Doc warns NSW is ‘sleepwalking’ into crisis

  1. My wife needs a covid test before surgery on Wednesday. Queued up at 7:45, it's now 12:45 and at a guess I'd say we'll be at the testing tent in about an hour.

  2. Experienced similar. It’s chaotic, they scaled back testing resourcing at exactly the wrong time. Hope all goes well for you and you wife.

  3. Just been through that exact situation. Queued up from 6pm and didn’t get in as the testing clinic closed at 8pm. Went next morning and got a test but the result didn’t arrive in time. Which was a good thing because they took all the covid precautions for my wife and then today we got called and told one of the hospital staff involved in my wife’s care has tested positive…

  4. One of the blokes I work with was queuing for 5 hours. He ran out of fuel. Had to get his wife to buy a jerry can from the servo and bring it to him. Security wouldn’t let her walk on site with a can of petrol. It was a hassle to get them to let her in to fix the blockage that he was causing.

  5. Most hospitals you can go to a special pre-surgery testing clinic inside the hospital, regular PCR isn't it. They also don't want to risk you getting covid while inthe testing queue.

  6. So what you mean is, we SHOULD freak out, because it seems like most people see masks as an egregious imposition on their human rights, and would rather catch COVID.

  7. Why is a few more weeks going to matter? Serious question. The virus isn’t going to vanish. There’s no chance of COVID zero. What’s going to be different in a few more weeks?

  8. In Newcastle, from my observations, majority of people are still wearing masks when in a public indoor/enclosed setting. So I have (small amounts of) hope that our outbreak won’t blow out too much further than what we’re seeing now.

  9. Then again your also screwed if you do lockdowns for two long you cannot keep paying people who can't work due to it forever.

  10. That was voted in by NSW. Well the party was but either way I'm sure he'll get voted in again next election anyway so at some point you have to blame the people for voting in idiots

  11. Just seen the greeter at big W, a 16-18 year old (estimate) being abused by a 40 something year old bloke for asking him about his mask.

  12. If I get anyone stubborn over vaccination status (we're very strict - have to ask everyone to show us their cert, every time, even members) I go one further and say "I never signed up to check people's vaccine status. This was never in my job description. I hate this just as much as you, and I have to deal with it all day. I understand it may be frustrating but it'll be a lot easier on both of us if you just have your certificate ready when you come through the door."

  13. Perrottet is a full on insane conservative ideology warrior which you can gather from his insane articles and FB posts. That means ignoring reality, ignoring science, and believing the best thing to do is to serve the market and blah blah about freedom. So here we are with Covid cases exploding and Perrottet won't even say you have to wear masks.

  14. I can't believe they won't do anything, they had a useless press conference yesterday. Blah blah personal responsibility, blah blah booster and it's the easiest thing to just reinstate masks. Problem with personal responsibility in these cases is that the consequences aren't solely personal. They think they care about business, yet they'll leave this so a business has to shut down for a week, I work in a very small business only four of us in the office and we serve the real estate industry, if we have to shut up shop cos we get COVID we'd lose too much income and might struggle to recover, and we're doing everything in our power to stay safe

  15. My conspiracy theory is that he’s a scapegoat. The libs want it all open and know they can’t win so they put in a completely idiot that they can disassociate themselves from at the second next election.

  16. Sydney will be the epicentre of Omicron in Australia. Perrotet will let it rip through the city, regions and interstate. He will be worse than Berijiklian and that is a very low bar.

  17. It's NSW though, so if stuff gets really bad they have the following options which the media will generally play along with;

  18. Right? And even Gladys acknowledged restrictions and lockdowns might still be necessary going forward, as needed - because "living with the virus" does NOT mean acting like it no longer exists.

  19. Was in the northern Rivers the other day. The cafes and restaurants are packed and I'd say fewer than 10% had masks on. That's in the middle of antivax territory too. I can't see how this is going to end well.

  20. I think 2/3 people are wearing masks indoor in terms of retail, but 99% not wearing mask in office setting... (from personal observation of my area & workplace). I'm glad I wasn't in the office last week as we got notified today there was a positive case..

  21. I've had to get tested with my daughter today because her father's partner had a coworker test positive... Both her dad and partner were so relieved to have to do away with this very basic infrastructure and stopped wearing them. And now, after two years of safe compliance my end, I might be end up with it. Absolute bullshit people at the top pandering to the most legitimately bullshit people in our society, with complete disregard to the consequences of their actions.

  22. They won’t lockdown to keep the shops and Christmas open. But it will be a good test of the vaccine if there are lots of cases and few deaths

  23. Here’s an expert dishing out a truth that nobody wants to hear. Many will listen and be sensible knowing small inconveniences now save us from far greater problems in the future. Others just don’t want to hear it and will attack the messenger. People are straight out bagging “experts”. I’m finding we’re heading down a dangerous path of anti-intellectualism. It’s not just the usual ferals, some formerly reasonable people are going down this path now.

  24. Hate to break it to you, but those of us that have had to work with COVID (not just clinical staff contrary to popular belief) and watched the last 2 yrs happen and know what’s going on intimately have been ignored for the better part of 2 yrs when we’ve seen the shit about to hit the fan and voiced it. At the core of it, people don’t actually give a shit and everyone in the healthcare system are fighting for people who don’t want to be fought for. It’s exhausting and demoralising.

  25. It sucks fucking balls in a 30°c day carrying 1 ton of lead 20m away.. now saying that I still wear it. No matter what people say it actually does cause fatigue quicker carrying heavy loads breathing through cloth.

  26. Hey look, NSW just took an ambien so it could sleep at night. What happens after that isn’t the government’s fault, it’s all the fault of the ambien!

  27. Scummo claims it's god's will, that Andrews is the antichrist, and that he doesn't hold the hose, people are to blame for not being responsible. All people, just not him.

  28. God forbid they allow a few bits of blown plastic fabric and a couple of elastic loops to allow complete economic openness.

  29. As a Queenslander - just why the fuck did we open up our borders to plague central!? We're absolutely fucked now - the outbreak here is now impossible to stop, new daily case numbers are doubling every 48 hours, and no further restrictions are being considered because we're committed to this hopelessly politicised "roadmap".

  30. The astroturfing business lobby has already committed to WA's infection day early in Feb. Not looking forward to it. Planning an end of freedoms party for late January.

  31. The decision to open up was made a few months ago, before Omicron was a thing. They can't go back on that now as so many families will be catching up after not having seen each other for a long time.

  32. Qld commissioned their own modelling, including modelling the worst case scenario, in order to ensure they'd be able to handle the capacity of cases we're going to be looking at.

  33. Queensland had to open up eventually. Y'all had plenty of examples from us cockroaches etc about how it would go, so you should be vaccinated by now.

  34. I think it's because there is a large cohort of people who wont get vaxxed until they are threatened with imminent infection.

  35. Honest question, this inevitably was going to happen; in terms of pros and cons, is this the best time to do a rip and tear method or is there something else that would have increased the odds to its favour such as potential therapeutics?

  36. Letting it rip is a fools errand. The only reason you might possibly think this is a good idea, is because you have some false belief in herd immunity.

  37. On the bright side... The spread of CoVid in NSW followed by the resultant hospitalisation and deaths will mean the end of another lying liberal's political carer...

  38. It's almost like it's a global pandemic with a constantly evolving virus and the "goal" to protect people is moving along side it 🤔

  39. So what? LET it rip! Massive majority did the right thing and vaccinated, so why remain closed, locked, sealed up if we are all vaccinated. Plus it is a great opportunity to get rid of the few that have not vaccinated, I am sick to death of their bull shit arguments, let it spread, let them get sick and let them see it for themselves. The only people I will be sad if we lose any are the ones who did the right thing.

  40. I’m not an anti vaxxer, I’ve been front and centre straight away when they were available. But is there any merit in suggesting that we are only delaying the onset of endemic covid, but with measures that are doing arguably as much damage in a social and economic sense? I work in cyber security and from that perspective I’m getting a bit tired of creating digital breads crumbs of all my movements with check ins. The privacy concerns are starting to bother me.

  41. So are you promoting restructuring of the economy around Decentralisation of population, everyone working etiher at home or within their town or city, a rapid public housing & emergency accomodation build so nobody has to live in 10 or more to a Rooming House or otherwise overcrowded, fit for purpose Quarantine like NT, maintaining australian manufacture of vaccines for supplying poorer countries?

  42. Why be worried about Covid checkins when there is already absolutely no privacy due to tracking from ISPs, telcos and VPN logs, internet cookies, device fingerprinting, Meta, Google, Microsoft and Apple tracking, plus cellular, wifi and bluetooth pings, plus public and private facial and license plate recognition, plus blanket coverage of open or easily hacked public and private security cameras, and that's not even considering foreign and domestic secret agencies.

  43. We need to stop running and locking ourselves away. Australians now don’t have natural immunity and it is a problem. More lockdowns will prelong the pandemic. Get vaxxed, invest in therapeutic medicines, and let’s just start dealing with it.

  44. Paramedic here, we are pretty concerned for a shit summer. All the hospitals (in Sydney anyway) ran out of beds, lots of 2-3hr waits for ambos to off load patients. If the numbers get much higher, not sure how it’s going to go regarding wait times….

  45. They work, but they are not perfect. They are like seat-belts. It's much better to wear them, but you still don't want to get into an accident and take your chances.

  46. Unbelievable that’s marks and other restrictions have been lifted dispute record numbers . It’s about keeping the big end of town happy with Dom Parrot

  47. He literally said he is trying to avoid a lockdown. His solution is mitigation strategies like masking, considering the size of the gathering & who comes, serving lunch outdoors etc.

  48. Blah blah blah, only your colleagues in the break room want to continue talking about covid, the rest of Australia is getting on with life. Kindly shut your mouth and fuck off already

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