How To Deal With Eating Vegetables :(???

  1. Are you culturally from the UK or one of its desendent cultures?? Because if so, then you may be a victim of the fact that it seems to me like all capacity of these cultures to cook vegetables kind of vanished and got replaced by tinned cans and boiling for a good few generations.

  2. Yeah, I'm from the US (I think thats what you meant by the first sentence, if not I'm sorry-) and I grew up with the white side of my family as a mixed person 💔 the few times i've tried foods from anybody not white the vegetable were really really good but the way my family makes them I have to get used to lol.

  3. Try pan-frying them. For example, I like green beans fried with seasoning in either olive oil or butter. I'll use salt, pepper, and garlic powder. The goal is to get them crispy with little brown marks. Potatoes? I ask for my hash browns a little extra crispy. No one size fits all here, but try scorching the outside a bit with seasonings in either butter or olive oil. Olive oil is healthier of the two choices.

  4. Carrots is best raw dipped in a dip. My preferred pairing is carrots with mayo and ketchup mixed together. Sounds weird but it's amazing. Best dip for raw cauliflower too.

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