I listen to Rosalia but I don't seem to understand what she says in her songs. I am a native speaker of Spanish. Does this happen to Spaniards?

  1. It depends on where you learned Spanish. If you’re Latin her accent/dialect/slang could be difficult. I’m American and learned Spanish as a second language in Spain and I can understand her pretty well. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. There are songs that I certainly understand. I have traveled a lot to Spain and watch daily TVE and Antena 3 so I am quite familiar with accents and some slang. But some of her recent songs in Motomami are extremely incomprehensible.

  3. Amazing, because since she began to make the kind of music she is doing lately she sings in an to me unidentified Latin American accent (probably Caribbean American) very difficult to understand for Spaniards, it doesn’t help the mix of Slang words of this type of musicians with English words. But when she speaks in an interview or similar, her accent is totally different, she speaks with a perfect Spain’s accent (the one of Catalonia as she is Catalan), which is her real accent

  4. Lucky you. In her flamenco album she was using a very strong southern/gypsy dialect (used in flamenco ) ('tu miraaa clavaaa' instead of 'tu mirada clavada') the latest her pronounciation is more latin-american. Some songs, however, are standart. If you can understand all she says you have a pretty good level.

  5. Hace ya tiempo que no escucho Rosalía, por lo que de temas actuales no puedo decirte mucho, pero sí te puedo hablar de su etapa del Mal Querer, y es que en las canciones de ese álbum utilizaba las jergas propias de la comunidad gitana española (caló).

  6. About two weeks ago Rosalia was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live a live TV comedy show here in NYC. Her two songs live were incomprehensible.

  7. No hay quien la entienda a veces lol y sinceramente ni falta que hace con la de gilipolleces que dice en sus canciones utlimamente

  8. I do fully understand because i have spaniard and boricua friends, i did research her background and influencers

  9. Independientemente de la pregunta, me da más curiosidad saber cuál es el punto de ser nativo y preguntar a nativos pero en inglés 🤔

  10. No. You might not understand some slang as a Spaniard but the lyrics that are in Spanish are very easily understandable

  11. La acabó de ver en El Hormiguero la semana pasada y Rosalía estuvo genial. Me gustó cuando se disfrazó de reportera para preguntar a la gente sobre ella misma. Incluso en ese disfraze se veía bellísima y elocuente.

  12. Wow, ¿es normal ver el hormiguero en latinoamerica o es porque tienes alguna conexión especial con España?

  13. She had the fake andalusian prononciation on some words in El Mal Querer but she stopped doing that in motomami. Her slang is not andalusian.

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