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  1. I had a pet fawn just like this. She’d run around the house and play with my dog and she’d follow me everywhere outside. Bottle feeding her was adorable too. Then my dad found out that there was a $5k fine for having a deer without a license so we had to take her to a place that rehabilitated wild animals. I cried grown ass man tears that day.

  2. Have people never heard the slang “creamed” before? It has meant to “get rekt” for a very long time (google says since 1929)

  3. A $5k fine for having a deer sounds like an ask forgiveness rather than permission kind of offense. I bet if you played dumb you could get off with some state park trash cleanup or something that is a good thing for the environment. Win-win.

  4. Exact thing happened to me, we had a cute little baby fawn for about a day until we realize the fine, her mom had also been hit by a car.

  5. Bro holy shit dude, why not just get the license man? And who TF is gonna catch you? The fucking home deer Police lol? Sorry about that man.

  6. Preparing for downvotes, but I have to leave this comment whenever I see posts like this. Please do NOT attempt to raise wild animals as pets. Take them to your local licensed wildlife rehabber instead, many will take pictures of their progress for you and/or allow you to be part of the release. I've been a wildlife rehabber for 5 years now, and the amount of people who dump off their animal they've had for x number of months that they are now bored of, found them to be too destructive, too much of a hassle to care for, can't find/afford vet services for is astounding. Often, the animals come in with severe nutritional deficiencies, no immune system or are too imprinted to release. The most common ones we see are raccoons, deer, skunks and crows, thanks to videos like this. I understand that they're cute when they're young, or people don't know where to bring them, or think they're doing the right thing, but we are legally and ethically not allowed to release "pet" animals that don't wild up, and they are all euthanized. Please consider this before you try and do it yourself, there are a lot of other options for people who want to get up close and personal with wildlife!

  7. This right here. My MIL is a licensed rehabber and the hardest cases she gets are the ones that have been kept as pets.

  8. Thankfully there are some sanctuaries that take them where I live. But it is sad. Humans need to stop viewing other animals as property; they are living beings with similar emotions and behavior, and deserve respect.

  9. this song was in so many family oriented movie trailers in the 90s ... Ommaway! I wanna build a sun car... Save me Jim Belushi! OMMAWAY! I'm going to develop telekinesis, DIE DANNY DAVITO! OMMAWAY! OMMAWAY! Is that Johnny Legz??

  10. Living in an area highly populated with deer, bingo. But also I don’t have to fertilize my lawn at all because we live off a golf course and the deer do it for me. When I’m walking around I have to be careful not to step in it though, only major downside. I also have to put barriers around my garden or they’ll eat all of it but the cacti and ferns.

  11. Most mammals are capable of this emotional intelligence. It’s odd to me how mad people get whenever the hypocrisy of cow/pig/deer killing is pointed out in relation to dog killing.

  12. pretty sad that unless you have a license this is technically illegal. Listen to the man at the top of best comments, go get a license

  13. I would love to show this to my wife, but I know if I did she would insist that I go find a baby deer to play with our dog and three cats...

  14. We have a petting zoo down the street that has deer. Never in my life did I ever think I was missing out on any affection from deer until I visited this zoo. My god, they nudge you, nuzzle you and are the sweetest things. Combined with their big for eyes, gah. They are such sweet animals.

  15. My dad rescued a deer and raised it as a pet with my sisters (before I was born). Someone fed her rat poison :( She seemed like she was such a hoot. Dad said she really enjoyed people and especially kids.

  16. Its always cute seeing these types of animals being in a home, but then I have to wonder how much shit and pee you have to clean up

  17. My Mom always tell a story of a family that had one dog and a baby deer. They loved each other. The family adopted two more dogs. The three dogs developed a pack mentality and killed the baby deer.

  18. No, it's largely regulated by the government and often carries fines if you're caught. The animals more often than not suffer and die when people decide they're too much work and try to release them back to the wild with no instinct and no pack/territory.

  19. These people think they're special and have an obligation to steal wild life from its natural environment.

  20. I grew up with dairy goats, my mom still regularly gives milk to the local wildlife rescue. Goat's milk is commonly used for baby deer. The cute video reminded of that.

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