BF2042 has lost 75% of its player base in less than 2 weeks

  1. What’s been interesting to notice via steam is BFV peak numbers are steady at 20k. 2042 peak numbers (low 30k) keep dropping and I’d say it’s only a matter of a week or two before their peak 24 hour numbers are the same on Steam.

  2. It's painfully obvious EA knew early 2042 was in trouble. Their one and only goal is to get as much money out of this investment as they can without thought of the consumer or their brand. They cherry picked glowing reviews for PR, out of countless bad reviews, to double down that 2042 was a good game when ALL signs pointed the opposite. Zero apologies, zero attempts to make amends, just straight to business as usual and hope people forget.

  3. The way they have handled 2042 and BFV is so incredibly shortsighted. They don't seem to realise or care that rushing out these games has consequences. They would sooner make a quick buck and bury a franchise that has massive earning potential.

  4. Countless bad reviews? I'm not scouring the internet but of everything I've seen, it's been almost universal praise by review outlets... I don't understand how, but it's clear the only people talking about the glaring problems are the ones that don't have a giant sum of bribery to lose.

  5. There is no fucking way journalists played this beforehand. Because the user score is completely different compared to the media's. Money talks. I hate this era of gaming.

  6. This is EA's business model. Make a re-hashed game (E.g. Fifa/ BF etc) with new skins. Make it addictive like a slot machine when it comes to customisations. Then do NOT test the game and release it.

  7. Next week Warzone kills Battlefield, the new Warzone map comes out. It should have been the opposite. Battlefield could have crushed warzone but they made a broken game. There’s no turning back this way.

  8. the new warzone map is going to crush many games at launch, and if it is as good as it looks, continue to do so. RIP BF2042.

  9. Unfortunately EA pulled the pin on anthem which was undergoing a no man's sky type rework. They didn't allocate enough Devs on the rework and then just ditched the game entirely. Cyberpunk and nms have diff developers and Devs who want to undo brand damage but EA don't seem to care.

  10. What's sad is that they are wealthy enough to afford not to pull off a no man's sky. What they need to do with battlefield 2042 is probably going to cost them as much if not more than just developing another battlefield game from the same engine and selling that too. In fact I'm sure they would prefer doing that based on their history.

  11. People always say X game is gonna kill Y game, and it almost never happens. 2042 isn’t going anywhere and it’s simply way too soon to completely write the game off, even with it’s blatant issues.

  12. Not true. There are some things they could do fairly quickly that, while it wont' win over NEW players, there are plenty of BF faithful that want their game back to play with friends, etc.

  13. The reason I play warzone is because my laptop rub it fine don’t want to go spend thousand to play bf

  14. This is exactly what I told my buddy a few months ago, that this is one of Battlefield's most important launches and if they fuck it up it, it could bury the franchise. So sad to see :/

  15. And beinh Honest.. payload mode in WZ is the dumbed down breakthrough mode of battlefield.. Payload is something i have a blast playing when its available.

  16. I personally put the game back in the "Oven" to cook a bit more as I like to put it. The amount of games I've gotten in the last 2 years that have needed this baking period to get better has been absolutely disgusting. I just booted up a new run of Dark souls 3 in anticipation of Elden ring and I'm tinkering with the new minecraft update when DS beats my booty hole.

  17. I'm one of those people genuinely enjoying the game but I'm not blind...there are glaring issues lol. I truly hope they can fix them and get some players back as I think the game has potential but it is EA we are talking about....they'll just mess it up more.

  18. The funny thing about the “no issues on PS5” type comment is I feel like in the limited time I’ve played it seems like a fairly high percentage of the player base is on PC and not console. This is anecdotal though of course.

  19. Deservedly so; Dice built a bad game, on purpose, and misled the fan base as to the game's status. If someone isn't putting together a class action already I'd be surprised.

  20. In Singapore, you can't find a match without turning crossplay on. It is dying faster than anything I have seen from Dice

  21. I tried to ask for a refund due to the disappearing player base and alpha state of this dumpster fire of a game. Was denied of course, but maybe I'll just ask everyday lol

  22. You mean the platform no one wants to use as why have it on there when you can have it on Steam with all your other games ( even if you still need an origin account )?

  23. Well, they have to do something with aim assisting. You can't have a game on a gaming console, in this day and age, playing against PC players, with no aim assisting. That's just stupid, but even more, unplayable.

  24. The sad part was that EA was kind of on a redemption road and has been announcing a new Skate finally, and then they screw up Battlefield like this when Call of duty fails miserably, it's sad.

  25. I wouldn’t be upset if Battlefield friends just cancelled their new series. This game is lame and deserves to be forgotten

  26. They do care cause no one will buy their micro transactions…. It won’t be the cash-generating machine they were hoping for.

  27. They do, most money comes from microtransactions. Cold war made 3 bil. in sales while they made 1.2 Bil$ in 2 months alone with microtransactions. Same for consoles bte, if sony and Microsoft would only sell the consoles then it would have been bankrupt for a long time.

  28. For sure, but first impressions are extremely important. People are tired of triple A games being broken and unfinished at launch so if they're not complete, a good chunk won't come back for awhile, if ever. There's essentially a limitless amount of other games to play these days that are worth your time.

  29. I logged in for a game After 2 weeks of not playing played like 10 mins logged out and deleted the game

  30. Hell I can’t play with any of my friends on pc or Xbox. Morons took away VOIP. Games definitely a downgrade. I apologize for all the bad things I ever said about BFV and hardline.

  31. I've got to be thankful for BF2042 though. It has brought lots of players to BF4 and I went back too. And I've got to say, BF4 is SO GOOD.

  32. Should’ve known this was coming when they were radio silent on any and all content before release

  33. I actually was surprised that they could hold 50000 players until 2 days ago, also the 105000peak seems still pretty weak to me for a AAA release.

  34. It's funny that they say that they listen to the comunnity and they care abaout their opinions but actually they dont do anything about that . Their biggest update actually changes nothing important and they already have confirmed that the next update will be somwehere in december and will be small so it will be even more useless than patch 3 .

  35. He said pretty much the same thing when BFV came out, and when BF1 came out... and when BF4 came out... it's almost as if he's just parroting the community for views.

  36. Lots of people saying they haven't gotten bots. My last game had 40~ bots at the start and 6 at the end. Even with crossplay, I'm getting bots. Mountain States Region btw

  37. I refunded it, reckon it'll be heavily discounted soon given the collapse in the playerbase. It'll have to be to inject some life.

  38. Seriously though, EA's stock priced crash coincided precisely with 2042's early access date (Nov 12th) and this is going to really fuck with their corporate guidance to shareholders.

  39. I'm level 70 now and never played against a single bot. On ps5 and alot of pc players are on. I think the game is doing good even though its a mess.

  40. I'm mid 50s playing on PS5 with cross play turned off. Plenty of full rooms and choices to have fun every time I play. The game will get tweaked and improve. I mean even those of us that enjoy the game understand there's room to improve. No matter what the doomsdayers bleat about repeatedly in this sub it's not the end of the world lol. For games like this I always consider the money I pay compared to hours played. If I get to $1 an hour that's money well spent on entertainment and this one will be no problem.

  41. well such a sharp drop in playercount means it's probably going down on other platforms too since everyone's playing the same game.

  42. Oh yes, magically only steam players left and every other platform and launcher is doing just fine amirite? Steam doesn't get a special bad treatment. If normal people aren't playing on steam, it means the general interest is falling, which would mean the number of general players is going down. It's something called logic.

  43. Yeah, probably doesn't mean anything. Gamers use Steam for gaming and I think Origin and PS5 are kitchen appliances.

  44. Because they have no other arguments and must try and brainwash the masses into believing their own opinions.

  45. I was thinking I might pick it up at 70% off but then I thought, I wouldn't even play it anyway. Plus there won't be anyone else to play with so what's the point.

  46. i guarantee you that if DICE returns full xp and gun progression in portal more than a half of those 75% are gonna come back.

  47. There are a lot of problems with this game. I've enjoyed a lot of it. Although I had a lot of moments that really pissed me off. I'm up to level 58.

  48. I mean, there are 128 players to a game. 24,000 players makes only 187.5 games. Each game lasts say 20 minutes. That’s 62 hours of full games per day, which means that’s only 2.6 games of 128 players going at a time. Obviously it doesn’t exactly work out like that as there are peaks and lulls but still… that’s not much at all. For a brand new block buster game.

  49. So you make a karma farming title saying 2042 has lost 75% of its playerbase.... but than edit the thread to say it doesn't include 3 other massive playerbases? Lol

  50. What do you think, Steam players are from Mars and Origin players are from Venus. Sorry dude, you failed to back a winner this go-around.

  51. Who buys origin products on steam? Even with discounts I couldn't be bothered to use two platforms to play a single game. With that in mind it's a safe bet that steam charts don't represent anything near the total playerbase.

  52. This. OP added this is origin also which isn't fully true. Sure you need origin to launch steam version, but you can just buy it from origin and skip steam

  53. Muh stim only bro.. but other stores, other markets bro please bro just think of EA bro please i need this check to clear bro

  54. It's a huge sample size that shows a trend. If playerbase is massively dropping on Steam, it 100% is dropping everywhere else as well. And no, not every game will drop 75% of its playerbase after two weeks, especially not AAA shooters with insane marketing budgets and reach.

  55. Every game I play has been full so I’ve been happy. As more updates with content and optimization more people will come. Also, once the game starts going on sale the people who canceled their preorder will but it back.

  56. Was chat only added for Xbox and pc? There’s no option to chat with teammates on a mic on ps5…. What were they thinking?

  57. one thing i dont understand why they couldnt do all the microtransaction on the features players like. Like have a bunch of different classes with hundreds of guns with thousands of skins. Sell a million different attachments too. They could have milked 2042 into the next decade

  58. Nothing out of the ordinary with any other game release. Every game has a huge drop of playerbase in the first weeks. I expected even a higher drop considering you could play 10 hours with EA Play.

  59. EA Play isn't being counted on Steam. But thinking of that now, the drop off on Origin is likely even more precipitous for that reason.

  60. Portal servers are insanely low, like too fuckin low. And Hazard Zone? DICE could secretly remove it, keep just Hazard mode section over there and people wouldn't even find out this thing got removed.

  61. The matches I played today felt more "empty", like theres not enough destruction going on. Made it to level 63 and I still keep thinking if I should move on. This BF brought me back into heavy gaming and now it's a shame to see it die so quickly. I'm glad that Halos campaign is dropping next week for my sanity.

  62. True but I think crossplay should alleviate population issues. People might return as well when DICE decides to finish the game.

  63. That's well deserved. Good wake up call to all those brats celebrating on Twitter about their garbage products because they can show mommy their name is in the credits.

  64. I dont even have 10 hours clocked in and i played it first in the early release. This game is utter crap. With really bad performance in my end.

  65. in australia/new zealand servers on last gen consoles theres already no player base outside of 4pm-10pm and games will have 20 real people and 40 bots. pretty bad really. first few days of release was perfect but now theres just nobody coming back online

  66. well, now that they've broken mouse input and made it nearly impossible to get into games because of the returning persistence data problem, its gonna drop to fucking 0 really quick unless they fix it in the next day or two

  67. Does anyone know if its possible to refund the game on PS5 after probably like 20 hours played? Shouldn’t have preorderd it

  68. Every single game loses a majority of its player base after launch. We should give it a few more weeks before jumping to conclusions.

  69. But kid few days ago told me everyone on console and Origin is having a blast and Steam doesn't represent fall in player numbers.

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