Lower feeding prices

  1. If you are in the US, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is a great online vendor. You can purchase large quantities and establish a worm bin to create a sustainable food source.

  2. Walmart has 18 packs of nightcrawlers in my area (central texas) for about that price. They're from a worm farm and I figure the more manufactured/mass produced, the less likely they'll have parasites.

  3. Thank you. I’ve thought about it before but I worry about sinking money into it with the chance of not being successful. If you have any tips for success I’d love to hear them

  4. Buy in bulk and have a worm bin. It’s easy! I use organic dirt, or shredded cardboard. Moist, not wet. Should be sticking to your hand but not dripping wet. I fill a tote bin half way. Keep in a cool spot. I feed dried out greens, banana peels and washed them dried crushed eggs shells once a week. They’ll breed and you’ll have a constant supply of worms!

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