standards!

  12. This would be a happier comment to read if you were able to say that your husband is happy, and not that it eats away at him. I think every person whether a man or a woman needs to do something productive in life in order to feel truly fulfilled. I was once in a relationship where she made more money than me, and I never had an issue with it. The reason, is that I was doing something I loved doing, and she was happy to see me doing something I loved doing.

  13. Woman here, I really don't care if my partner works or not. I make enough money that I can support us. However, if he chooses not to work then all household responsibilities are his problem. We don't have kids so all there is are chores, the pets, and cooking.

  14. its ok if you are disabled or a student. but if you are capable and lazy than I do not have respect for you

  15. What if they won the lottery or have an inheritance? Are they not allowed respect even if they don't need to work? (Lazy or not).

  16. If you are physically unable then ok but if you're able but just lazy and lacking self discipline to do it then respect will be lost. I don't have to hate you for it, but I'm not going to respect you.

  17. Id think theyre probably busy with something else, or studying, or taking care of a sick family member, or trying to figure out what career they want in the future.

  18. Truthfully, I don't consider it. There are a hundred reasons for someone to "not work", and unless it's a deliberate attempt to harm me or someone else, it's not my business. They could be educating themselves, caring for someone, have recently lost their job, be new to the area, have a chronic disease that makes them unable to work, be retired, be agoraphobic, etc. That's not my business. It's theirs. It's not my job to say, "OMG, that freeloader doesn't work!" My job is to worry about me and mine and unless this man is getting between me, mine, and what keeps us afloat, I'm not going to waste energy demonizing him.

  19. Men have so much more to offer than just having a job!! This is not a factor so much as the circumstances surrounding WHY you don’t have a job. For the record, I would neither despise nor ignore a man without a job, as those are two very extreme reactions.

  20. Who gives a fuck what women think about you. Do what you want and you’ll attract your people. Fuck whoever else looks down on you for that.

  21. People need to live their lives as they see fit. Who are we to judge? My man and I are 2 people in love. We live our lives together. There will be times when one of us is unemployed and the other will be the one to provide. If I see someone who does not have a job and single, well thats where they are in life. Man or woman. Its their life. Ill never understand the thought process that demands one sex to be a certain way.

  22. Ideally they should be born wealthy so that they don't have to work a day in their lives, then give the woman all that wealth so that she doesn't have to work either. Then they can travel the world and laugh at all the people working and tell them that they're lazy peasants.

  23. I have a biased opinion towards them because there’s a few in my family. I do not tolerate it. There’s ways to have an income without a traditional job. Obviously there are other reason to not work but you can still make an income.

  24. If you are over 18 and perfectly capable of working and just don’t want to, then you are not a productive member of society. I dated someone like this once and broke up with them partially because of this

  25. Having a job does not determine your worth. I admire anyone who can survive without being tethered to an unforgiving society, and for those who are less fortunate, it is of my opinion that society has failed them, not the other way around

  26. If they are happy not working - then great! As long as they can provide for and take care of themselves, I think whatever decision they make is a good one.

  27. I honestly don’t care. Work isn’t everything. Although there has to be some sort of ambition to do something. Or have some plans or dreams. And the dreams doesn’t has to be work related just the will to do something in life. Unless there is a mental or physical health issue then the main thing to do is heal. And if you live together help some more in the house or something not just do nothing all day. Like i love gaming as well but if i am the only one that works and i come home and you gamed all day without doing some shit i will get mad. But well that has nothing to do with work but important tho😅

  28. I am a woman who’s makes enough to support both of us. So he just stays home and plays video games. I enjoy being the breadwinner and giving him an easy life

  29. Honestly, as someone getting my life together, as long as they're not trying to move in with me (I've got no income for them to live off of anyway), I feel I'm in no place to judge. I have no right acting high and mighty about something that isn't entirely my business so long as, in that regard, he's able to take care of himself.

  30. And would men or women who have an opinion of someone else not having a job as it relates to dating, feel the same if someone else had rhe same opinion about them if they weren't working themselves?

  31. If there’s a reason behind it. Like a physical disability (or past injuries) stopping them from finding work. And they don’t have the qualifications for work that requires education.

  32. If there is legitimate reason then sure but if you’re looking and searching for that perfect job opportunity and bumming off of the people in your life that is awful.

  33. I’m agreeing, it depends on the situation. If they are stay at home parents, disabled or some other good reason, it would not bother me. If you’re talking about a dating situation, it would be different. It was important to me during dating that someone had a job and were content with it. I didn’t want to date someone who was constantly changing jobs or couldn’t afford to take me out to a reasonably priced dinner.

  34. Personally, it’s a turn off to me if someone’s whole life revolves around their job. And I don’t mean working hard or long hours, I mean the guys who let their career become their personality. I don’t care if you “work” a normal job or not as long as you can support yourself.

  35. Depends on why, if your going to school or you have independent financial stability then idc if you're just being a bum on your mom's couch making zero effort then I think you suck and I wouldn't want to date you because I need to at least pay bills and rent and want a partner to split it

  36. I'm amazed at how many people made this more than it is. I know you mean a man that is capable of working but doesn't. Everyone else went off on disabilities or retirement

  37. I neither ignore nor despise my husband who is going on his 8th year of being a SAHD. But the kids are getting older and I think we’re both ready for him to go back to work.

  38. I don't care. Anything other than laziness, I understand for why they don't. Wanting to be paid more? Disabled? Focusing on school? Taking care of others? Can't find a job? Found an otherwise great job but negative work environment? Etc, there're so many valid reasons why they don't/can't work.

  39. In general or in particular? In general I figure they have some way to support themselves and that's why they don't work, more power to them. In particular, if they are of working age and ability, I think there is something wrong with them, and if I got "involved" with them it would be hard on me.

  40. Been living a couple years off of savings. You'd be surprised how little value you are to society when you are currently not working (even if you are paying all your bills as you go).

  41. It’s not an attractive characteristic (what else are they doing with their time??) but as long as I’m not footing their bill what do I care?

  42. An alternative question could be how do men feel about not working? I've often felt when I have not been working that I've been wasting my time. I'd rather do something

  43. If they don't work by choice and are able to work and need to work because they are not wealthy, I wouldn't be involved with them. I'm not going to financially support any lazy man who has no ambition in life.

  44. I don’t sit around “despising” anyone whose behavior isn’t affecting me. But I would not date a man who didn’t work, and I can’t imagine I’d be close friends with one either (for the record, I don’t even know any women who don’t work).

  45. Why don’t they work? It all depends. If they lost their job and are actively seeking a new one it is what it is. Are they a stay at home dad? Nothing wrong with that. All depends on the circumstances.

  46. There is more to life than just werkin jerbs you know, its exactly people werking jerbs that tend to not get anything proper done in their life's because it all starts to revolve around that.

  47. I guess it depends on the reason. Twice in our marriage my husband has been a stay at home dad while I worked. After our second child I was the stay at home parent. It just made sense with our career goals and not wanting daycare for our special needs child. The most recent time my husband wasn’t employed he was raising our children and finishing his degree which I consider to be much more difficult than my job. Now we both work from home. It’s whatever works best for the situation. If it’s just a choice not to work and they aren’t in a financial position to sustain themselves with no income I wouldn’t be a fan.

  48. That depends entirely on what they are doing with their time otherwise, aka unemployed by choice or just between jobs? If they have decided to handle the home front in a living situation while someone else handles the income, thats totally cool so long as the division of labor is appropriate.

  49. I don't care what other people do with their life. Are you specifically asking about a hypothetical dating situation?

  50. If you have a place of your own and you can support yourself without working, kudos to you. But if you're trying to mooch off of somebody I find that often comes with a whole lot of entitlement and violence so that's a hard pass for me.

  51. I mean, why is he not working? Is he ill, disabled, retired? Is he a stay at home dad? Or is he a deadbeat who lazes around and shoves responsibility on the woman in his life? It depends how much power he has in this situation and if his lack of a job is hurting others. Context is important here.

  52. Your question is too vague. "Men who don't work" could include the elderly, disabled, stay-at-home parents, trust fund babies, monks, caregivers, etc.

  53. My father was a POS who only worked half the time and collected government income the rest. My mom worked her ass off to pay for rent, food, etc. Dad didn’t want us to do better because he wanted to stay in government subsidized housing. I called it “keeping our heads below water.” Also he was very abusive to my mom and brother, and the longer he went without a job, the more abusive he got. At that point, I despised a man who wouldn’t work.

  54. It depends on their circumstances. I personally don't like men who don't have jobs if they're perfectly capable of having one. Otherwise if you can't get one bc of a reasonable reason you're fine.

  55. Unbecoming to a gentleman, too, and vulgar are the means of livelihood of all hired workmen whom we pay for mere manual labour, not for artistic skill; for in their case the very wage they receive is a pledge of their slavery.

  56. It depends. My brother is a stay at home dad, he does a great job. My boyfriend took 8 months off work to deal with mental health issues. He took care of all the household duties, that was great too.

  57. There are reasons for everything. We need to stop letting work define us as valuable. You are should be more viable to the world than what you contribute to someone else's wallet.

  58. It depends on why their unemployed. Are they in a state where getting a job is difficult? Like they’re disabled, in school, or just in a market that’s not hiring? Or are they just lazy? Or are they simply in between jobs? It also depends on how long they have been unemployed and if they are planning to get employed.

  59. My brother 31 has not had a job in over 10 years. He still manages to have a great relationship with his girlfriend who works and pays for everything outside of the crumbs he can muster up. It does not bother me as much as it used to, but generally some women could care less and just want companionship.

  60. Men either don't work enough and they're lazy or they work too much and they're a workaholic who would rather be at work than with their family. There is no in-between.

  61. First of all, is it my business at all? Am I considering dating him, or his my friend, or family member? Do I have any reason to care? Because I don't care about a random man's job. After that, it depends on what he's doing instead. If he's a student, disabled, taking care of someone, or has any other reason not to work then great. If he stay at home and does nothing while living on someone else's paycheck it's just sad and selfish

  62. It depends on why, and I’d think the same for women. Like I wouldn’t mind being the breadwinner in my family if I had a partner (male or female) that contributed in some way. Like if we had kids and my partner’s income was less than the cost of childcare, it would make more sense for them to stay at home and take care of the kids and do the other stuff I wouldn’t have time to do because of my particular job. That’s still a really important contribution. It’s just whatever works best for the entire family. It would be different if they didn’t do anything or contribute in some way, male or female.

  63. my husband is the "house spouse" and primary caretaker for our son. I work full time and we live comfortably on the income. I'm glad I don't have to do a bulk of the housework, and I'm glad he isn't forced to work outside the home (which would exacerbate his disability). I love him, and see him as a wonderful partner that brings joy to my life. We are equals, who both contribute to our household.

  64. Under what circumstances don’t they work? I mean, I don’t despise men that don’t work at all. Many are retired. Many have physical/mental conditions that make it impossible or extremely difficult to work. Many are unemployed because they are caring for a loved one, whether that’s their kid(s) or another family member. Many are in college. Many are just unemployed through no fault of their own. What are we talking about here.

  65. As someone who has a friend who literally quits every job after a month of being there I only consider him extremely lazy. His reasons for quitting are never valid and he is never in a hurry to find another job. I have tried to be reasonable and help him out, but it’s gotten to be too much because we were planning on going to California together, but of course he quit his 15$ an hour job because he didn’t like it.

  66. Depends on the circumstance. If he doesn’t work because he is a sahd, I think that’s pretty cool. If he doesn’t work because of an injury, or something like that, I don’t really care. If he doesn’t work because he is lazy or too lazy to find a job, that’s where I would have a problem.

  67. Fun fact: Women are attractive to muscular forearms.Want to guess why? Get to work boys. There may be some outliers in this thread but women want men who can provide for a family. This is natural.

  68. Depends on why. Nothing is so simple as one instance. Is he not working because he just doesn’t want to work and his money/luck hasn’t run out yet? I’d dislike man/woman/anything else that is like that. Are they disabled? Looking for work in this miserable climate and having bad luck? Id feel bad if they are seeking a job, but it wouldn’t affect my treatment of them in any way. If we naturally got along, we’d get along. Are they in a family where the wife is a head Boeing engineer and the husband watches the kids, like my friend? Id say all the more power to both of them, and it once again would not naturally affect my opinion on him.

  69. I was with a trust fund baby for a while. He was left a monthly stipend which paid for essentials like rent/food/gas. He knew how to sail, skateboard, and travel. I was ashamed of him. I would always tell him to not show up before 5 pm when our friends met up after work, because they would know he was a 20 something with no job or goals. Didn’t last long.

  70. Why is this hypothetical man not working? What is he doing with his time instead? What is the rest of his life like? How is he contributing to society?

  71. My ex husband refused to work for 5 years. He also didn’t help around the house or do anything. It was incredibly frustrating when I busted my ass every day and he laid around ordering takeout doing nothing. We’ve been divorced for a couple of years and he still isn’t working, but at least he’s his mom’s problem now 🤣

  72. It depends why they don’t work honestly. But in general everyone is going to be different, the type of ‘work’ you talk about might not be for someone else, some people don’t dream of labour and that’s completely okay

  73. Is debilitating chronic pain, insomnia and PTSD from being crushed in a head on collision with a tractor trailer a valid excuse?

  74. I can admire a guy who is poor, but is intelligent and well educated/read. He has the tools to rise. Because of his intelligence he won't settle for any job that is not suitable.

  75. I’d you’re not a bad person, why would I care? Whether or not I would date you is a different story, but that has more to do with financial security than character judgement.

  76. I personally don't understand not providing for yourself I have had a job since I was able to work and only had maybe a two month break where I didn't. As long as he does not require or expect me to provide financially and has genuine goals and is actively looking for work I can get past it but if that turned into never working and never helping I can't do it. If I had a job that paid enough to provide for another person that would be one thing but I don't so any partner that I end up with is going to have to work with me to grow together. I've had a SO before that I am not with anymore who did not work and when I would help him get jobs he found a reason to eventually quit within a month or two very parasitic type of man. Yes I grew to despise him but there were other reasons but it plays a big part in my opinion only because I have always worked and understand the value of that money I'm making. I always say people can unintentionally and intentionally take advantage of you either way it isn't right. It depends on the situation really and if you're using your partner or if you are working on yourself.

  77. I was briefly unemployed (fired) earlier this year. I was traumatized and found another job that I started 3 weeks later.

  78. Personally: Poorly (unless you count being self employed as not working, but I, if it is having their own business/company, do not).

  79. My husband is currently in school and works part time. He supported me while I was getting my masters and I'm returning the favor. I'm due in Feb. 2023 and he will more than likely stay at home once my maternity leave is over because I currently make enough to pay the bills and provide insurance for our family. This way we save on childcare costs and he can finish his degree. It works for us because we discussed it and planned for it. Once he finishes his degree and lands a career position I may be able to go to part time or be a sahm.

  80. I'm talking to a guy who doesn't work because he doesn't want to do something he isn't passionate about... he still lives with his grandparents. It's a turn off when they don't work for such a ridiculous reason kinda bummy whether it's a man or woman honestly.

  81. My grandfather didn’t work but that’s because he got into a bad car accident and couldn’t work anymore but he recovered fairly well from it.

  82. Depends on circumstances. Is he actively looking or just refusing to work? Going to school? A stay at home dad? Disabled? Retired possibly? I have issues bc my husband doesnt work, not because he cant but because I work and he doesnt want to work around my work schedule. Its incredibly frustrating to come home and hes sleeping in, getting upset if the dogs make noise when i get home, then telling me i dont do enough when he sits at home smoking pot all day. Instances like this, its very difficult to respect a man who doesnt work because he wont vs bc he cant.

  83. I feel exactly the same about a man who won’t work as I do a woman who doesn’t work. That there had better be a reasonable reason they are not working. And that if they are disabled then they need to work on getting the benefits they are entitled to. You need to contribute in some way. I consider domestic sahm chores a full time job btw. So anyone doing that is working imo.

  84. It honestly depends if they pull their full share. I don’t care if I bring the $$ in but that means budgeting and child care and chores are his to handle while I’m at work. Then split when I get home.

  85. Honestly, my dumb ass married one 😂 should have figured out before hand that it meant, I was going to be a single mom with a grown ass man child 😂 but hey you live, you learn, you get divorced.

  86. I have an acquaintance who has been unemployed for the past 7 years (he just turned 50). Was laid off and then never really tried hard to find another one.

  87. This entirely depends on why they are not working. Did they just leave toxic job? Are they in school or classes? Are they taking care of a loved one? Are they wealthy? Honestly, my bf is currently not working but takes care of his elderly parents. He is looking for work, but can't find what he needs or that is close enough (he is in a big city, not in the US). Culturally for him, it is normal to take care of your parents like this. The only time I would care is if the guy is actually lazy and not doing anything with his time. If you have enough not to work, I would hope you still try to keep your mind and body busy: exercise, walk, volunteer, learn something new.

  88. I have a close relative who has only worked maybe a few years in his life. Well, he sold dope so I guess that counts as a working but he did it at home.

  89. It entirely depends on the reason and if they are looking for a job. I believe all adults (men and women) should have a job unless there is a reason why they don't. If you got laid off and are looking for work, no issue. If you are a stay at home parent, that's awesome. If you are a caretaker, that's noble. If you're just being a bum, that's not cool. Of course there are tons of other reasons. I just listed a few.

  90. Personally I would not date a man without a job. If I gotta have one, so do you. Unless you have rich rich mommy daddy money; then hello, my title is Mrs.

  91. I'm unemployed. Technically. I work about 2 hours a day averaging around 5k a week. I think women and men for that matter hate me for it. No date offers yet. ?????

  92. I have dated a couple of guys seriously who didn’t have jobs. If I could go back and avoid those relationships, I would. Both used people including myself to get by in order to pursue their passions and interests. One guys was an addict. I was young and naive and made a terrible choice to get involved with him. The other was more obscure. He had a great resume - went to private colleges including grad school at Columbia. He has a Phd. He used to bring fast food over to my house to eat and wouldn’t offer to bring me anything because money was tight. He always had plenty of money to socialize with his friends at bars and play trivia multiple times a week. When I would cook for my son, he would ask if I could fix him some as well. He said he couldn’t take a job that wouldn’t make him happy. He has a ton of student loan debt. He has lived with his mom some. I think he works as an adjunct professor some and continues to live with room mates even though he’s in his 40s. I think he’s content with his lifestyle.

  93. It really depends on their situation and the reason why they are unemployed. When it comes to dating however, i expect all bills and living expenses to be cut 50/50. So an unemployed partner would not be my first choice. If my partner works hard but fell into a temporary finacial issue, that would be fine as long as I'm not breaking the bank supporting us both for a long period of time.

  94. Depends. Are they retired? Are they financially stable ? Or are they raising their kids? Or caring for another family member? Context matters.

  95. It really depends. Maybe they worked so hard or invested their money so well that they don’t need to work. But if a a lil mamas boy doesn’t want to work-he’s worthless and should never procreate. I always feel bad for the women who are trapped by these men.

  96. Why men specifically? I think everybody who is out of school should have a job or some method of income. Of course there are some reasons why they couldnt (disabilities and such).

  97. Hehe I’m in between jobs and saved up a good 3 months of money to support an at home vacation consisting of video games and enjoying time with my friends. Roast me.

  98. Idk. I’m about to turn 26 and have been unemployed for the past two years since I’ve finished my bachelor’s in 2020…however I have been doing a masters degree for the past two years basically full time and am almost done. For the past few months been applying for full time roles as well. Not ashamed to admit not—My parents have been supporting me these past two years financially….

  99. To me, it has nothing to do with the money, it's indicative of how they value me. I work. Any adult needs employment to take care of themselves, have a car, have a place to live, have food, If I provide these things for myself, shouldn't a man. Why should I support someone who doesn't have value for what I do. If he does the laundry, cooking, cleaning to barter for his support, that's ok, that's still work. And if he's living with me, then it's work I don't have to do, so it is valuable to me. It's the bum who eats my Cheetos and watches Netflix all day that really earns my disdain.

  100. As a man who does not work at 36 and I make in general about 7k a month (I live near Pittsburgh) and own my own house, women still are weirded out. I am 6 feet tall, white, blonde hair blue eyes and weigh about 175. I have 2 bachelor's degrees 1 masters and am working on a 2nd masters, I have been in the military and worked in the civilian world. I got fed up with the civilian area and now periodically flip houses. I do have epilepsy from a head injury while I was in the USAF. Women like me up until I say I don't have to work even though I spend about 20 hours a week doing various community service activities.

  101. I really don’t have an opinion about men who don’t work. There’re so many reasons why someone doesn’t/can’t work, and it’s really none of my business. I find the importance of working in our society to be highly overblown - to the point of harm to a persons body and/or psyche, as well as how they are accepted by society as a whole.

  102. it’s not my place to judge, and i wouldn’t think any less of my friend/SO who’s unemployed. there’s many different circumstances to constitute not working, and it’s their life. if i was living with them and they couldn’t afford their share of the rent, i would definitely have a conversation with them and figure out a plan that accommodated us both. that being said though, i wouldn’t love them any less or see them as a “lesser than” person.

  103. Woman are usually indifferent to men who aren’t successful. Dating apps are a great example of this, all women want the top men, the average to below average men get left out.

  104. Depends on why they don’t have a job & what they’re doing. If he’s not working cuz he’s financially able not to then that’s fine. If he’s not working because he’s a bum that doesn’t want to work then that’s a future freeloader. If he’s actively trying to get a job then we’re back to being fine.

  105. If they’re not in my life I don’t care, if they are I think it’s not a good sign (not just for men, for any human because our world is trade based and without a job it’s hard to live) unless there’s some arrangement like those where one partner works and another takes care of the baby or an elderly

  106. Men who aren't "economically attractive", as woman put it, are just invisible to women. Women only see men they are attracted to and they are only attracted to men they can get money from. They don't see the middle aged bus driver or the guys doing drywall. They see the hot lawyer that they and all their friends want to date and base all their opinions on "men" on those guys. Women simply don't think about men who don't work, unless those men are independently wealthy.

  107. Yes, but imo you should be trying to manage it, looking at therapy, etc. I and sweetie both have anxiety and ocd and work hard to manage them. We also have undiagnosed ptsd from our abusive families.

  108. I guess they would wonder how they make their money. Don’t think they would care if they are trust fund baby with millions in the bank.

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