Australian voters were betrayed on energy prices, but not by Labor’s budget

  1. In the NT we have one energy provider for households, every few years they bump the rates up 30% but surely that's just inflation right? /s

  2. Energy is also a long term infrastructure issue. The LNP were in power almost a decade, and the issue isn't new. They've been consistently fumbling the public good and plugging in goals for fossil fuel donors that whole time. If after another decade in power Labor have left as disastrous a legacy, they'll deserve to be lampooned in the same way.

  3. The libs propaganda today got no traction. What a disgusting, lying rabble they are. Angus Taylor makes me want to vomit when I hear him.

  4. So the Libs were in bed with the gas cartel; that doesn’t excuse Labor from inaction against this fucking massive threat we’re all facing. They need to apply domestic reservation to gas and coal, and they need to do it NOW.

  5. Yeah I really don't know what anyone could have done in a short space of time about the increasing unreliability of old coal plants, and the Russian invasion is a huge driver and was entirely unforeseeable.

  6. Ok. It's all fine and well to say that Labor's budget isn't the reason why energy prices are high but it is within their power with the budget to help alleviate some of that cost burden on the poorest and most vulnerable in the community?

  7. Your first question is so vague that even replacing Labor with yourself, the answer could be yes.

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