Is there a Canadian version of Target here? I’m from the states

  1. Every September: A new pair of $11 shoes and a carton of smokes for mom. Back to school specials!

  2. The short answer is “No.”. The longer answer is a lot of grumpy Canadians upset at Target for stomping through our retail landscape, crushing stores in its wake, and then picking up stakes and leaving in the middle of the night.

  3. There’s Walmart, Giant Tiger (The Walmart of Walmarts), and Canadian Tire, which is cleaner than a Wallmart, but is expensive, understaffed, and doesn’t have groceries. Huzzah.

  4. I’m surprised at the number of people suggesting Canadian Tire. I’m Canadian but live in a border city so I go to target pretty often and would never have thought of Canadian tire as an equivalent since they don’t have any clothing, pharmacy, or groceries other than a small selection of snacks. I don’t think they have electronics either. The only places I would consider comparable as far as what they carry would be Walmart (although not as good) or maybe superstore, but they’re more grocery with extras (I’d say more like meijer).

  5. America bought-out the "Canadian version of Target" (it was called "Zellers", and we loved it very much)... and then Target failed in Canada, after a year.

  6. Target's launch in Canada is taught in business schools as an example in how to fuck everything up. Every time they had a decision to make, they picked the textbook wrong answer.

  7. I don’t get the appeal of target? I’ve been to the canadian and american stores and just cannot figure out how it’s special or different from wal-mart? You could go to canadian tire for the home stuff and superstore for clothes and food and have a better combined experience.

  8. The closest is Walmart. Giant Tiger is more of a discount store, like a step between a dollar store and a Walmart. Canadian Tire is closer to a Home Depot. Winners is basically TJ Maxx.

  9. The whole allure of Target (or "Tarjay" as we call it when we go cross-border shopping) was that it was decidedly NOT like Walmart. It was more like the old department stores. There is no place that has the feel of a Target in Canada.

  10. YOU AND ME BOTH. I moved here from Chicago last year and I miss Target so much, lol. But no. Unfortunately the closest thing I have found is Walmart, and we all know Walmart is not Target.

  11. Sears did exist here as well, for a very long time, as we still have houses from that time Sears allowed people to buy houses from its catalogues- got pushed out as well.

  12. They didn't buy Zellers. HBC ran Zellers into the ground, then sold the property leases to Target. Target miscalculated the Canadian market (and had supply chain issues) and closed up shop.

  13. And thanks to Canadian politics and economics, it’s damn near impossible for anything like Zellers to ever happen again.

  14. Winners is more like TJ Maxx (owned by the same parent so not that surprising) than Target. I'd say the closest store to Target in Canada is Walmart.

  15. Loblaws+Joe Fresh, T&T is an Asian version of the concept imo, otherwise find one of those penguin supercenters (Smart Center TM?) where you can access Winners/Homesense/Marshalls, plus a grocery, Canadian Tire or Walmart, and Dollarama all in the same place. You'll find them in the suburbs.

  16. Bi-Way was supposed to be revived by the original dude and he passes away about 6 months before it was supposed to open. It was going to be known as the BiWay $10 Store. I believe you can Google the info.

  17. Sadly Walmart, Best Buy, and other US retailers have more-or-less killed off Canadian version of these retailers.

  18. Yea and no. Curbside pickup and home delivery are way better at American Walmart, but that’s because amazon.COM is a bigger threat than .ca

  19. HBC and Eatons would’ve been higher end versions but eatons is gone and I don’t know if any Hudson’s bay stores left anywhere near me.

  20. We have Walmart. We used to have Target but they all closed now. Giant tiger has a bit of everything but limited stock. Rossi is great too.

  21. Used to be one, Zellers. Been gone for 10 years now I think. Also, there were Targets all over Canada before.. gone for almost 10 years now too I thinj

  22. We had a Target in Quebec for a while, but it closed for no good reason and I’m still mad about it.

  23. LOL! Target opened in Canada about 10 years ago and it was an entire retail disaster. Empty shelves and bad service. They closed a year later and lost well north of a billion. Canadians not such big fans of Target.

  24. Bi-way but they closed down, Zellers was comparable but they also closed down, we actually had Target here for a hot minute but unfortunately closed down.

  25. We use to have target but they expanded to quick and died. We as employees found out about our stores upcoming closer from the news.

  26. The Canadian Target in my town sucked big time. It was more like a half empty dollar store except the prices were way too high for the crap they stocked.

  27. When Target was here, it was rubbish. I've been to a few different locations in New England, and I honestly don't see why so many people are obsessed with it.

  28. RIP Zellers RIP the time Target tried to buy all zellers and then left the country leaving all the zellers to become Haunt stores every October.

  29. Honestly just so happy to open this and not read “Walmart”. The number of people who said target was just like Walmart when I moved here was heartbreaking

  30. As a Canadian living in America I can help. Walmart is target for Canadians. Most walmarts are not super busy or dirty, and the employees are as helpful as target employees. Walmart is seen where you can get cheap stuff but their is less trauma around it being ghetto. If you are looking for target brands and stuff. Get used to having less while living in canada, we do. Less brands less options less variety, its the Canadian way 😂

  31. Better question is what is the US fascination with Target? Every one I’ve been to in the US was unimpressive. Y’all are too obsessed with a store, and shopping in general

  32. I would say Superstore for a mix of clothing and makeup and all that - but the vibe of Target I think is the same as Canadian Tire.

  33. Zellers. It sucked, Target bought it... Target sucked even harder than Zellers, now we have neither.

  34. It's a low priced everything store. Pretty much a competitor to Walmart but beloved by Americans for their more fashionable cheap clothes, and partnerships with celebrities for limited product lines. Walmart is all basics, while Target is like Winners/Homesense + Canadian Superstore + Canadian Tire all in one place.

  35. Because the OP is looking for something close to Target, which is a step above Walmart. Giant Tiger is a step under Walmart.

  36. We had target,which pretty much killed off all our Zellers(rip Zellers),but all the Canadian Targets went under for the most part. I’d say the closest you’d probably get would be Walmart and….maybe Canadian Tire,although I don’t think either are particularly close.

  37. No, Zellers was already dead. Target just bought their leases. I wish people in this thread knew what the fuck they’re talking about.

  38. We used to have a Canadian chain called “Zellers”, that was taken over by Target. They closed some stores, consolidated others, then supply chain issues meant their shelves were practically empty for months on end so Canadians just stopped going and the whole chain collapsed.

  39. I'm as rabidly anti-capitalist as you can find, but Target is like Walmart: The Less Shitty version. I'm about to move to a town nearer to work, and there's no grocer apart from the Walmart. I wish that they had a Super Target... it's the least worst hypermarket I've ever seen.

  40. Some people here are saying Walmart in Canada is more middle road while in America has a lower demographic audience... really?? I go between the Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Scarborough stores and I wouldn't call them middle class stores. The stores are very trashy and dirty and often has people begging at the entrances. There's just not much other choices around so we keep going. The few Walmart in the States that I've gone to were significantly bigger, cleaner and better stocked. Even their employees had better vests than the Canadian one and seemed less overworked.

  41. Target tried to do Target in Canada whatever number of years ago. In the end, it wasn't Target, so it didn't last.

  42. Walmart for sure - but there aren't any in the downtown core. If you travel slightly out of the city - it's the best option.

  43. Sucks that they screwed it up so bad. I hate Walmart and Target was my alternative when living in the states.

  44. The Canadian Target was so bad back in the days, even during its last week of operations or “clearance sales”, they were still trying to rip us off with high prices.

  45. We have Walmart, giant tiger, Winners/Marshall and possibly Canadian tire (more hardware and appliances)

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