Everyone in East Auckland right now

  1. Now we know why East Auckland has no public transport, it's to keep covid and other undesirables out

  2. I love how it literally isn't east Auckland and the actual East Auckland has a bunch of locations of interest. Sincerely, an East Aucklander

  3. I guess "Central-East Auckland" might be the better label? Botany etc is like "South-East Auckland" oh I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you get the idea though, it's Just a meme eh? Are you doing okay?

  4. I'm in Gulf Harbour and pleasantly surprised at seeing how many people are wearing masks. I managed to get vaccinated today in Orewa too and I only booked 2 days ago.

  5. Oh man, pretty distressing to see the area where I live and generally move around all covered in red.

  6. For once in my life I don’t mind the atrocious Panmure roadworks. It means people don’t really bother to hang around here!?

  7. If my neighbours parties and the community crime reports are any indication of people's movement then it won't be long!

  8. Hay Auckland is it time to make scary face masks a thing, to try and scare sick people into staying at home?

  9. You all know the pcr test is not accurate a? It doesn’t detect the c virus ! That’s coming from the man who invented the pcr test Karl mullis Just DuckDuckGo it and you will see. The testing is used by the rulers of the world to bump up the numbers to cause fear in the population so they can enforce their communist rule upon the people…. when people live in fear they do what they told.

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