Is it just me or does Bingo sound, like she has a stuffed nose in the weekend?

  1. The Weekend was the pilot episode! The show got picked up a few months later and it was reedited as the sixth episode.

  2. This was the pilot, and she is initially scripted younger. I am glad they made her a little older as the interactions between 4 and 6 are so different than 3 and 6.

  3. The Weekend always devastates me and almost stopped me from having a second kid. Bandit is busy playing with Bluey that he completely misses something magical happening for Bingo. She's calling out to him, "Daddy come and see" and he misses it. Ugh.

  4. It's a good lesson for kids. The reality of life is that people are going to miss out on moments you find important for whatever reason, and the wrap up at the end where Bandit explains why shows kids that it's nothing personal, people (generally grownups) get distracted sometimes.

  5. Parents have to learn to let go of their failings - nobody is perfect at raising their kids, and trying to be will only cause anxiety. Be present when you can, be as fair and consistent as you can, and you'll all be fine. Be assured that the kids are clearly finding the magic in the world even if you're not there to share it.

  6. Bingo always sounds like she has a blocked nose to me. It’s cute but I do wonder if she’s uncomfortable consistently having a blocked nasal passage!

  7. both of them are much smaller in this episode as it was the first ever recorded, and you can tell listening to both Bingo and Bluey in it.

  8. I always think she sounds completely different in this episode, to the point where I wondered if she was sick and they brought in a different child to fill in. I can't put my finger on it but she just sounds off somehow. The explanation that this was the first episode they recorded makes a lot of sense though, maybe they just hadn't quite found "her sound" yet.

  9. Yes, I think she sounds like she does, too…I kind of chalked it up to her maybe just getting over a cold or maybe having some seasonal allergies. I agree with another commenter that it makes her even cuter, yet you still worry if she’s all that comfortable having a stuffy nose all the time! 😅

  10. I just assumed she has a perpetual kindycare cold until I saw "Bumpy...," now I wonder if it's allergies and asthma? Something children could recognize in themselves or their peers, anyway. [I was also the perpetually sneezing/sniffling/wheezing friend in my youth, Bingo is always holding my heart at knifepoint)

  11. The most stopped up I’ve heard her is in the Teasing episode when Dad changes their names and Bingo says “Charalanda??”

  12. nothing to do with the question but THIS specific ss/moments TERRIFIES my toddler😂 she always cries when she sees bingos eyes like this

  13. I've noticed that in The Weekend and a couple other season one episodes, the voice actors sound so much younger than they do in recent eps. I really enjoy how it corresponds with Bluey & Bingo aging and growing on the show.

  14. So my husband got hooked on Bluey long before I did. Now I'm super in love with it. But one reason I didn't want to watch at first is because it was hard for me to understand Bingo lol.

  15. I find this episode super unfair on Bandit. It's not his fault that he didn't hear her and yet he's the one who gets made to feel like a heel and had to apologise. Poor parenting right there. He and Chilli should have told Bingo that next time she needs to speak up more.

  16. For young young children, they’re still in the mode of their parents are superheroes. Their parents are all knowing, all powerful, and all seeing. You have a very short time to give your kids that feeling of absolute security and safety in the knowledge (mistaken though it be), that your parents have it sorted, and they can do anything.

  17. I thought Promises was a bit unfair to Bandit as well. It wasn’t his fault that the kids wouldn’t leave the bouncy house place to go to the library before it closed.

  18. He's the dad - I think it's meant to showcase that he's less concerned with things being fair and more concerned with his daughter's feelings.

  19. I also think she sounds like that in ‘daddy robot’ where she says “that’s my sister not a banjo” I think it’s so cute though :)

  20. Her voice actress was really young at time the recording. According to Chili voice actress, the girls were 3 and 5 at the time of the recording. Sadly the tweet was deleted.

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