I'm starting to be done with people who want their bid cancelled. they know what they did

  1. I wouldn’t blame this guy. If he was outbid, why would he think he should still wait till the auction is over to possibly still win the card?

  2. Agree, I actually think this request is reasonable. Once you’ve been outbid, you assume you haven’t won the auction.

  3. I don’t see what’s wrong here. This guy was outbid and thought he lost so he went and bought a different card. You can’t actually think he still needs to pay for it when he was outbid right? It’s both out of your controls but once your outbid, you’ve lost. Your message acts as if he bid on it and didn’t plan on paying.

  4. In those situation, unless they have a decent reason for canceling, i usually block them because i only want people who actually plan on paying for the item to bid on it. I find filtering those kinds of people out before you actually have to fulfill a sale:contract with them saves alot of time

  5. Yea once I've been out bid in my mind that bid amount can go towards something else. I go in with a specific amount I can spend. Once I place a bid that amount is subtracted from my spending allotment but if I get outbid then my bidding amount goes back in to be put towards something else.

  6. Hmm, maybe I over reacted. However I have had multiple people cancel their bids and no pays so much. Why is this guy any different. I will cancel his bids fine. But if you put a number down, isn't that on him? This is a scenario that could occur. Not trying to be the bad guy but I'm pissed because people seem to flake on a platform that runs this way

  7. He’s different because he lost the bid. It’s not his problem the high bidder cancelled. You’re blaming him for the other dude cancelling. You can say “it’s a scenario that can occur” but honestly it’s a scenario the SELLER needs to be aware of. Not the buyer.

  8. Just embrace what eBay is…. A shitty place for buyers to sell cards, that protects sellers at all costs, but is still the best place to sell cards due to the traffic.

  9. The correct move is to ignore the messages. If he wins and doesn't pay, you can cancel it, he gets an unpaid item strike and you can relist.

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