Mi thought r/Indiaspeaks was trying to be better version of r/India but after watching this and reading the comments I realise it's just "Hindutva" Version of r/India

  1. Indiaspeaks wale chutiye hai, wo log ye bhi kahenge ke india is more woke than other countries and then boycott any idea of secularism and movies criticising their religion.

  2. Funny thing is they call others snowflakes, when any little criticism or joke about their religion fumes them with anger and calls for boycott

  3. few days ago they were abusing and cancelling a legend like satyajit ray because "40 years ago" he said religious tolerance should be promoted in india and all bad practices of religion should be stopped

  4. What you are saying is true but tell me honestly just how many times have you seen a Muslim man be a villain in a movie or Islam being treated the same as Hinduism in movies. Gems of bollywood (twitter) although I think he is an asshole but the videos he shares shows just how much anti-Hindu (anti-Hindu might be a strong word) content exists in Bollywood. Criticisms are good when they are for everyone and everything not just for particular community.

  5. In my opinion i don't see or think of deewar movie's main character (Amitabh Bachchan's character) as an atheist, he's probably in my opinion a misotheist like for him god may exist but not the Hindu gods because he hates them YK typical wannabe kids trying to become atheist just because their one day went wrong and blame god which in my opinion kind of illogical like why would someone get angry on something which he/she believes to be non existing and fake?

  6. . Current age:18 Well they believed in God but that one incident probably made them realise that actually there is no god.I left being theists at 12.Came across the word atheism at 15.I never go around flaunting this as some title because I will rather be lynched than to be considered cool.I don't go on converting people-just live my life without any religious influence.Those atheist kids are the one who act cool on social but don't even have the guts to be a non participant in any puja at home.I don't even have any social except reddit

  7. It really pains to see India has no nice subreddit to represent on a global scale. I was in Norway for a few days and therefore joined their sub. It's nice to see such positive messages there. Sure we have occasional hate comments there as well, but overall mods do a good job in maintaining neutrality. Here people are so divided based on ideology that the subreddits of India clearly show the bias.

  8. Randia, india speaks, librandu etc. are all toxic subs. These are full of political agendas and propogandas. It's full of people spewing hate on the other side not realising that they are the same as others. One good thing is that chodi got suspended, hope randia changes.

  9. Gandutva ki maa ki choot, agar kāle laude ko doodh se nehla ke sabki icçha puri hoti to sala koi school college kyu jata? Jao BC ussi kāle laude ke sahare zindagi guzaro.

  10. why don't they show that before every movie begins they Show a photo of Ganesh ji or other Gods of hinduism....?

  11. I'm banned from India and Indiaspeaks (👁 ͜ʖ👁). Btw if anyone is interested in learning about what is Hindutva watch this podcast by

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