Better Call Saul S06E12 - "Waterworks" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

  1. What a terribly depressing episode. Hoping Kim has a better ending next episode now that she's gotten that guilt off her chest.

  2. I still can’t believe this is the same season where Nacho died and Lalo killed Howard. It feels like 3 seasons in one. Incredible.

  3. Nacho tossing/switching the pills in the cafe (while sweating off 50 pounds) now feels…like it happened decades ago, like I somehow watched it in the late 80s.

  4. Honestly, the fact that this series began with Jimmy trying to pull a scam on the Kettlemans that indirectly got him involved with the Salamancas and it all ultimately led him here. It doesn’t even seem like the same show anymore, and I mean that in the best possible way.

  5. It was really nice and unexpected. I’m glad they didn’t accidentally mess with any timelines, just more insight to what Saul and eventually Walt started.

  6. I think there was a split second of foreshadowing that she was going to run into Jesse: when she is at the ABQ airport terminal waiting for the shuttle the sign behind her says “Alaska”. Which is obviously where Jesse ends up in El Camino.

  7. what a callback too, almost the exact same shot in the opening scene of the series. in episode one the commercial was the last bit of color left in Jimmy’s life. Now its his ultimate undoing, and its unsettling asf.

  8. The show is getting better and better. Now that we are in the post-BB Gene timeline, Gene's plot armor is gone and I legitimately have no idea what to expect. I would wager a lot that he is not getting a happy ending. Jail or death.

  9. "It's NOTHING like Albuquerque!" was his slip up, like when he slipped up in front of the DA by saying Lalo instead of Jorge de Guzman

  10. She was onto him already - seeing him yell at Buddy's dog, show up in the middle of the night to talk to Jeffy. But yes the reference to Albuquerque was definitely what pushed her over the edge to piece it together.

  11. Bob Odenkirk was absolutely terrifying in the final minutes of this episode. Was fully convinced he was about to wring Marion’s neck as casually as one would step on an ant, but then his humanity slipped through the cracks and stopped him from crossing the one line he never crossed before.

  12. They both put forward thier best performances for this one. I felt so horrible for Kim and Gene was just menacing. Never saw that side of Odenkirk. Great stuff.

  13. Dude should have used his silver tongue. If all else fails, tell her if you get arrested her son's gonna go away for a long time too.

  14. I really loved this scene, because it depicted the two "redeemed" characters in the two series, Jesse at the beginning of his descent, and Kim at the end of hers, crawling her way out. There was a contrast between them, but I think there's also a commonality in how the two of them both have big hearts. Jesse is loud and boisterous, Kim is hard and calm, yet they both care.

  15. I think one of the most unique post-ABQ-Kim traits we're seeing in this episode is that Kim no longer makes decisions -- even small ones. She lets Yup decide whether or not Miracle Whip is close enough to mayonnaise, she has no opinion (let alone a decisive one) about the drugs/jail discussion, and she doesn't even pick vanilla or strawberry.

  16. I noticed she did a reverse Heisenberg. Went from a high-octane life where she was in control, to total mundanity and just going through the motions.

  17. After Kim got off the phone with Jimmy, the woman at the door screamed "Time to sing!", then she confessed to Cheryl

  18. Was just listening to Vince..he basically said once Saul confirmed that Lalo, Gus, Mike were all dead..she felt comfortable enough to go back and talk about what happened with Howard. Could be holding all of that in for the last 6 years .

  19. Walt would have done it, which we know because he did. The very first time it came down to “it’s them or me,” as well as the next and the next.

  20. I’m going to be positive and hope that that was Jimmy’s usual way of coping. He still cares about Kim, but he doesn’t want to admit it. It’s a very destructive coping mechanism when you act like you don’t care. If you care, care.

  21. It was super weird. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how refusing to offer an opinion or make a decision on anything, no matter how trivial, helps her cope. It's like she's had a frontal lobotomy.

  22. Such a long way from when he got that call at the cell phone store that one of his wills had passed and he still remembered details about the family and asked about them.

  23. Kim hates herself so much, she punishes herself with a dull life, a dude that says YUP as he cums and a boring job.

  24. It’s honestly insane how much this show informs the background of Breaking Bad, even in the most benign ways. Really makes you wonder what kind of stories you inadvertently pass by in your own life and have no clue about.

  25. I was feeling that a lot through the Kim-centric half of this episode. I see boring, mundane people all the time. But every now and then one might be hiding some wild shit from their past.

  26. I was amazed at how sloppy Gene was in showing Marion that he, a Cinnabon manager, knew the subtleties of bail practices in Omaha versus Albuquerque, where he previously claimed never to have been.

  27. Gene has been pretty sloppy all throughout when dealing with Marion. When she asked about Nippy at the end of Ep 10, he forgot who Nippy even was for a second. In Ep 11, he stopped talking to Marion the moment Jeff showed up and left her alone at the table so he could go talk to Jeff. Then they had the whole garage scene as well where Marion noticed Gene’s angry and not so friendly mannerisms with Buddy’s dog. Finally, we had the Albuquerque and Omaha bail laws this episode, which was the final push Marion needed to search him up.

  28. The Gene timeline has never felt more appropriately grey than Kim discussing hosepipe flange diameters and getting “yep-yepped” in bed after making a miracle whip potato salad

  29. It was her indecisiveness and timidness that saddened me. Anything her boyfriend asked she’s just like “Maybe, I don’t know what do you think?” Couldn’t even decide in ice cream flavor. Complete opposite of the resolute go-getter she was in the past.

  30. The ladies talking about drugs cracked me up because thats so much like how my mom and her friends would talk it's scary.

  31. I think we can all agree the biggest tragedy here is that Mike’s old job at the ticket booth has been automated.

  32. Probably the first time in history that the phrase “emotionally impactful parking kiosk” has been applicable

  33. Gene curling the phone cord around his hands was super creepy. Never thought I’d get a threatening vibe from jimmy/Saul/gene

  34. We literally watched him a half hour before about to smash an unsuspecting drugged up cancer patient on the head with the man's dead dog's urn. Gene is a monster backed into a series of corners

  35. Hearing "Hi, I'm Saul Goodman! Did you know that you have rights? Constitution says ya do!" for the first time in this series but in the context of such a serious scene is the kind of mood whiplash I love about this show.

  36. If you freeze-frame on the affidavit Cheryl is reading, Kim mentions "Gustavo Fring" by name multiple times. I presume she put two and two together after Gus's death, but it was interesting to see someone else acknowledge it.

  37. Kim still being meticulous about her soul-crushing job just like she was about the punctuation in her documents as a lawyer. Those glimpses of her real self in there were incredible.

  38. Yes, her job dedication was evidenced in the work call talking sprinkler parts then cut to a brief inaudible scene engaging with the factory worker

  39. The “Alaska” sign when Kim first got to ABQ naturally made me think of Jesse (then he actually showed up in the flashback lol) and how it might be a small reference/easter egg to the escape, a way out.

  40. Whatever that quote Saul said at the end of that montage “May Justice be done…” and so on has Stuck with me, feels like the show is following through with that

  41. It was so real, it had me crying. She’s such an amazing actress. I noticed that everything about her is different now. Her hair and her clothes are the big ones, but even her posture and her mannerisms are changed. She was always so bold and self assured before, but that scene where she was in the elevator really stuck out to me. The way her head’s slightly bowed and she kind of shifts her eyes at everyone was just perfect to subtly portray how unsure she is with her self and how scared she is to be back there. I love her portrayal so much.

  42. We've been talking for years about how there's a "fate worse than death" possible for Kim Wexler. But making tuna salad with Miracle Whip is truly beyond the pale.

  43. Carol Burnett nailed this performance. This was no stunt casting, she legitimately has given a great performance. I'm so glad a whole new generation of people will get to appreciate how talented she is.

  44. I would just like to remind everyone that it was a mere four episodes ago that Jimmy was willing to die at Lalo’s hands just to get Kim out of their home and to safety. And now 4 weeks later we’ve arrived at “have a nice life, Kim.”

  45. Maybe the most fundamental conceit of “Saul Goodman” is that the character comes to Jimmy naturally, or even easily. All that “time to think” he took at the beginning of this episode was SOLELY for that one small moment in which Kim signed a document in front of him. Texting as she did it. Propping his legs on the desk. Smiling, asking how she likes his office. Asking about Florida, “nonchalantly”. “Using it as a segue” to remark on the Sandpiper money. Saying “have a nice life”. Letting his waiting room crowd up. “Affably” calling for the next client once the door opened. And Kim saw right through every beat. They were all tiny commercials, each of them, just like the kind even Jesse saw through.

  46. Much like Chuck's "you never mattered all that much to me", it was a very meticulously-calculated thing. "What could I do to hurt her the most?" It's like he ran through a grocery list of ways to upset her. Sad stuff.

  47. My heart dropped when Gene wrapped the phone cable around his hands to kill Marion. The way he was walking slowly towards her too made it even worse.

  48. I think Marion saying “I trusted you” broke Jimmy out of the “Heisenberg” trance he’s been in since the call with Kim.

  49. He probably remembered all of those other seniors who trusted him, rightfully in those days, and realized how terrible he has become.

  50. Just as I predicted during season 1 - Jimmy's downfall would be teaching Carol Burnett how to watch Youtube videos.

  51. I really thought Kim would be the origin of the “if you need a criminal lawyer…” line right there.

  52. That’s some good ass phone lines in Nebraska if she could actually load a YouTube video using dial up internet.

  53. I’m from Albuquerque and the most jarring part of this episode was that the cancer man’s home was my childhood friend’s house, which has since been sold. I played on that loft for hours growing up, although it was decorated very differently at the time!

  54. As someone who spent way too long in a dead end office job, those scenes were some of the toughest of the series to watch. That fucking birthday card and having to sign it.

  55. It’s just really really sad seeing how jimmy acted when him and Kim were signing the divorce papers, he literally put on his whole Saul Goodman persona to hide his pain, which was very visible in the opening of the episode, man it hurts

  56. Thinking about it, Saul’s facial expression when she told him “I trusted you”, it felt like Walt’s face in Ozmanynia after he noticed how scared his family was of him.

  57. Gene wasn't being greedy stealing the watches, he was covering the identity theft, with a physical theft, to explain the broken door window.

  58. Kim's breakdown on the bus left me devastated, then Jeff running into the car had me had me cracking up like 10 minutes later. Only this show can give me such emotional whiplash.

  59. Gene just HAD to go back for a drink before walking out of cancer guy's house, and then he had to steal some physical goods (the watches) instead of just taking pictures of the financials and passwords. All of it is solely his fault because he couldn't just live a quiet boring life like Kim was doing with yup-guy in Florida.

  60. He had to steal something physical to cover the broken glass in the door. it might look odd if nothing was missing and draw attention to the identity theft.

  61. Kim lying to Cheryl and implying she didn’t know whether Jimmy is alive was one of the biggest moments of the episode. Even when Kim is trying to come 100% clean, and even after years of being apart, her instinct is still to protect him.

  62. Amazing how deranged Gene is now. He didn't even have a conversation. Kim said one thing and Gene just spent 5 minutes talking to himself.

  63. tbh the same happens during the divorce signing, he asks "why Florida" and she starts to respond and then he immediately cuts her off

  64. The final scene was definitely incredible, but I most love this episode for how it painted such a powerful portrait of trauma and Kim's response to it; she bottled it all away, all the guilt and terror and pain. She submerged herself into the most normal, milquetoast lifestyle possible, as far away from her old life as she could get, far away from everything that made her feel alive and brought color to her world--the law, the schemes, Jimmy. She leads an uneventful suburban existence, in a lackluster relationship, surrounded by people intellectually inferior to her, working an insipid job that neither challenges nor excites her, where the greatest risk she takes is topping a sandwich with Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise. She's so insulated in this stupor that when she makes her confession to Cheryl, she finally touches on something real for the first time in so long that the floodgates open and she completely breaks down on the bus.

  65. I did not enjoy seeing Kim soullessly letting some weird dude fuck her while saying "yup" over and over again. Depressing as shit.

  66. That last shot of Jesse was kind of surreal. The shot lingered just long enough for it to really sink in that this is this characters final on screen appearance.

  67. Everyone is laughing at the 'yep' guy but honestly I think it shows that because of Kim's trauma, all she wants is to disappear into a boring life with a boring job and a boring partner. We know she's capable of so much more but she is denying herself that and living as just a shell of a woman because that's all she thinks she deserves.

  68. Holy shit, Saul Goodman, the last fugitive from Heisenberg’s multimillion drug empire, brought down by Ask Jeeves.

  69. Jesse and Kim having a scene together was such an unexpected treat. The perfect timing for each character, Kim has just left a world of trauma and Jesse is about to enter his. Two of the most well written and acted characters in this BB/BCS universe. Truly felt like a scene to bridge both worlds together.

  70. Absolutely brutal episode. Vince still got it. Amazing how they managed to make relatively mundane scenes as tense as some of the most action packed scenes from BB.

  71. Planning to use the ashes of a dog to knock out a dude with cancer after robbing him is exactly as bad as it sounds. Jimmy really broke bad

  72. Imagine you’re Florida man married to a normal Florida woman and one day she just goes to jail because of an affidavit detailing the most horrible crimes you can imagine

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