How do I model this shape

  1. I would add a circle mesh and scale it down in the z axis to make it an oval. Then select the top half of the vertices, duplicate them and move them up. Select the top half, minus the most left and right ones, of the circle and delete the vertices. You then have 2 halves of an oval seperate. You can then join the ends of each together to form the shape you need.

  2. start with a cylinder. Rotate it 90 deg. on X axis. Add a few loopcuts around the body. Select middle loopcut[s] and extrude them outwards. Select faces at the bottom (8 and 4 o'clock if cylinder was a watch face) of extruded loopcut and extrude them further down so that you make ⋂ shape. Scale selected faces to 0 on z axis so instead of rounded bottom they make a flat shape.

  3. I might start with two curves, bevel one around the other. Convert to mesh. Fill in the hole. Plonk a tapering cylinder on top. Join it all together and add a subsurf with a couple of loopcuts at the ends of the cylinder. Then just array, and you're

  4. You seem to have a lot of good answers from other folks. I would suggest watching Josh Gambrell's channel which is full of great hard-surface tips and tutorials on tricky modeling situations.

  5. What I like to do is pick it apart first. Those are two shapes, a cylinder and a rounded edge rectangle. What I would do then is put those two, very simple shapes together, like on the reference. Then you can start adding some details, like how it's shortening up top and towards the outside. Keep it all as lowpoly as you can, don't worry about smoothing. Then if you're close enough with that shape, focus on the cylinder. I think probably around 10 face primitive is enough. Start cutting into it, where the two meshes meet. Then delete the inside, join them together. Snap and merge vertexes, then put a bevel on the loop. Shorten the clinder ends on both sides and you're done. Then you can just copy that shape a few times, merge them and here you go.

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