What is the best smelling luxury leave in hair product?

  1. I actually love Ouai! I use their shampoo and conditioner which smells different than their hair oil which i don't like, but all the scents you mentioned are ones I absolutely love and use frequently.

  2. Nuxe huile prodigieuse oil. It's a multipurpoise oil you can use on body, face and hair. I use it as a leave in after blow drying and it's just chef's kiss

  3. Aveda has a softening leave in conditioner that has a cherry almond scent, like old school Jergens lotion and it smells wonderful and is a great conditioner too.

  4. Verb has some great smelling products. Kristin Ess also smells so good… not luxury but it really does smell great. Lol

  5. I have this one called Lumina by Natura (vegan/cruelty-free btw). Smell sooo good and takes care of frizz for me almost entirely, which is honestly really a problem for in summer. Idk how I'd describe the scent, it's subtle though.

  6. I don’t use many hair products now a days but I used to love the it’s a 10 keratin leave in. The orange top one smelled good and I hated the regular purple top one, if I remember it smelled floraly really bad. It’s been ages since I’ve used it so idk if they changed it tho

  7. Are you sure you don't have a sensitivity or allergy? Maybe unscented is the way. Desert Essence makes a good one.

  8. I have scent triggered migraines and pretty much the only smell I can stand are the green bottle lines from Paul Mitchell. They have a tea tree leave in that works well for me and smells amazing to me.

  9. I won’t think it’s luxury but the yellow Fanola Repair line smells wonderful. They have a leave in that smells like cookies, milk and almond ❤️

  10. LolaVie products have a mellow scent. I like that. It's not so strong that I'm constantly aware of it. There's a glossing detangler and a leave-in. And some oil.

  11. Idk if I would call it luxury, but anytime I use my Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo my bf will always stick his nose right in my hair, take a deep inhale, and do this kind of grunt/mmmm noise (it's actually really pretty hot). If my dry shampoo scent is turning him on, then it must be damn good. 😆

  12. I’m a fan of the Sol de Janeiro and Moroccan Oil line smells but they are pretty sweet smelling to me. Maybe try Kerastase L’Huile de Parfum Fragrance in Hair Oil. I like the smell of the Chronologist line because it’s so luxe but a bit more unisex smelling to me.

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