Daily Discussion and Game Recommendations Thread (November 27, 2022)

  1. Looking for recommendations for my group's next campaign game while we wait for my copy of Frosthaven to arrive. We've finished Gloomhaven, Forgotten Circles, and JotL, The Initiative, Pandemic Legacy Seasons 1, 2 and 0. 2 games I've had my eye on are Stuffed Fables, and Descent: Legends of the Dark. Are either of these any good or any other suggestions?

  2. My son is 6 and loves Catan Jr, I want to get him a couple more board games that would be appropriate for his age and abilities for Christmas. What would you recommend?

  3. looking for a solo possible board game that has fighting.. uh.. 🧐 imagine war, 4X, etc type of games but solo'able. if it didnt come out like 20+ years ago that would be better. 🤣🤣 please and thank you

  4. A question regarding dealing damage in Sleeping Gods. When you're placing damage tokens on an enemy, is a + shape basically the most damage tokens you can place in a single attack outside of modifiers (like Odessa's synergy token), or do damage tokens just have to be placed adjacent to damage tokens placed during that attack (so for example if you deal enough damage can you place 4 or more in a straight line from a single attack, or an L shape)?

  5. My wife and I love 7Wonders Duel, Jaipur, Unmatched, etc. Just good 2 player games you can play in a lunch break. <45 Min including setup and teardown.

  6. Hello! My husband and I play a lot of 2 player games too. Azul works well (original and summer pavilion) ticket to ride, the crew is a co-op trick taking game that’s pretty good, there’s a new Splendor duel that looks interesting but I haven’t tried yet and Splendor the original is good with two as well. Those are a few we’ve enjoyed :)

  7. Star Realms Frontiers is a deckbuilder that is half the size of a VHS tape, and has a co-op mode that is very fun. It can also be played versus.

  8. The first thing that popped into my mind was friday. It does need/use 3 tiny trackers, but you could literally use paperclips. There is a cool retheme on boardgamegeek of scott pilgrim:

  9. Is dice throne different enough from unmatched to be worth owning both? We love unmatched and own most characters, and are interested in dice throne since it’s recommended so often but it seems very similar to unmatched, thoughts from someone whose played both?

  10. They play differently in the way that you roll dice in Dice Throne instead of playing cards. I mean, you also do play cards and you can upgrade your abilities but the game still revolves around rolling dice. Think of it as a battle Yahtzee kind of game. There is also no common board as opposed to Unmatched where the characters move around a map. I also find it hard to get CP. I've only played team based games and not 1v1 so I'm not sure that changes in duel kind of games as you don't use cards out of turns to actively help your teammates.

  11. Don't know if this is too late in the day for a response, but I'm looking for suggestions on games like Shards of Infinity. I love SoI, but 1. It's difficult to find copies, and 2. I wouldn't mind trying other similar games.

  12. Star Realms of the obvious suggestion although it might be too similar. So I will recommend ** Jump Drive** instead just cards and point tokens but it plays super quick and gives you some really fun combos. It's bigger brotherRace for the Galaxy also might fit the bill.

  13. Hello everyone! I need help remembering the name of a game from the late 90's/early 2000's. It was a dice rolling game that came with lots (30 or more??) of red dice. There was also a green felt tray (think half circle not rectangle) to roll into and attached to the tray was a plastic unit that cards would slide into behind a plastic shield of sorts. Each card had about 5-6 different dice combos to be worked towards (full house, 5 of a kind etc) but there was something about whoever placed the last dice of each line would get the money for that line...something like that? Ring any bells with anyone? Thanks for reading!

  14. Sidereal is a superb game, but it’s hard to put it on the table since it requires 4+ people. But it scales nicely with any number of players.

  15. Hansa is a great game. I have heard good things about Sidereal Confluence, but could never get a group together to play it. Haven't played the other two.

  16. Buying a gift for a sibling who has always loved board games but has a small collection. Budget is right around $20 but could go under or over. He is an avid DND player and enjoys games that are mechanically easy (i.e., short/simple rules) but still offers complexity. He is also a fan of "party games" but isn't my first choice for buying him a gift. Here are the games he owns (or played) in the order he enjoys them:

  17. Blue Lagoon and Race for the Galaxy are good suggestions. I'd also add Splendor Duel as a 2P specific option that has very streamlined rules but lots of depth. It's new an retails at $30 but you might be able to get it for a bit less on sale or some retailers. (Regular Splendor is great too at 2-4P but new is like $40. If you're willing to look secondhand they usually sell for $15-$20 though.)

  18. Hi everyone! I mostly like to play mid/heavy big-box solo games, usually dungeon crawlers/adventure games, fantasy or sci-fi themed. But now I am looking for small (but still mid/heavy, if possible) games, that I could play solo on the train, in a cafe or just at home when I don't have that much time and table space to take out the big boxes.

  19. Any idea where to get a single mahjong tile? Or what could be used as a good substitution, preferably lighter as well? It should have vaguely the same dimensions, but preferably be made of plastic or wood.

  20. You might be able to find a used mahjong set at a thrift store. Buy the set for cheap, grab the one tile, and then toss the rest of the set. But I don't know how to get a single tile.

  21. There are thousands of games on sale this weekend. But you haven't told us what your definition of 'good' is. That makes it hard for people to give you a heads-up.

  22. Yeah I agree with the other poster on any 1v1 game for this. I'll add air land and sea as well as fox in the forest to the list.

  23. Me and my girlfriend are just getting into board games, specifically those that are fun with only the two of us. Target has a buy 2 get 1 sale on board games right now for cyber Monday, so I was wondering what you guys would recommend? So far the only game we have actually bought is Jaipur and it's pretty good. Others that we're considering are:

  24. Those are all great options! Just keep in mind Everdell is a significant step up in complexity compared to Jaipur and the three other titles. It's a great game - but know going in that it might take a while to grasp the rules, and you first game will likely feel overwhelming/take a couple hours.

  25. I want to get a game for my sister. She's not a huge gamer, but does like the games I bring when I visit for holidays. This year, Parks was a big hit, and she's enjoyed Citadels and Barenpark in the past. So the level is a little bit above standard gateway games, but not much. The one wrinkle is that I want something with a fun solo mode as well, since she doesn't have people to play with regularly.

  26. Wingspan has an excellent solo mode. It's definitely a hair more complex than those games you listed, but not hugely so. If she'd like the theme I think it's a great pick.

  27. This will be the first holiday season since my wife and I got into board gaming. My first choice is to buy games locally, but the selection isn't huge near me.

  28. Looking for game recs for my wife, who is not nearly as into games as I am. She isn’t into anything too complex, and ideally gameplay is less than 30 minutes.

  29. IMO Carcassonne will get a little boring pretty quick. Check out Azul and Parks. Caper is also a favorite of my girlfriends.

  30. Jaipur is a great pick. Like Lost Cities, it is a light card game. Also consider Hanamikoji/Jixia Academy. That game is also in the same weight class as Lost Cities.

  31. Jaipur is solid. If she likes Calico then maybe check out Cascadia, which is a more relaxed, puzzly version of tile laying (still with very simple rules).

  32. Asking again while it’s early - what’s a great campaign game where I can play a spellcaster and has a really great campaign that unfolds? Gloomhaven is an amazing game but has a lackluster campaign, for example. Awesome loot would be a plus (like exciting magical artifacts).

  33. Arkham Horror LCG has brilliant campaigns and a load of fun mystics to pick from - though it costs a lot to get the most out of it

  34. I just bought some Button Shy PNPs on PNP Arcade. Any tips for printing them? I don’t have a color printer, so I printed them in black and white and then my kids and I added some color with colored pencils. I glued the paper onto card stock and cut out the cards. Now what? Laminate? Sleeves? I tried to stick one in a card sleeve I have, but the card was too big. Cut down the cards?

  35. Go to FedEx. Buy 100lb cardstock. Print in color on that. Cut it with a guillotine. You don't need sleeves and they are super durable.

  36. Looking for recommendations on a new game to get our group for game nights and with my wife. We do game night with our neighbors once a week (4 person group) and my wife and I play games just the 2 of us probably every other night when the kids go to bed.

  37. Did you know there's a DnD betrayal? Betrayal at Baldur's Gate is a forgotten realms themed version of the game, and players get a daily spell power. Dwarf barbarian can break down a wall, for example.

  38. The Quest for El Dorado sounds like it would work for you! It's a racing game with deck building and variable setup, and it's got easy rules but super fun gameplay! It should easily fit in your time requirements as well.

  39. Any recommendation for someone that loves conflict, interaction and strategy games? Not the heaviest players (he discovered boardgames through GoT and enjoyed it though, even if it was a bit too long for his taste), so something of medium complexity and length.

  40. Kemet is ALL about combat. It's got these obelisks dotted around the map you can teleport troops from your base to - so none of board feels that far away to get into a fight.

  41. Any recommendations for someone dipping their toes in the board game world? I currently own betrayal at house on the hill and gloomhaven: jaws of the lion, but am not really sure what else I should keep my eyes out for. My friends and I love betrayal but can't meet up to all play often so 2 played games are appreciated as well.

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