Moving soon, any suburbs to avoid?

  1. Not necessarily, there are some very expensive suburbs with superficial people defined by their material possessions but are a sad vacuous lot with Stepford wives getting work done periodically. That is a sad indictment on mankind but unfortunately true. Even if I have millions of dollars I would out of principle buck the trend and live where you desire regardless of the crime. If you're pakeha , try the roll of the dice and live amongst the Polynesian and Maori people. Make a difference. To hell with the ever growing divide between the races, the have and have nots!! Alternatively, live amongst the Asian community and witness their subtle parade of their new found wealth while espousing the humble virtues of their homeland.

  2. Depends on where you work. Good/bad micro-areas everywhere. Look for good transport/alternate routes in case of roadworks/incidents and then narrow down on area to live.

  3. Look for places you can afford with a favourable commute then scout out the specific area at different times of day, are their low life's hanging around looking dodgy? Loud music, loud cars, multiple cars parked on lawns etc, are gardens and berms overgrown. Not being house proud at all is a useful indicator of people who will have zero consideration for you, because they don't give two shits about their own home.

  4. Well said. If someone doesn’t care about their home how would you expect them caring other people?

  5. Depends on your salary, age and lifestyle. If you're like me - late twenties yo pro with good disposable income, fringe City suburbs are great - Mt Eden, Parnell, Freemans Bay, Kingsland are all awesome places to live.

  6. If you’re working remotely, move to Pukekohe. Wayyy less pollution, nice people and more social life / community than most suburbs. If you time it right (after 9:30) it’s only 30 minutes to the CBD if you need to go to meetings.

  7. Anywhere's good really. Even the less desirable areas have their good areas, just do your research. Yes, even Manurewa, Otara, Weymouth and Mangere.

  8. You just gotta write a list of priorities and then find an area that meets them. What's a good or bad suburb is so subjective. To me living in the suburbs and having to drive to work or into the city sounds awful. But others want a yard and are happy with a dairy down the road. You can get the vibe of most places driving around when you're viewing a place.

  9. Bad spots are any state house area. There's lots of those in South Auckland, some in Panmure, Pt England and Glen Innes, some in Orakei, Northcote, Beach Haven, Belmont, not familiar with much of West Auckland but it has various bad spots in Henderson, etc. Basically, when looking to rent, get the address and go to google maps street view to see what it looks like. If it looks bad, then tell them somethings come up and you can't make the viewing. It will save you time.

  10. There is very few 'horror' suburbs in Auckland. If I would avoid any suburbs I would include Otara, Mangere, Manurewa, Clendon Park and Clover park out south. Parts of Massey, Henderson and Ranui out west. That's it really and even if you live in most of those you are unlikely to have major issues. Some of those suburbs like Ranui and Henderson have really nice parts too, just depends where you are.

  11. I live in Pakuranga but grew up in manurewa and feel safer walking through manurewa in the evening then I do out in east Auckland. Only thing you gotta look out for are the stray dogs when you go for your walks 😅 other then that it’s all good haha.

  12. I remember a few yrs ago I was cycling from Panmure up to the hill of St Heliers, passing the GI houses with broken cars parking at front & people staring at me as if I was an alien creature. Pretty sketchy. But last weekend I drove downhill on the same road, most houses were new and no single shabby house was around. I was completely surprised. Pretty big transformation aye?

  13. I live in Hillcrest on the North Shore and I love it. As far as places to avoid, don't go near Tonar Street in Northcote. Dodgy as.

  14. Tonar is nothing like it used to be. The whole block was bulldozed. 1/3 will be state housing, 1/3 first home buyers, rest to whoever else. Its actually safe as fuck now. I actually walked up it during level 4. Something I never dreamed I would have even 10 years ago. Then there's Beachaven, once dodgy valley streets like Lysander and Taurus have been improved

  15. Assuming that you're looking to rent you may not have much choice on where you live as your challenge might be successfully applying for a property over many other applicants.

  16. I understand why the CBD is ‘bad’ atm but what I don’t I don’t understand is how people are portraying it as a doomsdale. Every metropolis in the world right now are experiencing hardship, so when I hear comments like the CBD is almost as bad as ‘NYC in the 80’s’, I see ignorance. What do you think the residents of NYC are actually experiencing now in the streets? The CBD has always experienced rough activity before the pandemic, but there were more people around to distract from that. I do live in the CBD right now, but I’m just as cautious as I have always been because it is New Zealand’s biggest metropolis

  17. Half moon bay. It’s so expensive and far from anything worthwhile. The only supermarket they have is a fresh life or something or rather and it’s hella expensive. People there are kinda snobbish too

  18. Avoid West Auckland from Avondale through to Massey - fringes like Titirangi Henderson Heights etc are ok. Worst parts are Henderson central, Ranui, Swanson and Massey.

  19. Manurewa and Papakura are getting better but Pt Chev, and anything more west like Te Atatu Peninsula/ Te At South to avoid? Lol, you have no idea.

  20. Actually Avondale is quite good if you stay towards Mt Albert side of it. Only 5-6 minutes to great north rd exit, and very central location.

  21. Bro this post is whack. Pt Chev is like $2.2m entry level for a house lol and is almost as unaffordable as ponsonby and grey lynn. Avondale is really nice in most parts

  22. Pt Chev a shitty suburb? Maybe 2 decades ago before the gentrification settled in, but last time I checked it was one of the most desirable and expensive suburbs (You're talking above 2 million for basically anything that sells there).

  23. Feildcrest from Briscoes. It's the best you can buy. No lint or anything. Wash it first then nonproblems.

  24. This was asked last week. Did you bother to search before posting? But yeah the question is sort of pointless till we have more info about what you can afford and what other needs you have.

  25. Oh sorry, first time posting! I just need to live close enough to cbd for occasional meeting. Work in I.t can be 99.99% remote. Happy to pay 800-1000 in rent for a couple

  26. You can catch the ferry to CBD from Half moon bay which is pretty sweet. It’s one of the most expensive areas in East Auckland though. Live in Otara if you wanna score tinnies.

  27. You’re pretty safe with howick, bucklands beach, cockle bay etc. East Auckland doesn’t seem to have a lot of the crime issues that other suburbs do

  28. I think asking which areas to avoid tends to be an unhelpful way of looking at it. You’re much better off describing things like your price range, activities you enjoy, how you’d like to commute/how long you’d be happy to commute for, where your work is based (if you’ve already got a job), whether you’ve got a family or just yourself - just generally the kind of vibe you’re after. People are ruling out places like Manurewa and Henderson but that still tells you nothing about the difference between you moving to somewhere like Papakura versus Ponsonby. We might be able to help you more that way!

  29. Had my car broken into twice in Grey Lynn, stolen in Pt Chevalier and stolen again in Sandringham. I’ve lived in AK most of my life and it feels more crime ridden now than in the past. Hopefully it’s temporary as the car thefts happened during lockdown.

  30. I don't recommend areas on the north shore like beach Haven and northcote. Yes, there are good areas in both neighborhoods but the affordable areas are not good

  31. Most of manukau I would avoid , not because of any danger (although I definitely wouldn’t leave my car unlocked 😂) just not a nice place to live and not much to do, if your looking for something out west I’d avoid new Lynn and and some parts of Avondale but pretty much everywhere else in Auckland is relatively safe and fine

  32. We need a bit more info. What do you do in your free time? Do you have pets? Do you prefer to eat out or cook at home? Do you like variety? Do you prefer the quiet or the bustle? Lots of insight here, best to know a bit more about your lifestyle to really help. 💕

  33. Massey Henderson must be safe, the police helicopter is always patrolling overhead. I think it is what you make it wherever you go. I always heard Henderson was dodgey. Then we found it one of the more central budget zones. My neighbours are all great, I like it here.

  34. I feel ashamed to be a New Zealander when our largest city is plagued with the dilemma of where to live due to societal issues. I'd like to think you could live anywhere in Auckland but obviously closer to your place of employment.

  35. Write a wish list of what sort of location you want to live in....a good place will turn up. Do you want a nice vibe with good access to the city?

  36. Avondale. We’ve had stabbings, shootings and off course the Countdown disaster that just happened. Heaps of gangs too. Feels like I’m back in America but without the cool stuff.

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