Guess who's snoozing behind our wall?

  1. Precious! Also, thank you for this. So many fawns are taken to wildlife rehab centers because people think they’ve been abandoned when mom just left them to keep them safe. Hope more things like this will help people realize fawns like these are perfectly fine and should be left alone.

  2. First we got to see a cool video of a fawn up close and the conclusion is that it reunited with it's mother. To all the nay sayers who commented some variation of "OP is bad for even filming the fawn", screw you. Nothing bad happened.

  3. I would have said, "Hi there Mama! Your little one was just sleeping behind my wall. I didn't touch him. Take care, now. I loved seeing you and your baby! I love you both!"

  4. I read a long time ago that newborn fawns have no smell so they won't attract predators. We had a newborn in our yard a couple of years ago and one of my dogs nearly stood on it while we were out walking at night. He had no idea that fawn was there (he couldn't understand why I was freaking out).

  5. But how can something have no smell? They came out of the mother, which must have a smell, right? I mean, I've seen a video of someone taking extreme measures to become odourless in order to trick tracking dogs and even after layer after layer after layer, they could still pick up the smell. I'm not trying to dispute you, I just don't understand how it works.

  6. Deer are so weird. Runs from humans, leaves it’s young in the care of humans. (I get it, we keep predators away)

  7. Had a similar encounter at our local park today. Could not spot mom anywhere but left the fawn alone and crossed our fingers she would come back.

  8. I found one walking alone in the middle of the road last night, around 2 a.m. About the same size as the one in the picture? Mama was nowhere in sight. I put my hazards on until it headed up into the woods but it definitely seemed very lost. You think it might have been okay?

  9. Baby isn't asleep—it's lying very still like it's supposed to until mom returns. That gives her the chance to go eat well and stay healthy so she can keep nursing the baby without worrying about defending the little one while she forages.

  10. The mama knows it’s safe there. We have deer who come to our yard, and, occasionally, there’ll be a fawn napping in a garden.

  11. Our family stead has a meadow between a little forest and the houses, and on my way back two days ago, i almost stumbled into one of these little fellas in the tall grass. I realised it was there, walked past it, no more than half a meter from me, while looking at it - and it raised and gently turned its head, looking straight back at me with those big eyes.

  12. Deer leave scent marks for 'good' and 'bad' places so if they find your yard a cool & welcoming place to hang out and leave their kids, expect more of this.

  13. My dad left his garage door open often in the summer, and came out to find a fawn curled up on some blankets. The mom came back a bit later in the day. He was kind of an animal whisperer - he had "feral" cats in his back acreage that would come out and sit on his lap when he took them food (but would run from anyone else).

  14. In my town moms leave their babies under trampolines all the time and then come back a few hours later. One time I saw three fawns sleeping under one trampoline. It was cash money

  15. We had a baby deer sleeping I. Our yard last year while mom went food hunting. She has put baby in an ugly corner of our house patio, so pictures weren’t as good.

  16. Thanks for waiting to see if momma would show up. So many people immediately assume the baby has been "abandoned" before giving mother a chance to come back.

  17. The thing I never understand about those people is why would they just assume the OP would touch/move the deer in the first place?

  18. Approach VERY carefully. Mama is never far and can sometimes take up to a day to come back. And you dont want to be anywhere near the fawn when she does. Deer can.. pardon my french, fuck you up.

  19. They're a lot more intimidating when they start walking towards you and you realize they're roughly people size, but much taller of they reared and started kicking.

  20. Awww I fed our wild deer bags of apples and a salt lick this winter. We had so many sleep in our backyard. They are so pretty.

  21. Ahhh, that's so sweet. I'll never forget when I had a doe sleeping next to my privacy fence. It was adorable and amazing.

  22. What’s up with baby deer just being found sleeping in random spots? Does their mum just leave them some place

  23. Yes, they do. Moms leave the fawns hidden so they can go eat, try to keep predators away from their young

  24. Too bad fawns grow up to become deer. I live in NY state and can genuinely say I hate those dead-eyed bastards. They run in front of cars for sport, carry Lyme-carrying ticks, and eat my damn hydrangeas.

  25. I thunk its adorable that some populations of deer have learned that human dwellings are some of the safest places from predators, so they'll leave their children hidden near humans, trusting that just the presence of humans will deter any predators

  26. Was working in a suburban area and there were two little deers hiding around. Unfortunately they were in my way so I tried my best to move them nearby but where I wasn’t gonna hit them. One of them did stay underneath his bush which was his original hiding place but fell out when I passed through and he got startled. The other no idea where he was hiding originally but he decided to follow me. Which I felt bad since I knew he needed to stay near his spot in case his momma came back.

  27. Aww it's Bambi 💖🐾 you're so lucky seeing one up close. And the sounds of the bird's make all the more lovely 🐦🙏.

  28. very precious, thank you for sharing! the mom knew she was leaving her baby in good hands while she went out for a bit :,)

  29. This is why I'll always prefer life outside the city. What a blessing to see that. Where was it's mommy though? I hope she's nearby.

  30. Wife's hand. Yes it's not very tanned. We're on the east coast, not Michigan. Anyway I don't know why you're being downvoted, wife and I are laughing our asses off here.

  31. Normally it's in some tall grass or something. But lots of urban and suburban deer don't really have predators so they don't have as much fear.

  32. Little baby!! Shhhh just try to put water so she/ can hydrate. Seeing little animals like that I breath in and exhale and "Say there is a God". ❤

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