Police say a 'concerning' social media trend is to blame for recent incidents of teenagers targeting police

  1. Not disputing you in the slightest, but do you have a source? Would love to read more and share it on the east coast. If cops are ramming cars to stop these fucks, then as far as I’m concerned…..this is the way! WA just does things better.

  2. What is the crime rate in Alice Springs or Katherine where this happened? Just because it is declining in cities doesn’t mean it is out there. Property crime has almost doubled this year in Alice.

  3. Statistical sentencing is the future: “What’s the likelihood that this person reoffends? Too high? Keep them in and continue rehabilitation.”

  4. We could save a fortune in taxes if a lot more money was spent on mental health. Prevention is the best way from a humanitarian point of view, save families from violence, stop a lot of drug dependence and crime related to that. I can't understand why there is no understanding from the powers that be. They are told pretty regularly

  5. This is an enormous fallacy being regurgitate by the hard of thinking and soft of brain. The truth lies in the way reporting of crimes has been manipulated. It is beyond impossible to report property crime these days. It’s websites ( I had to report a stolen bike) that would be impossible for any one who isn’t an IT wiz to navigate. It took three people and half a day to find the right link in the page. You meet with any serving police office who has been working for 10+ years and they will tell you the truth. Manipulation of crime figures down to reduce funding and pat govt on the back for a job well Done. Meanwhile on the streets the levels of violence and anti social behaviour has accelerated in severity. Especially within certain cultural groups. The solution is severity of punishment for the youth perpetrators and their parents. Combined with better rewards for those that exit the wrong path. Reduced tax rate for those who have come from welfare backgrounds once they start working, apprenticeship guarantees for youths who have served incarceration. We just make things worse by mollycoddling these degenerate families.

  6. When dangerous youths get locked up, it's fascist racism to imprison chidren. When they don't, the cops aren't doing anything about crime waves. Kind of fucked either way.

  7. There are substantial issues in youth prisons that are now in the public domain. Ignoring them to push your rhetoric is just amplifying your white supremacist ideals. Keep licking that wall.

  8. These are the same arguments that disingenuously argue that our age of criminal responsibility is 10 and that the un says its the lowest/too low.

  9. There are substantial issues in youth prisons that are now in the public domain. Ignoring them to push your rhetoric is just amplifying your white supremacist ideals. Keep licking that wall.

  10. Keen to see how the anti-authority crowd try to justify this behaviour. Good to see this is a report from the ABC and not the newscorp boogeyman.

  11. One one hand, these kids are fucking stupid, on the other hand, the police have treated these people so badly for decades that it’s not a surprise we all grew up hating cops. I grew up in the area and the amount of shit the cops do that isn’t public knowledge is fucking ridiculous. Just walking home from school and they’ll pull up and start harassing you for causing disturbance or some other bullshit they make up.

  12. People justifying crime against anyone are fucken stupid. I reckon I’ve spoken to cops a total of 4 times in 40 years because I’m not a shady cunt who commits crime.

  13. Clearly a lot of the people justifying it have partaken in their own fair share of petty property crime. I never would have thought adults would condone crime.

  14. Oh to be fair as a punishment for these people, fully agree. Even if it's just a ban on having a smartphone or something for 6 months.

  15. In that video I don’t see why they’re not able to draw their side arms they’re literally being targeted with attempted murder.

  16. Pretty sure social media is to blame for a plethora of different things, in this day and age… namely with immature kids/folk, playing “follow the leader” ever so blindly, like a bunch of sheep.

  17. People of all races die in police custody. As the article you posted says “While indigenous people don't die at a greater rate than non-indigenous prisoners, they are much more likely to be in prison or police lock-up to begin with”. The mere fact of a death is custody is not in and of itself indicative of anything.

  18. Heaven forbid anyone hold the police accountable for their behaviour, their crimes or absolutely shameful behaviour or malpractice. How unaustralian of you to critisize the boot above you.

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