Starting to get back into it!

  1. I think a good start is Topps flagship. There’s Series 1 and 2. Good basic card with nothing too fancy, but some decent inserts with a chance for some really good inserts. Only problem is finding it anywhere.

  2. Welcome. You have lots to learn but it’s all so fun. Started back in March myself and love it. Stalk this sub for any and all info you can get. Go back through posts just like this and you will find answers to questions you didn’t know you had. As for finding cards it’s tough. You can order some series 2 blasters (comes with like 7 packs in it $20) and Gypsy queen and Allen and ginter. I’d start with a series 2 and Gypsy queen to start. Go to the website and search “sports trading cards” then filter sold by target and can also filter to mlb to only see those. You will see heritage hangers and they are fun but I pulled crap from those. Most of your boxes will be sub par but we can’t all hit all the time. Gotta take one for the team sometimes. If you want specific Sox cards eBay is your friend. Watch cards you like and search sold to see what the average is for them and bid on it if you like and want but there are usually others out there. You will lose lots of bids and be happy about it. Have fun on the Sox hunt and go find some devers while he’s cheap and others realize. Also topps chrome just came out in stores and on topps tomorrow. If you can find that grab it. Blasters are like 30 at Walmart and hopeless on target. Always search sold by them and don’t buy from flippers.

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