How many different genres of rock music have the Beatles made? And what is one example song of each genre

  1. Wow have you studied music science or something? 😅 You consider Drive my car glam rock? I’ve never known or understood what glam rock actually is. When I try to find it out I always get the information that it’s about the style. So what is glam rock musically?

  2. Oh Darling is weird. The melody and piano style are very much inspired by and like a 50s tune. But the vocal performance and comparatively 'sophisticated' rocking backing track just make it seem completely different, like a classic rock track.

  3. Cmon man some of these are pretty far out, also Experimental isn't a genre (even if it says so on apple music or whatever), the correct term would be Sound Collage or Musique Concrete. If you would like to know more about stuff like this I would recommend using, as it is probably the best when it comes to classifications of music

  4. This is a totally non-productive or good answer, but, we can encapsulate all their compositions as rock, pop, folk, and experimental music.

  5. I would class She Loves You as garage/punk even though it’s slick and crafted to be a hit single. Play it on full volume and the energy of it smashes you even after 59 years

  6. The Beatles helped introduce rock n roll around the world, from Japan to Brazil. The Beatles show at the Budokan in Japan was legendary. And influential tropicalia singer Caetano Veloso took a lot of inspiration from the Beatles and Sgt Peppers. So I wouldn't say the Beatles really invented any particular genre, as much as they popularized writing and playing your own songs as a group, as well as making an LP into an artistic statement. Two major changes that helped transform pop & rock n roll from teenybop to classic rock.

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