Figured I’d share this absolute monster I caught. Weighed in at 11 lbs.

  1. Guys it’s sarcasm. The fish is obviously not 11 pounds. I actually didn’t weigh it but if I had to guess I’d personally say about 7 pounds. Also I forgot my 😉 emoji in the post. Big misunderstanding

  2. Seems like it would need to be a little fatter at that length to hit 7, but I think at least 5 is a reasonable call no one will chew you up about. Nice fish.

  3. It is not an 11 pound bass obviously. I didn’t weigh it. I am pretty positive it’s definitely more than 4. Caught a good bit of 4 pound bass in my life this is not one of them

  4. Any bass over 10 pounds has a mouth like between a salad and dinner plate. These fish you can’t put your fist in their mouth. No integrity.

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