Hologram on the concert

  1. Exactly. Please show me footage of this event from any other vantage point, and it’ll just look strange.

  2. "Ok cool, a cube... What's next? Oh.. the cube again we just saw... Won't be there anything else...? Yeah, the cube again... I feel like I am wasting my time 😕"

  3. And you want the same visual effect just over and over? In different places on the screen? Got it. How long should the intro be? Infuriatingly? Got it.

  4. It's been quite a while since hologram concert came to existence... Project Diva concerts in Japan with Hatsune Miku were kinda ground breaking for that

  5. Maybe not the best video, but I swear it’s like everyone in this thread is being purposely obtuse or acting like they never seen an interlude between songs. Or at the very least never been to an edm show

  6. I love how all don't watch the show. They watch their phone that records the show for them. I don't understand that at all.

  7. Projector mapping is at least 15 years old and this isn't 3d. This music reminds me of Orbital I saw live almost 30 years ago. Kids these days are amused by boring old shit. Y'all need to put down Tik-Tok and experience the real world.

  8. "They made a hologram of tupac? Wait till we blow them away with our black and white holographic grid with rotating cubes".

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