It's been a while since last time but... city update ! (the detailed street is where the animation takes place)

  1. Yeah the lighting is still temporary i have to find the right hdri (also there is no atmospheric fog and color grading there, it's just viewport render) :')

  2. I've been noticing your post. You've definitely improved since then. I know you're still dealing with the light issue, but keep pushing.

  3. They do, i just have to reword the materials a bit more you're right it looks a bit flat. I stopped right after texturing them i've had enough for the day lmao

  4. I just took a look at your page and it is super cool! I wish I was artistic enough to do this for my fandom (kuroshitsuji). I tried to learn blender briefly for this sort of thing but gave up very fast. Respect :)

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