Mariners' Sewald takes dig at Yankees: We don't have Judge or $35M arm

  1. Sewald seems like the type of dude who will come up to you at a bar when you’re just trying to enjoy your beer and shove you saying “What bro you wanna fight?”

  2. I don’t see the part of his statement that’s a dig against the Yankees. If anything he’s praising two of the MLB’s best players and saying he’s proud our team could win against them.

  3. I don't know about unnecessary. Who wants to defend 2017-2020 Mets? When Sewald dominated us this year, our booth said he was "left out there to die" when he was a Met. (Or something like that)

  4. Nah, I am pretty sure that two of the best players in baseball at their prime on the same team makes them an automatic contender. I don’t think it’s humanly possible for a front office/coaching staff to ruin some hypothetical situation like that!

  5. Plus like its not coles contract but robby ray gets like 25 mil a year. And he Damn well better hope they give Julio 35 mil a year or he’s leaving when he hits free agency when someone throws him 300 mil 😂

  6. Yeah but they still have him. The whole point of the quote was saying the mariners just don’t have crazy superstars, but 26 good players who will win if they do their jobs.

  7. This is a valid strategy because the Yankees humiliate themselves and roll over and die to any team that even has even a morsel of beef with them.

  8. Very true. New strategy: cheer wildly for Altuve and shower him with flowers next visit to Yankee stadium.

  9. Yeah people in this thread are legitimately upset over this and getting way more bitter than he is, just because a headline told them it was a “dig”. He’s painting the Mariners as an underdog. He’s not saying the $35m player is bad, that’s the opposite of his point, which is that the Yankees have star power that makes them really good and tough to beat.

  10. This was my exact thought when searching the article for some sort of slight against the Yankees. It's just an off the cuff remark, that is actually a true statement.

  11. If the title literally didn't call it a dig at the Yankees I wouldn't have even considered it a dig. Just saying you don't have an MVP or a big money pitcher isn't a knock on the Yankees for having that.

  12. I know he’s saying that they won despite not having those but he chose to single out two players who owned them this series

  13. I think that was kinda the point of his full quote. He talked about how we have a full clubhouse of good players who have all contributed to our wins.

  14. Seems a lot of people didn’t actually read this article and are just dog piling Seawald for some reason. What he said was:

  15. I actually took that more as a dig at Mariners ownership. He acknowledges that Judge is the best outfielder (player) in baseball right now and the rest are just straight facts. Either way, seems like much ado about nothing.

  16. The Yankees have an advantage in payroll but its not like they've got a ton of bought guys. It's Cole, Stanton and a bunch of home grown/complementary players. Rizzo, Donaldson, Chapman aren't making crazy money.

  17. Oh my lord it’s obvious most of you only read the headline, that’s not even the full quote. He’s just saying the team finds a way to win despite not having many mvp caliber guys. Somehow everyone is in the comments talking about well 31 teams passed on judge, oh they paid Robbie Ray, bro that’s not what he’s talking about, I wouldn’t even say this is a shot at the Yankees we just happened to be playing them in this series. Whoever wrote this article did a terrible job.

  18. That wasn't even really a dig though. He was using them as an example as a team that was succeeding with a superstar and spending superstar money and saying the Mariners were successful despite not having all of that

  19. I don't think he meant it as a dig exactly, but more praise of his own team. But I definitely can see why it was taken that way.

  20. That’s actually a compliment mariners haven’t made the playoffs for a very long time seattle would be so hyped for a first round exit

  21. Honestly, the way I see it if he doesn't end up on the Yankees or Mets, he's going to get poached by the Dodgers. Maybe the Giants take a stab at him. But the list of possibilities in order of likelihood as I see it are:

  22. The actual quote sounds a lot better. Basically saying that they’ve been able to win as a group effort despite the Yankees having a lot of high end talented players.

  23. He is saying look at us being great playing against two of the best. I think he was meaning that as a compliment to the Yanks not an insult.

  24. You let yourself get riled up over a headline, go watch the clip of him saying it. He’s not throwing any shade

  25. I asked this at an earlier site; Will someone, anyone, please tell me whose life at the Mariner executive level was saved by J Kelenic? Why is he playing Major League Baseball?

  26. Hes not wrong, at times the Yankees are just boring to watch. So many exciting players all over the league

  27. "I'm mad at something because I just read a click bait headline and didn't bother to get any more information before posting my angry comment." sincerely- Most of the Yankee fans in this comment section

  28. I mean he's not wrong. Teams like the Mariners, Rays, and Orioles play so hard with guys who are either no names or are on low paid salaries. The Yankees meanwhile have 10 players who make 8 figures and only two of them (Judge+DJ) are really performing.

  29. He played like shit, was let go, he added spin on his fastball, now is acting like King Shit now that he's good.

  30. Not really the article is pretty click bait. He’s just saying that the mariners are competitive despite not really having any big names lime Judge or Cole

  31. This isnt about the mariners cause they will open the checkbook now as they did for robbie ray but why as a player would u want to be on a cheap team no offense. That hurts you way more than anyone else

  32. I really don't understand why Sewald is being such a jackass now that he's good. He had a great interview with the Las Vegas Review talking about his experience in the minors while in our farm system, but he's starting to get under my skin.

  33. As a Yankees fan, I give Seattle props for winning the last two series against us. However, they have the longest playoff drought in baseball so he may want to ease his trash talk.

  34. Yeah... you just have a $21m pitcher, the impending ROY and traded for the top pitcher available a week ago. Acting like you're playing with a bunch of scrubs is silly.

  35. Would you Yankees fans calm the hell down? For God's sake this is literally not a "dig" at all. Read the full quote. He is simply saying that the Mariners don't have a ton of big names and expensive players, and he's right (though Robbie Ray is an exception). He is painting his team as an underdog and he is absolutely right. The Mariners are 21st in payroll, and are trying to end the longest playoff drought in sports. Absolutely an underdog team.

  36. I hope we throw 9 yrs/$360m at Judge this off-season to hold down RF for us. Then we will have Judge, and will likely have a $35m-ish arm if we extend Castillo. Make it happen, Jerry! Oh and please extend Haniger too so we can move him to LF for a Haniger-Julio-Judge OF :)

  37. Doesn't really seem like a dig? Read this way more as celebrating the parts coming together as a whole without necessarily a superstar hitter or market-setting contract on the team.

  38. I, for one, would love a Judge or a $35 million dollar arm and I am offended, offended sir, that we have not acquired such as of yet!

  39. The $35M arm thing is a fair criticism, but Judge is a homegrown talent so that's more a swipe at the Mariners' own organization.

  40. I am absolutely baffled that anyone thinks this was a dig at the Yankees. Like, if you read the actual quote, you really have to do mental gymnastics to get to that conclusion, I'm so confused

  41. Wait till the off-season, Paul lol. Yanks aren’t gonna give Judge the years he wants, the Ms lineup is dreadful even with the young guys coming up, they overpaid for castillo, have payroll space and also are looking to contend. I’d argue the Ms are just as likely as anybody to sign judge.

  42. But didn't they get shut down by the "$35 million arm" and also judge was all over there pitching? Lol what a joke

  43. Mariners wanted a “once great Yankee” Robbie Cano…how’d that go for the M’s? That organization seems like it doesn’t care about contending in October..not enough to care the other 11 months of the year. Also..F the Yanks

  44. Cano was fantastic with the Mariners and worth the contract based on the first 5 years alone. He averaged 4.7 bWAR per season in Seattle before being traded.

  45. Cano had 23.5 bWAR in five seasons in Seattle. I don't know where the narrative came from that he was bad here, but it is very dumb.

  46. I mean, they could have drafted Judge and they literally signed the reigning Cy Young winner and just traded for the #1 pitcher on the market but sure go off Paul.

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