The 4WD/ute trend is cringe

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  2. yeah... maybe what he means is the oversized lifted 4door utes getting popular with tradies as opposed to just the regular sized utes. That fits more in the 4 year span.

  3. It may have been going on longer but even I feel it's only become super noticeable in the last few years. Like it reached a certain tipping point or threshold where they're now half of all private vehicles on the road in many areas. You notice it more when you have to squeeze out of your car because the only space available was between two of them, or when they constantly block your view of oncoming traffic at a roundabout.

  4. I noticed it got a lot worse though around the time they stopped making Commodores and Falcons here. All the bogans who normally would have gone for them have migrated to jacked up, kitted out 4WDs

  5. We used to use it back in the late 80's-early 90's so I would argue much longer. Admittedly that was more Range Rovers, now most brands have a vehicle that would sit in that category.

  6. I just asked my 50 year old dad out of the blue if he knows what a toorak tractor is and before i even started the second word he said yes.

  7. I can deal with the large cars. But do they really need headlights that can be seen from orbit?? I feel like my retinas are being burnt out when I drive at night these days.

  8. I live in very remote western QLD. You know what the joke is? Every local knows you just DON'T drive at night. You WILL hit wildlife. So those big expensive driving lights will be the first thing that are smashed when Skippy jumps out for a look...

  9. I own a 2002 hilux that i have for the last 18years and go camping and fishing often and just look at some of those rangers like its a competition on how much crap you can bolt onto a car

  10. I have a 1997 Ford Courier twin cab 4wd 2.5 diesel with no turbo. Its...agricultural. its got 280000ks and oil changed every 10000 these days. Love going camping or just road trips (sleep in the canopy...diagonally) and she never let's me down. No electronics and such a basic engine means I can fix a lot of stuff myself. Last Christmas/NY she did 1800ks over 9 days over the state visiting family and friends. I love my ute.

  11. 2000 Hilux owner here. It is still humming along perfectly. Some of my mates have gone through 4 or 5 vehicles in the 22 year period I've had my ute. I just put fuel in it and drive.

  12. This makes me sad, just lost our 2001 Hilux to a collision with a cow. Miss that beast daily. Old Hiluxs are magnificent vehicles. I drive a new Ranger for work and it's nice but I'd never pay that personally for a vehicle. Just about to move back to the city/suburbs so don't need a 4x4 anymore but I'll miss it!

  13. I saw the US “trucks” first time in the wild back in 99 in Guam and laughed my arse off at the stupidity of them. Now they are taking over the utes because nobody makes the old Ute anymore. The joke’s on us.

  14. 100% this, compare commodore and falcon Ute’s and 1990s early 2000s Utes to today. They are twice the size.

  15. The worst are the Utes that can't function as Utes. My sister has a bunch of Hiluxes for her business (traffic management). They're all the dual cab version, so you can drive staff around, and doubles as a family car. Which means they're fucking useless as actual Utes.

  16. I’m watching Life Below Zero, a documentary about people in the sticks in Alaska. I get a big 4WD truck to carry as much as possible when there’s only a limited time in the year to go into town and every trip must count. But if it’s to pose, then I’m going to think you are a fucktard. Seriously, check out Japanese Kei cars. My wife and I share one. She drives as part of her job, so she drives it every weekday, in traffic, on highways and in the mountains. I drive it on average 3 times a month. I’ve driven all kinds of vehicles and kei cars are fucking great. Low fuel costs, easy to park and, if it’s a turbo, fast as a regular car even driving up hills. Even with 3 or 4 people.

  17. As someone who grew up in a rural area where people use utes/4wds for work (and normally have a small car for normal things), it's honestly hilarious to me that people drive brand-spanking-new 4wds in the city. I get the feeling they'd probably pass out if it got cow manure up one side, or some scratches from going four wheel driving.

  18. Yeah I have a ute in a rural location and it’s mostly used for carrying around firewood, rocks and soil and pieces of trees. Often in 4WD in my paddocks. The tub is pretty scratched up. But that’s what it’s purpose is. I am sad to have to have a dual cab but I got kids and the other car is often used. It’s actually good for doing shopping, on the cold nights my milk stays cold in the tub on the drive home.

  19. So very true. I live in a rural town and my Camry had done more off-road driving than most of those flashy and over equipped beasts in the city. I know the limits of my Camry and will not be crossing deep fords nor go crawling up a muddy, rocky or sandy slopes.

  20. We're about to buy a 10yo stock Triton 4x4 and swapping the tub for a tray is the only mod I'm planning

  21. Gotta tighten legislation. Should only be able to make those claims if the vehicle is being used as intended

  22. That's why all our work utes are new FX4s. Saved almost an entire years tax bill and got a new ute. Why WOULDN'T we do that?

  23. What shits me is the bad name all these wankers in suburban 4wd are giving us who have a 4wd because we use it for its intended purpose.

  24. To be fair, for families that can afford it, a new or decent near new vehicle is going to have a lot better safety ratings and be more reliable.

  25. $3000? Jesus haha alright big spender. My first car was a 1993 Nissan pintara I got for $400. I cannot believe how many p platers are driving around in 50k+ vehicles

  26. I get that they're there, and I get that they are appealing to youngsters, or perhaps the decision makers in the buying process. I don't get how it's appalling.

  27. For young blokes the V8 ford/Holden ute is gone, we don’t build cars in Australia anymore. So they replaced the Maloo with a land cruiser or raptor. What did the OP expect them to drive?

  28. OP's pissed that people spend money on things they like. It's the same as people spending $4k + on a new top of the line PC and playing exclusively minecraft. Let people enjoy things.

  29. As a divorced father that comment hit me right in the heart. Especially considering I looked at Cars Guide for Used SUVs this morning.

  30. Japan culture has it right…. Tradies drive vans. You can carry a shit load more in a van, minimal tie down needed in the back, less chance of theft. A good portion of the utes and 4wd utes aren’t used to their potential in aus.

  31. I'm a brick paver and would like a van for all the reasons you've mentioned as well as being able to sit inside the back for a smoko room lol. Only reason ive had to always have utes is to be able to carry sand/cracker dust in the tray. It's either that or a van with a trailer but don't really want to pay the extra maintenance and rego

  32. The whole tangent about people thinking someone's hot because they drive a 70's series cruiser makes me think he's probably just a kid in highschool who's having a bit of a shit time and needs to find a reason why people don't like him that isn't in his control.

  33. To add to that - as if OP has any clue whatsoever what kind of car complete strangers need or use. Typical ‘I’m better than everyone around me and I’m looking for reasons why’ post

  34. Morrison the Marketer gifted 100% depreciation tax write-off to curry favour with small business, so now Karen uses one to go shop in.

  35. Lol. There is a certain stereotype for the old, lifted patrol that spews black smoke with any number of stickers on the back windscreen.

  36. Love being a red P plater and constantly seeing massive 4wd’s right up my ass in the rear-vision whilst I’m driving my shitbox around schools and suburbs where the speed is like 60 max…

  37. Feels even better on a motorbike. Feels like having an actual truck sitting 1m off my back wheel. I always pull over and let them pass. Not interested in ending up in their grill unnoticed for days.

  38. I find the craziest thing is 10 years ago if you said people would permanently attach tents to their Utes and drive around day to day most people would say fuck off no way. Also the amount of chrome and stainless shit plus alloy wheels is the new neon under lights trend of the 90s

  39. This is the part I find most true here. My friends have utes they have no intention of using for purpose due to the tax benefits. But my father has a ranger with a tent, that's been on for 6 years and has never once been used for camping.

  40. Was shopping for a new car early 2021, and I wanted a Sedan, not an SUV. Some dealers tried to keep upselling me on one, even said sedans were going out of style and the manufacturers were focusing on SUVs.

  41. I believe you have just stumbled on the "culture" of the wanker. For this amazing revelation you should apply for a job at Channel 9

  42. OP sounds very butthurt in this post, calling people toxic normies for wanting to own a certain type of car.

  43. And due to whatever testosterone response (or estrogen, it's both sides of the coin) that these tanks produce, they are half way into the fuckin intersection rather than sitting back trying to rip a right hand turn on a busy road while all you want is to go left

  44. I haven't lived in straya for 20 years, so when I come back I really notice the changes. the dual cab trend has definitely taken off the last 4 years. but as far as I see it is a very practical machine. you've got five seats, you can chuck all your shit in the tray, and you can handle the shitty roads west of the range. Makes sense to me.

  45. I love my dual cab. Got a closed in canopy for the dogs and no dog hair blowing around the inside of the cab. Room for the baby seat in the back. Plenty of room for the stroller and all the other baby sh*t you need to take on a trip.

  46. I’m a ‘normie’ - in my 40s, married, stable office job, 2 kids, 3-bedroom house in the middle suburbs of Melbourne, a bit overweight and rapidly greying hair. We have a station wagon (a 12-year old Skoda) and an almost 2-year old dual cab ute.

  47. I live in regional QLD and resonate with this. The dual cab ute is fantastic for luggage, roof racks for my kayak, baby seat in the back and the canopy on the tray for the dogs and secure storage of all the stuff you need when you travel with a young family.

  48. You're not a tool, mate. You're someone who bought something you like. Unfortunately, that came with a side-effect of making OP irrationally angry lol.

  49. Back in the day someone decided that light commercial vehicles didn't need to adhere to the same emission standards as passenger cars. Manufacturers worked out that they could make more profit selling light commercial vehicles (easier emission standards, cheaper body on frame construction) to people and the SUV concept was born. What followed was a brainwashing campaign still going on today touting the "advantages" of a 4WD SUV: "it's higher so you can see over traffic (true until everyone got one), it is safer for you and your passengers (never true, and specially unsafe for other people in sedans), you can go anywhere (true only if you get the actual 4WD and all terrain tires which most of them don't come with), etc etc."

  50. Utes aren't new and they have a lot of utility (no pun intended), so its really a case of people getting them for this reason.

  51. Just let people enjoy things. I'd never want one as it's hard enough navigating carparks in a smaller car. But who cares if other people like them

  52. I saw a new Unimog ute the other day. Now that thing was fucking huge, even those ram utes had nothing on it.

  53. I am torn as I understand the OP where we are increasingly seeing massive US style wide utes on the roads - but having a go at utes in general seems somewhat narky.

  54. I absolutely hate mums in their giant 4WDs. Sitting up there in their high, sound proof cabin, can't hear or see anything around them and care not for anyone else using the road. At the expense of other road users, they are safe and their kids are safe in their impenetrable moving fortresses, and that's all that matters.

  55. Not to mention how every second fucking parking spot is now taken up by some stupid soccer mum or dad who literally only uses it to commute and you can barely fucking fit your car next to them because they take up so much space.

  56. And yet there's dozens of people here going on about how they always see "utes which never get used" which could have quite easily been you in yours during the normal part of the week

  57. In the country it’s the same I’m sure there is more legit camping enthusiasts but they look ridiculous driving past maccas.

  58. I think it’s has become a trend because a lot more people are camping and fishing. Covid was a big part of this because people who would normally holiday overseas only had their own backyard. In some ways I think it has been a positive thing.

  59. My little Honda Jazz was involved in an incident and for a little while I didn’t know if it was going to be a write off. So I started looking at replacements and there’s barely any small cars available to buy anymore. A Mitsubishi Mirage was about it. I asked Honda why they don’t sell the Jazz anymore (honestly it’s a great car, that thing is a tardis) and they said everyone wants SUV’s, I was really surprised. Living inner city I can’t imagine driving a big car and parking it. Anyway, my Honda survived another day so I’m hanging onto it!

  60. I’m glad you have mentioned this, see so many that have never seen anything other than a sealed road. I really love the stainless steel snorkel and turbo charger, like you’re ever going to need that in Western Australia, it’s bone dry 99.99% of the year here.

  61. The attitude that pisses me off the most is “I own a 4WD because if I get in a crash the owner of the small car will be the one who dies.”

  62. Had to use my "busted old commodre" once to help a mate move some stuff because their hubby didnt wanna "scuff the tray" of his flash new ute. Laughable

  63. I agree with this. I 100% don't get land cruisers, crazy expensive, terrible on fuel and I think they're ugly as hell . Plus it's like they pride themselves on been way behind every other Ute when it comes to the interior 'bells and whistles'.

  64. Watching a comically overlarge 4wd Ute (F150 style, that's as much as I will learn about these things) try and make a tight turn into a two way drive way as I drive my hiace out was golden yesterday.

  65. I just want to stop seeing grandmas at the shopping centre holding up the traffic because they can't park the great big hulking 4WD. They're bad enough in the little Corolla.

  66. Last time I checked dogs can't get drivers licences or buy vehicles. If you're actually talking about women, plenty of women of various colours and hues enjoy camping, hiking and road trips out of the city just as much as "basic white blokes" and would prefer a car that's good for rough roads.

  67. I can see the appeal of a ute as a second car but I miss station wagons. SUVs killed off them off but they were way more practical and CHEAPER then a SUV. And some were very capable of towing a good sized box trailer or heavier too.

  68. I live in the country and commute 60km each way for work - Prado with bullbar (because I have hit stuff) is enough. Don’t need any extra shit….. makes me laugh all of the 4WD without a speck of dirt next to my off white colour….

  69. This current trend is like the 4 banger buzzbox trend from years back. Instead of idiots bolting on spoilers, bodykits and stereo's to their shitbox Civic or Lancer, it's clowns adding Maxtrax, awnings and lift kits to Hiluxs and Patrols. Source: I'm a clown with a 4x4 and former buzzbox owner

  70. You'd judge my parentals "normies from the suburbs" if you saw them driving around in their toorak tractor, but they have a set of proper off road tyres and head full bush bashing regularly.

  71. If anyones feeling a bit to "cringe" after reading this post and looking to offload their 4WD ute for a cheap price I'll gladly take it off their hands. Just let me know thanks!

  72. 4WD cars saved my dad from depression. His current being a big white Hilux that he uses to get to work, takes on 4wd trips, camping trips with the 4wd club, lets me and mum use it when we go on holiday travel. He has spent over 50K over the years to upgrade it and i haven't seen him happier.

  73. 79 series is my dream car... fucked up not buying my mates in 2019... almost my biggest regret for the last 3 years....

  74. 79 series is my dream car too. Can’t afford any Toyota atm without going into debt and not keen to do that for a car It’ll happen one day! 😁

  75. I actually agree with this. 15-20 years ago it was something you only saw in Sydney's eastern suburbs at schools pick up time when all the rich mums were out on the road. I always remember thinking none of those 4wd's would have even seen so much as a dirt road, let alone been out in the bush. These day's it's spread to everywhere.

  76. Lol my girlfriends dad just spent 70k on a Dmax and probably another 100k on upgrades, I guarantee it'll never see any sort of offroading while he owns it.

  77. The massive Ram and Dodge trucks are ridiculous, they have no reason to be in Aus other than to act as a beacon of compensation for some poor senile sod.

  78. It's so lame seeing big square lumps of vehicle as far as the eye can see. I remember in the mid00s Top Gear talking shit on how ugly and silly SUVs were, and now it's pretty much the only type of car you can buy. Nissan currently offers six different SUV type vehicles, and a 'work ute' type vehicle which for some reason everyone wants now. The only other things they sell is the electric Leaf hatchback, and the 'all new Z' coupe. Mitsubishi doesn't even have that. 5 SUVs, a ute, and a van.

  79. It's damn ridiculous setting folks that quite obviously have never done anything more onerous that Christmas shopping at Chadstone driving fuck-off-big utes. Tradies are bad enough drivers (don't come for me, it's true) but suburban and urban people who've never driven anything bigger than a Kia hatchback are a damn menace.

  80. I know it’s not acceptable in a lot of forums to make small dick jokes, but I genuinely think the truck trend is driven by feelings of inadequacy. Be it a beer gut, a divorce or sexual performance, I think a lot of guys are compensating with a stupidly large truck.

  81. You hit the nail on the head with the status symbol. Have a look at the next 2-3 landcruisers you see, guarantee they will be immaculate it’s the Australian suburbs version of a Range Rover.

  82. The Holden Utes with bull cars flags Radio aerials Chevy badges and 3 Rodney Jane racing wheels was also quite shit. But rangers and such are what we have now that Utes are long dead. People want to mod what that they got

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