if you could give a Michelin star to any restaurant in the GTA, what would it be?

  1. For those that don't know, Michelin recently announced they were expanding into Toronto for the first time.

  2. Lol my friends from Germany were visiting this weekend and I definitely pointed out that McDonalds as an "experience not to be missed". They went on Sunday and agreed! 5 stars.

  3. Whole ass gang pulled up with butterfly knives when I have having breakfast there once. The next time I was there, they were locked down and only unlocking the doors when you picked up an order, because a dude was just shot across the street a few hours prior

  4. I just went there on Friday night for the first time. It was amazing, I concur with your recommendation.

  5. There are a lot of classically great restaurants listed here, some of which are entirely comparable to Michelin starred restaurants in other countries. I'd like to see them award a star to one of those small places that do a small range of things exceptionally well and not necessarily expensively though (like the street stall in Singapore that got it). My suggestion would be

  6. I'm typically in their grill/bbq section at least twice a week as I'm not a seafood person at all in life, with the very limited exceptions of salmon, and tuna.

  7. Michelin stars can be whatever the purchasing city wants them to be. Want to include some street food? Sure, just pay. Or do it traditional, they’ll take your money too.

  8. I was in Prague and ate at a 1 star restaurant and Alo blew them out of the water, IMO. Not sure if that means 3 stars but I say they get at least 2.

  9. I ate there for the first time 2 weeks ago. I had the set menu, I think it was 5 courses. I don’t remember a single one of them. Also, the waiter spoke too fast and I couldn’t understand his explanations of each course.

  10. The location on Underhill changed coco bread and patty vendors recently because Fahmee Bakery (Scarbs) had a fire. I didn't realize Fahmee was supplying them!

  11. They actually usually give 1 star to a bunch of casual places in each city. They def deserve one. So does Rasta Pasta

  12. We tried their 6 course tasting menu takeout over the pandemic which was unreal but still need to try dining in which is on our summer to do list

  13. Was just at George like two weeks ago! Amazing bites and super professional staff. They're so low key though (in terms of advertising), that's why people don't know. But if you know, you know.

  14. Everyone should exclusively reply to posts like this with nsfw alts, so that when BlahTO inevitably steals the content they have to give credit to

  15. we're more Lin Garden people but would be generally happy to see any local Hakka favorite represented because it's truly a one of a kind cuisine you don't commonly find anywhere else in the country

  16. I feel once they got the new space and started accepting cards as payment they haven't been quite the same. They just live off the hype that other people give it and newcomers let it influence their opinion.

  17. They're good, but I'd have to disagree. They're not Michelin Star level good. I feel for a star you've go to be doing something standout phenomenal. For example:

  18. Can we all agree that thatever restaurant you think makes the list, make a reservation and get in before the stars come out. Prices will double once they get their stars.

  19. Alo and Edulis will get a star each, I'd be a little bit surprised if anything else gets a star. Maybe Pearl Morrissette, Langdon Hall or Yasu (though I would bet on bibs as more likely for them). Should be a fair number of plates, and maybe a few bib gourmand places on the list. 20 Victoria, Giulietta, Richmond Station, Bar Isabel would be candidates there. (I think Brothers would have gotten a bib if it was still around.)

  20. The lake grill, in whitby. For once I felt like j was eating in a real restaurant, the meal was amazing. No sign of a chain franchise, just a modest small restaurant in a quiet neighborhood. Fine dining is pricier but honestly it was amazing.

  21. Here's how the vetting process works. Michelin is going to send in three different reviewers three times over the year they're going to send them in with friends cuz frankly no one goes to a high-end restaurant by themselves. They may chit chat about the food but no more than a regular foodie would. Once the reviewer gets out and into the car they start making notes immediately. If the food isn't completely perfect every single time, then it doesn't get the Michelin star rating. Chef's hate it because it means basically every single meal they ever put out has to be completely perfect because they never know when the reviewers are coming.

  22. The Only Cafe on the danforth probably has some of the best food / service around these days, also I don't think anything on their menu is more than 20 bucks.

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