[Heyman] Michael Fulmer to Twins

  1. I mean, let's not pretend it wasn't possible any of those other years; we had some good teams. It's just bad luck or a demon curse. If the former, it could end any time. If the latter, none of these moves are going to mean anything.

  2. I don't play fantasy baseball and have no idea how scoring works but if they're relying on saves something needs to change lol

  3. We absolutely dunked on Jorge Lopez 2 games in a row and nearly doubled his ERA - and now he's a Twin. Simply 4D chess by lowering their trade values

  4. Random/fun fact: now the Twins have both the 2016 AL ROY as well as the runner up in Gary Sanchez. I mostly remember this because I argued quite a bit with Yankees fans in defense of Fulmer. Hah.

  5. Gibson-Long who is a mid-tear pitching prospect. He’s doing pretty well in Single A? right now. Decent.

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