I don't get the appeal of Archana tbh

  1. I get why everyone hates archana now. How can you curse someone who stood up for you so much over such petty matters. Its kind of sad to see how she just damages her own friendships and then is left alone. But her behavior is the reason she hasnt made any relationships in the house.

  2. If you are comparing with Saundarya then of course everyone will pick Saundarya, she is the best contestant in house but other than her only Archana has the best game if take into account her guts.

  3. She's toxic and contrary AF. People only like that she gives it back to Sajid. Once Sajid departs, all the support for her will crumble.

  4. Yeah, if she can do personal attacks on others she needs to be able to handle them on herself to. She picks up the most dumbest fights to. Recently, only the Sajid one made sense.

  5. Agree with everything you said but how come Soundarya is deserving to be a winner??? Best game?? Which game?? She is a good person but game wise she hasn't shown any growth. I believe the only reason she is not with bully gang is because of Tina if not she would have been a part of it already.

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