How Hot Should Aaron Boone’s Seat Be?

  1. I think we are just in a new world with more game specific decisions coming from the FO. You could replace Boone with the god of your choice, but he is likely still taking a majority of decisions from the FO. So while I agree its time for change in the managers chair, I don't know if a new face will get different results.

  2. Exactly. If Boone gets fired (which I don't think will happen. His contract is up next season and lord knows Hal wants to save the money) he will simply be the scapegoat for the much deeper rooted problem which is the front office being mediocre as fuck. Basically top 3 in payroll every year with only one pennant since 2003 and everyone there has the best job security in the country. At the end of the day, I don't see how the Yankees would win a WS this year with or without Boone, he's just Cashman's puppet.

  3. There was an image that got posted comparing the front office of the Yankees and Astros and how long they've had the job. It was shocking, most of the Yankees folks have been there like 15 years.

  4. It should be flaming hot because he’s basically Cashmans puppet. Boone was hired for that reason, and as such is utterly disposable.

  5. Cashman should've been fired first thing this morning but we all know he's getting extended unfortunately. Hal continues to make a boatload of revenue so why would he shake his business up? That's his only concern.

  6. Haven’t they missed the playoffs only 5 times since he was hired? What more is realistically expected of a GM?

  7. no one in Kansas City or Miami would have that pressure? Ill have you know we fired Mike Matheny, and Dayton Moore. It just took many years of losing to crank up the hot seat.

  8. It's probably going to be but it's definitely unwarranted, I don't like him any more than any other manager but it's become pretty clear he's not the guy in control and changing him for someone else is gonna get pretty much the same results. The FO has to clean house for any huge structural changes to happen.

  9. People forget that the Yankees definitely were not expected to win 99 games by fans/media this year. It was thought of as a 4-team race for the AL East, all with a good shot, and if anything the Blue Jays were the favorites.

  10. You know those preseason things are just an average of several simulations. So out of worst and best case scenarios, it would average out to 88 or 90 wins. The Yankees were on a 118 win pace on June 30th. They played 43-42 the rest of the way. Toronto had a manager change and struggled with consistency. Tampa and Boston were injured as anything. Baltimore was good but they're not there yet.

  11. Fr. After the Yankees offseason (which many people thought they did terribly) I don’t think anyone had them winning almost 100 games. Cashman made some moves that cost them in the playoffs, but he produced a pretty damn good team. I don’t think anyone gets fired this offseason

  12. Houston ragdolled the Yankees all year long. There was nothing competitive about any of the games, regular season or postseason. The only 'close' ones were due to walk off wins or unearned runs.

  13. Yeah who would have thought an offence going ice cold in the ALCS would lead to the team losing. I’ll never understand how people will always look to scape goat the person with probably the lowest contribution to losing a series.

  14. Should be as if a larger individual had sat in that seat for over an hour. And that seat had been placed in a sauna.

  15. TY good Seattle fan for pointing out things Ive been saying all season. I appreciate your non bias opp! No this isnt sarcasm I am genuinely thankful!

  16. Luke warm. He took the team as far as they can go. They were hit big time with injuries. It wasn’t his choice to trade for Donaldson and not sign Seager or any big name SS. He kept trying to find a formula to spark something but came up short. If they lost the division and got swept by the Guards then I’d say it’s a hot.

  17. He should’ve been fired before this, but I don’t know how you keep him there after that anemic fight against the astros. I get the astros are the astros and are the best team in baseball right now, but that series was just sad to watch.

  18. The roster and its architect are far bigger issues. Cashman built a flawed team around the former baby bombers. Too many sluggers, too many righties, too many average to poor defensive players, and too many one-dimensional players. He's also struck out on nearly all the pitching trades he's made in the past 5-6 years. He's a great GM, and the '19 Yankees were a geniunely great team that lost to one of the best teams ever assembled, but his vision and voice for the team has gotten stale and listless.

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