Blursed handshake

  1. “My fake smile was so good I didn’t die! Thanks for making me practice mom, I didn’t believe you when you said I should do my dictator ass kissing homework because I would need it some day…. Wowwweee my arm won’t even unbend from this angle anymore”

  2. are you saying that this a pic of Putin in the past or that the kid is Putin who invented time travel in 1965 to shake future-himself’s hand in the 2020s?

  3. God damn. Wish we had more Naked Gun like movies. Just seems like that would fit in one. With Weird Al in the background.

  4. I don’t understand. To me, this photo looks like the kid is thrilled to be shaking Putin’s hand, and Putin is thrilled to see a young kid so enamored with him, despite the fact that his handlers are trying to prevent any and all hand shaking.

  5. He’s too perfect… Think of that training scene from men in black. He looks like he walked off the cover of a goddamn weekly planner. Definitely an assassin.

  6. bodyguard routines, putin is smiling afaik so he knows the kid is safe but the bodyguards still gotta check because they can't afford having even one dangerous person sneak in a shot.

  7. I heard there’s a celebrity strategy where they pretend to really accept all the close contact fans and constituents wants, and count on security to be the bad guys. So the fans/constituents feel like the celebs love and support them, and just the guards are preventing more contact, but in reality it’s a business set up to improve public image.

  8. I read a story from the Sochi Olympics, Putin decided to walk on the beach promenade, security removed everyone from the tables & stood in front of shop entrances. He's a top target.

  9. That kid is a 45 year old FSB agent, so is literally every single person within 2 miles of Putin. Every single thing is theater.

  10. Fuck it, I'll say it: Compared to Xi, Vlad is one of the good guys in my book. I do not apologize any of Russias shitty actions in past or presence but (as a european) I would like to see us get closer with russia in terms of military cooperations and economy.

  11. I bt the guys guarding Putin are some badasses. They'd toatlly take that kid out to lunch for a knuckle sandwich if he tried something.

  12. and now the poor kid is going to get indoctrinated into the Russian Military, just like that Karate kid video also Starring Lord Putin

  13. They’re holding the kid so that they would all share the energy Putin is distributing into the kid via the handshake. They barely saved his life.

  14. Legends say, one day the kid will be able to kill with just a handshake. The guards are just making sure today, is not that day.

  15. The kid was put in a secrete KGB training facility and the kids family and freinds were erased.

  16. Cool photo, huh? I love this stuff, the training these guys get would be fascinating to see. I wonder about the camera’s, couldn’t they have been weapons? Perhaps this crowd was scanned so the worry is a knife-like weapon.

  17. Reminder the Putin is a pedophile pimp who blackmailed is way too the top. His staffers actively keep him away from boys during press events because he’s incapable of not doing weird shit with them. In 2006 he lifted up a boys shirt and kissed his bare stomach, which triggered Litvinenko accusing him of trafficking children to higher ups in the kgb and cultivating kompromat on them to seize control the country and the oligarchy.

  18. What are you talking about? that child doesnt exist. Anyway happy sugar bread day comrade Natalia

  19. Hey now, Putin was just fulfilling this kids make-a-wish before the kid mysteriously falls out of a window.

  20. Im not seeing any of this like the comments. The two seem internally engaged with one another look how that kid is absolutely beaming. They made a connection. The guards just have to keep people from getting too close.

  21. Putin is a despicable ruthless autocrat, but I can't help but smile at how happy that kid is to meet him. He's definitely going to remember this moment for the rest of his life.

  22. Why do they both have a smile like two Serial Killers ran into each other in public and really appreciate the others work.

  23. Let's be real though; if you're the kinda guy that's gonna post a picture of yourself shirtless, riding a grizzly bear, and say you're the toughest motherfucker there ever was, there's no good reason to have three bodyguards ready to choke out a 10 year old because he shook your hand.

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